Let’s Come Together, Team BLASIAN!

Blasians: We come in all shapes , size, colors and creeds

When I spoke at Banana 2 in February, someone asked what do you do when you can’t find  a community of like minded people. I told her that you had to build it because no one will do it for you – and when Hyphen quotes you saying something you bet your ass that you better follow through.

And so I did! CHECK IT OUT


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Boys before Breakfast

“That was like fucking a ghost”

He was laying on his back and staring at the ceiling.  He had finally caught his breath after a bought of arrhythmic and sadly unsatisfying lovemaking.   His hand crept over the roundness of my hip I think he was looking for my hand.  My back was to his; it was customary for me to turn away from a man after we’d fucked.  It was my subtle way of saying ‘don’t worry, I don’t expect to cuddle.”It was a not so subtle hint that I hate each one for not volunteering his affection.  I lay there looking at the folksy decorations of his dorm room.

He nudged me, “ Did you hear me, are you awake?”

“Yeah,” pillow talk, awkward.

The vast majority of men that fucked me much like one might play a sport. Can you imagine a basketball player playing a scrimmage and asking the court ‘how was it for you?’.  They mostly did their business and moved on. I never asked them to stay because it seemed more and more I didn’t want them to.

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A Room of One’s Own

I know I haven’t posted in a little bit, don’t worry I’m not abandoning ship. Why would I do this when this ship is almost turning one old!.

I’ve simply been thinking of the future. That future is my own domain, and more freedom. I want to be able to have longer chapter based stories , more illustrations, more interviews just MORE!

A lot of things are going to be changing for me, starting a career, my own business and being single for the first time since high school. My life is changing and this blog is changing too.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the few spar hours I have to convert my brother’s breakfast nook into my small office space/ writing area. I love him so much for supporting me with this and losing his kitchen table in the process.

Its been a little hard because My birthday is coming up and I always feel some hardcore blues around that time. Its on Dec. 19th the same day as my slain uncle. It will be hard to enjoy this day because he won’t ever have another birthday.

Things will be picking up, new WIP will be posted in fact very soon I’ll be posting Another Day in the Office. Here’s a sneak peak.

Another Day At the Office

Jalia stood in front of the copier. The job he sent for her was large enough for two but he knew her pride barred her from asking for help. She would be collating and stapling for the next hour at least. Cursing his name the whole time yet obediently following his directions.

Her thick sable tresses hid the ear bud connected to her IPod Shuffle tucked discreetly in her bra. He only guessed she had them in by the way her head bobbed to the beat and her hips slightly swayed.

She was wearing a pair of shoes he bought for her for the first time, it was always exciting for him when she wore one if his gifts to the office. It reminded him that no matter home many times she winked at the Fed Ex guy or how funny she finds Partiv from Tech support she was his girl. He knew that his cock only satisfied her lust.

More to come soon!

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One of the products I was really excited about from Exxxotica NY was the Blow Guard, its a handy little gadget that is designed to pleasure men and women. My brother just called me to tell me mine finally arrived in the mail. 😀

Hopefully me and Boobear can get together soon and test it out. If all goes well I’m going to have to pick up a few more vibrating bullets next time I’m at Romantic Depot. :3

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been sending me emails. Right now I don’t have any pictures to send you but I’m working on getting some. Don’t miss the chance to see me in NYC for Hell-O-Ween Havoc.

I’ll be posting more of my Works In Progress (WIP) once I type them up, I have a hour and a half commute and I write on the train, sometimes I get a little lazy with typing. If you are angry about the lack of new stories feel free to get on my ass about it!

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

The Imperialist – snippet of a WIP

It was the way he touched her, that kept her coming back. Slow, deliberate and with complete authority over her body. She also knew her gruff Korean father would die to find the 일제 강점기 was continuing between his daughter’s legs. A “j*p” her father would call him , and she would cringe as she would when ever he spit the word. Despite creating two bi racial children with a black woman, he thought of anything remotely Japanese being accepted by a Korean was treacherous.

Her lover was more than 30 years her senior. A professor at a university that her well to do suburban friends made fun of her for applying to.Yasuhito Higa, a Yale educated scholar in subjects that bored her to tears. She had met him at the school’s open house, the attraction was far from instant. He was pale ,lanky, balding, and almost bird like. Most girls her age would reject the type of man who owned a sensible amount of everything. A Marxist. A man on whom the concept of fashion was completely lost.

She had rejected his university and him at first. After her second year rotting away at a state school she found herself warming up to the idea of both. She found an excuse to open communication with him again in a school assignment. Phone calls , turned into lunch dates, and somewhere in between discussing the folly of capitalism and spinelessness of Democrats, his kind smile, and gentle laugh made her look past his features. She began to imagine the handsome man he must have been when he was her own age.

Lying in his bed , naked the thin summer sheets doing nothing to shield her from the cool gust of spring breeze. She feels giant next to him now, moments ago he was larger than the world. An all encompassing entity she could not stop or question. Stretching her limbs ….

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