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So my trip to an actual movie premier last week has got me thinking about films.  I’ve taken a shit ton of classes on film, media theory and screen writing and all it really has amounted to was the worlds most impressive Netflix queue.   After talking with the wonderfully quirky Brittany Andrews about porn from a filmmaker’s perspective I started thinking about trying to review some porn/ erotica films that push the envelope and or deserve a little shine.

There’s a whole world of erotic film out there that so many people are ignoring. There is even an Independent Erotic Film Festival that is ONLY show casing films meant to titillate yet stimulate a little more than your erogenous zones.  There are good examples online as well as movies coming out that I’m interested it. Continue reading “Film Erotica Worth Checking Out”

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Catching the Fever: Interview with Peter Le

Peter LeI had a chance to interview Peter Le  and found out that this man is the full package – brawn , beauty and brains.

Author of three books available now , and one soon to be available, Le is a fitness expert, former collegiate athlete and personal trainer.

He gave me the opportunity to learn more about him and what he has planned for his super hot site

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Porn 101 with Wanton Sex Lord KENI STYLES


Because of the overwhelming emails and instant messages I just put the damn thing back up.


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Erotica Review : The Surrender

I just finished the short novel Surrender, by Toni Bently, I have to say I wasn’t that impressed. The book is the intimate memoir of a former Ballet dancer who finds God and her sense of self when she discovers anal sex.

Oh, you read that right, this woman found GOD through butt sex, “the lord works in mysterious ways” has never seemed so true.

What I think this story lacked was self awareness. Bentley seems to think she’s writing about her greatest love affair, but to the readers she seems over obsessed with a man that won’t even take her out to eat before pounding her arse with his “inch to big cock”. A cock so big is can pierce her “yang” and release years of anger and frustration she had for her father.

This book is pretty much only useful if you’ve never had anal sex. For all of us that have she leave us wondering why the only thing we find when take it up the bum is well… a cock in the butt.

What I would have liked to have read is an honest discription of what it feels like to have anal, orgasm and share with your partner. By raising anal sex to this sacared soul fixing meditation Bentley does the act a great disservice.

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