I want this more than life itself!!!


I’m getting ready to do a pretty big photoshoot and I’m looking for hot outfits I can’t think of anything more femine classic and bueatiful than this corset, it’s just so ME!. Unfortunatly…it’s 149 bucks.It would be irresponsible for me to get this right now becuase I still have one text book to buy. This evil thing-

By Jerome E Kaufmann, Karen L Schwitters –
Thomson Brooks/Cole (2006) – Other – 912 pages – ISBN 0495109959

So I know that I want both but only NEED one…maybe someone is will to donate to me? Have you taken this course and have an older addition you can’t get rid of? or maybe you can spare a buck or two so I can afford to get both :3

Like Kanye West siad ” nothing wrong with helping a pretty girl through school..right? This is my last semester in college, and I HAVE to pass college algebra to graduate :C I can’t do that without the book. I also want to have the greatest sexiest photoshoot and I want the corset for that.

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