Gigolo 2.0: How Garren James Built A Dudes for Ladies Escort Empire

Gigolos-Shirtless-SHOWTIMEFor six seasons on Showtimes Gigolos, Garren James has let us into the world of male escorts that specialize in offering companionship to women. In a world of constant online harassment and unsolicited dick pics destroying our phones like an angry genital tsunami, James has managed to get women to pay for male attention.  I got to speak with James about how Cowboys4Angels came to be and how it works.  Continue reading “Gigolo 2.0: How Garren James Built A Dudes for Ladies Escort Empire”

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I’ll be welcoming Flash Brown (@flashbrownxxx) as a guest on Twib After Dark on Feb. 25th and to celebrate one of my favorite performers we are giving away one of his toys! Flash Brown4

Molded from his impressive 11.5 inch penis, these toys come in several varieties, squirting vibrating and always filling.Flash Brown Vibrator


Flash Brown hails from Memphis, and played professional basketball overseas and semi-pro basketball in the United States before entering the world of adult entertainment. His impressive 11.5” cock has made him a hit with fans around the globe, earning him an XBIZ Best Male Newcomer Award and several Urban X Awards. Nominations from AVN Awards, The Sex Awards, and XRCO prove his on-screen prowess.

If you have any questions for Flash please leave them in the comments below if you wish to enter the give away you can do it right here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A Sad Day for My Vagina

"My kid's half Latino, Asshole"
“My kid is half Latino, Asshole”

Twitter is where your childhood and celebrity crushes go to die, resurrect like Romero zombie and bite you right in the feels.  When Kal Penn came out as a supporter of NYC’s Stop and Frisk and the racist ideology behind it I was forced to give up my teenaged dreams of him one day touching my heart and dick punching my cervix.

My reaction to his tweets, were emotional to say the least.  I invite you to the theatre of my mind as I went through al the stages of grief when your shows his ass as a bigot apologist. By friendly request I’ve storyfied my break down.

Click to view my vaginal, mental and ideological anguish. 

(sorry tried to embed but it looked too ugly. )
Now here is me protesting Stop and Frisk through song with the rap king of twitter Elon James White.

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I’m Speaking at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit!

badge-horizI should have posted about this a million years ago but yes, I’m speaking at the Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington, DC. Continue reading “I’m Speaking at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit!”

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Sybarite Awards Takes Webster Hall By the Balls, and it likes it!

April 14- New York City- Its time again to recognize the best and most erotic in the fetish and adult swing community and Ms Lola Bastinado of and mastermind of the Sybarite Awards did not disappoint.  The show highlighted the alternative side of the alternative lifestyle, and was held at the perfect venue Manhattan’s iconic Webster Hall.

Continue reading “Sybarite Awards Takes Webster Hall By the Balls, and it likes it!”

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Erotica UK 2011 – Special Field Report

 Dance SeductionToday I have something very special! A guest post from one of my biggest supporters and virtual Oppas!  Paul Oppa was lucky enough to attend Erotica 2011 in London, England and sent in this lovely report with the help of BBW starlet Busty Cookie , who won the UKAP Award for 2011 best series The G Team Tvx/Freddiesworld.


The US may have Exxxotica, but earlier this month Erotica 2011 took place at Olympia, London. It billed itself as the biggest adult lifestyle event in Europe, with a particular focus on dance this year. Taking place over 3 days from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th November, there were more than 300 exhibitors in addition to the dance stages.

Continue reading “Erotica UK 2011 – Special Field Report”

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Garret T. Sato – Mortal Kombat 9 Voice Actor Interview!

Those of you that follow me on twitter have most likely heard me talk about the awesome game community that I’m apart of.  I’m the Blog coordinator and I just wanted to share on of the interviews I did for them.  I’m absolutely obsessed with al things Mortal Kombat so I had numerous nerdgasms when I got a chance to interview one of the sexy voice actors from the series.

I had the chance to talk to one of the voice actors from Mortal Kombat to talk about the process of voicing game characters and ask him questions from the NoobToob Community. I hope you guys enjoy!

Continue reading “Garret T. Sato – Mortal Kombat 9 Voice Actor Interview!”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy: officially on Alltop (I Didn’t Even Have to Blow Guy Kawasaki, but still open to the idea)

I'd hit it like special needs child trying to get a wooden block in the wrong shaped hole.

I just got a nice surprise in the email today. I was informed that’s feed will be added to Alltop’s sex topic. Its a little funny to me because I only found out about Alltop  earlier this year because of twitter. One of my friends retweeted a tweet from Guy Kawasaki. Who , quite frankly looks like the kinda guy I’ve banged. Middle aged , Asian , salt and pepper hair , knowing brining him home would piss off my dad, those things are like Spanish Fly to me. Continue reading “ officially on Alltop (I Didn’t Even Have to Blow Guy Kawasaki, but still open to the idea)”

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My first Fetish Party: The Sybarite Awards

Fun for the Entire Leather Family!


Sexy Dancers
It was that kinda party.

During a torrential downpour in New York City a who’s who of the Adult and Fetish community gathered in an exclusive private penthouse. Hosted by Playboy TV and Spice Radio personality, Head Mistress of Hedoonline , Lola Bastinado .  International porn superstars, pent house pets and other celebrities attended the event.  This event was also my first fetish party.

Continue reading “My first Fetish Party: The Sybarite Awards”

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Heal Japan, Get an Awesome T-shirt!

I want you to Heal Japan!

Continue reading “Heal Japan, Get an Awesome T-shirt!”

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Fem-Dom on MY Youtube…

More likely than you think!

I saw this and just had to share and I hope you share it also. While I was laid up sick for the last couple of days I happend across this wonderful short comedy, Spice It Up.   The film stars Feodor Chin and Jennifer Chang as a couple putting a new spark in their sex lives.   This was created for Interpretations film contest which was presented by You offend Me You Offend My Family.

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Exxxotica NJ Day 3 and What I learned

Day three of Exxxotica had me completely exhausted and I was so lucky to have funny man Ryan O’Regan on hand to help me with interviews. This was really his day to shine he interviewed Lisa Ann, Sunny Lane, Lupe Fuentes and so many more people. It was like he was born to interview porn stars! Continue reading “Exxxotica NJ Day 3 and What I learned”

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Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day One

Its now a tradition of mine to go to Exxxotica every year, sadly this is the first year I couldn’t convince any of my vanilla friends to come which was a bummer.   My fabulously talented older brother did help me out again with the camera work.  It will take me a few days to put all this new content online so bear with me. In the meantime, I can at least tell you what a blast I had.

I also had the help of a very funny comedian Ryan O’Reagan who I met because I went to the first Exxxotica NJ.  He was such a fun guy and I figured I’d need some help getting used to being on the other side of the camera.  He did an awesome job. Continue reading “Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day One”

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Halloween Porno Double Feature!

As far as I'm concerned every crotch that isn't mine.

In honor of my favorite time of year, and let’s face it every fatty’s favorite time of year,

I found two porns that fit the mood. Now I’m usually not all that big on porn with chicks in it; every vagina looks like the sloppy blind cousin of the brain bug from Starship Troopers to me.  Just to have full disclosure I fast forwarded through the majority of genitals.

Continue reading “Halloween Porno Double Feature!”

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My First T-Girl Party with Wendy Williams, Natalia Coxx and Paris Pirelli

Oct 5. NYC- Originally posted on

Wendy Williams was the latest host of a monthly TS/Tgirl party at Fusion Lounge in midtown Manhattan.  The event quickly filled the posh lounge where men could mix and mingle with their favorite adult entertainers and beauty queens.

Many stars of the TS Adult film world were in attendance including Paris Pirelli and Ebony T girl of the year Natalia Coxx. Continue reading “My First T-Girl Party with Wendy Williams, Natalia Coxx and Paris Pirelli”

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Blasian Bytch on Dating Blasian

I’ve been asked to write a opinion or advice piece for Asian men on many occasions this is the first time I’ve taken a serious approach to the subject.

I know for many I might be a strange woman, I’m a Black identified woman who through fate and circumstance found myself involved with almost exclusively Asian men.   I don’t think this makes me any kind of expert on Asian Male Black Women relations but J.T the Asian Playboy asked me to write and so I shall.

Continue reading “Blasian Bytch on Dating Blasian”

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NYC got bodied Brazilian Style!

NYC July 11th- New York got a taste of Latin flavor on Sat July 10  as Touch night club was transformed into  the Brazilian Body Fest featuring Latina porn actress Laurie Vargas .  The event was organized by one of the most respected women in the NYC swing lifestyle community provided a night that was a feast for all the senses.

The party was packed with hot go go dancers, a muscle bound massage therapist, sex swings and live spankings just to name a few attractions.  Host Laurie Vargas entertained the crowd with sultry dance moves while  adorned in a jeweled bikini. Accompanied by her handsome boyfriend the pair tore up the dance floor as live musicians played Brazilian funk and other Latin American and Caribbean treats. Continue reading “NYC got bodied Brazilian Style!”

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So It Turns Out I WILL Be Watching the Asian Jersey Shore

Channel APA are reporting the cast of Tyrese’s Asian American reality show has been revealed!  and it seems my favorite naked muscle Asian is in the cast!!

Peter Le, the reason you have carpel tunnel.

Continue reading “So It Turns Out I WILL Be Watching the Asian Jersey Shore”

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Catching the Fever: Interview with Peter Le

Peter LeI had a chance to interview Peter Le  and found out that this man is the full package – brawn , beauty and brains.

Author of three books available now , and one soon to be available, Le is a fitness expert, former collegiate athlete and personal trainer.

He gave me the opportunity to learn more about him and what he has planned for his super hot site

Continue reading “Catching the Fever: Interview with Peter Le”

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Save a Horse, Ride a Korean! : Ktown Cowboys

Ktown Cowboys

I know I’m late in the game, as I’m based on the east coast and wasn’t able to make it to the premiere of the movie but I was able to watch webisodes.  I’ll be honest I assumed that I was going to hate this.  It was getting buzz like that Yellow Fever movie that everyone seemed delighted by and I wanted to set on fire.  I’m happy to say that I find this series so far, engaging charming and funny.

Continue reading “Save a Horse, Ride a Korean! : Ktown Cowboys”

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