What’s Up with BlasianBytch.com?

Where have you been? Are you coming back? Did you quit on us?


I know its been weeks since I did a proper week of blogging but there was good reason.  For one , I joined my new company during one of their very busy periods while my commute to work isn’t so bad, the traffic coming back hom can turn my 45 min commute into a 3 hour monster.  On top of that , I’ve lost my little room of my own. Which is sad, because I love living with my goddaughter, but it a bit of wonderful considering that I’ve gained an APARTMENT.   Continue reading “What’s Up with BlasianBytch.com?”

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My First T-Girl Party with Wendy Williams, Natalia Coxx and Paris Pirelli

Oct 5. NYC- Originally posted on LukeisBack.com

Wendy Williams was the latest host of a monthly TS/Tgirl party at Fusion Lounge in midtown Manhattan.  The event quickly filled the posh lounge where men could mix and mingle with their favorite adult entertainers and beauty queens.

Many stars of the TS Adult film world were in attendance including Paris Pirelli and Ebony T girl of the year Natalia Coxx. Continue reading “My First T-Girl Party with Wendy Williams, Natalia Coxx and Paris Pirelli”

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My Blogging Story

I was talking to a good friend of mine who complained that I don’t talk about myself enough on my own blog. Honestly I don’t think I’m the world’s most interesting person – but to appease a buddy I wrote and submitted a blogging story to the Black Weblogs Awards and I’d thought I’d share it with all of you.

Everyone Wins at Strip Guitar Hero
I started BlasianBytch.com in my senior year of college. I was a broke overworked fulltime student with 3 jobs one of which was exotic dancing.

It started out as a AdultFriend Finder blog, I was a little shocked that the ramblings of a chubby co-ed stripper would be so popular with so many different types of people.   I expanded to a platform that facilitated better communication and then my own domain.

I had a very interesting time talking about the humorous side of sex and sexuality for an entire year before I moved to my own domain.   Writing was my way of reclaiming myself and giving myself a voice.  As a professional journalist and an exotic dancer you are trained to have a certain level of detachment with your subject matter.  Blogging is completely different and made me feel like I reclaimed that little piece of humanity lost to become a journalist/booty shaker. Continue reading “My Blogging Story”

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Why Valentines Day can fuck right off : The frustration of a postmodern stripper

February 14, Its nestled so innocently in what would otherwise be my favorite month.  Every February of my compulsory education was spent finally learning about Black people.  Growing up this was a once a year event and I was always inspired.  In February I felt I had the potential to do anything,  go to the moon, be president, invent the next big whatever- like all the people before me I could make my mark on the world.

Continue reading “Why Valentines Day can fuck right off : The frustration of a postmodern stripper”

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A Room of One’s Own

I know I haven’t posted in a little bit, don’t worry I’m not abandoning ship. Why would I do this when this ship is almost turning one old!.

I’ve simply been thinking of the future. That future is my own domain, and more freedom. I want to be able to have longer chapter based stories , more illustrations, more interviews just MORE!

A lot of things are going to be changing for me, starting a career, my own business and being single for the first time since high school. My life is changing and this blog is changing too.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the few spar hours I have to convert my brother’s breakfast nook into my small office space/ writing area. I love him so much for supporting me with this and losing his kitchen table in the process.

Its been a little hard because My birthday is coming up and I always feel some hardcore blues around that time. Its on Dec. 19th the same day as my slain uncle. It will be hard to enjoy this day because he won’t ever have another birthday.

Things will be picking up, new WIP will be posted in fact very soon I’ll be posting Another Day in the Office. Here’s a sneak peak.

Another Day At the Office

Jalia stood in front of the copier. The job he sent for her was large enough for two but he knew her pride barred her from asking for help. She would be collating and stapling for the next hour at least. Cursing his name the whole time yet obediently following his directions.

Her thick sable tresses hid the ear bud connected to her IPod Shuffle tucked discreetly in her bra. He only guessed she had them in by the way her head bobbed to the beat and her hips slightly swayed.

She was wearing a pair of shoes he bought for her for the first time, it was always exciting for him when she wore one if his gifts to the office. It reminded him that no matter home many times she winked at the Fed Ex guy or how funny she finds Partiv from Tech support she was his girl. He knew that his cock only satisfied her lust.

More to come soon!

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Adventures in CL Land

I was bored at work and my coworkers were all making them. I decided to one up them and write The Ultimate Craiglist AD!

I wonder what types of people will read it, who will respond? Does CL hook ups ever really happen? Is there actually humans on CL and not just hookers and spambots ( not that hookers aren’t human) I’ll keep you guys posted.

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