Going Home for the holidays!

So as I write this I’m packing a bag and getting ready to visit my mom for 추석 or Chuseok.  Its kinda like a Korean Thanksgiving sort of thing.

Seeing as my father is in France on business my mom is just using this as an excuse to get me to fly out, but I miss my Mom madly so I’ll play along.  I’ll be gone from today to the 28th. Don’t worry postings will still go up!

Now I must go find some songpyeon to bring to my mom.

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석명절 잘 보내시길바랍니다!!!

I hope everyone is spending this weekend with family. I’m spending it with my brother. I almost forgot about it. I have to admit, I miss my parents and I miss the yummy gooey treats my dad would bring home after work when I was little. I miss a lot of things.

I hope everyone enjoys their family becuase some of us are far away from them and pretty lonely.

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

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