BLACK DAY BlasianBytch Style!

So today is Black Day. No this post has nothing to do with my gorgeous brown skin. Today is a day to celebrate being single!   There’s a “traditional” way to celebrate this day but I like to do it a little differently.

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Going Home for the holidays!

So as I write this I’m packing a bag and getting ready to visit my mom for 추석 or Chuseok.  Its kinda like a Korean Thanksgiving sort of thing.

Seeing as my father is in France on business my mom is just using this as an excuse to get me to fly out, but I miss my Mom madly so I’ll play along.  I’ll be gone from today to the 28th. Don’t worry postings will still go up!

Now I must go find some songpyeon to bring to my mom.

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You’re Going LOVE Eating This ASS!

Because it’s made of chocolate!

This little bite of WTF was emailed to me by a reader. The Incredible Edible Anus is made by the chocolatiers of Bisous and it handcrafted out of fine Belgian chocolate. If you order from thier site ( you just can’t make this shit up) you will receive anuses made of dark, milk and white chocolate. The smallest amount anus you can order is 5 boxes each containing 3 anuses. It will set you back about 60 USD.


I’m somewhat flabbergasted that there was a large enough demand for candy anus that a company would specialize in them – but in a world of Lolicocks and gummy boobs a chocolate anus doesn’t seem that weird does it? Ok ,yes it does. Its plenty freaky lol. I wonder if some British bloke is misting himself with a little Vulva while rimming one of these coco assholes.

For a limited time they are offering a solid silver anus for the low low price of 250 pounds! I guess some people need a paper weight they can finger?

I was a little put off by this blurb from the site.
I guess if your serious about your genital shaped confections you can’t possibly settle for something made by some filthy Chinaman. I’m going to pass on ordering these I’ve got a perfectly edible smack-able chocolate ass of my own.

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I went back home last night!!

One my awesome sexy oppas took me for Pho32 back in Pal Park. It was so good to be back home. I studdied for this math test for almost 48 hours striaght when he came and got me. We only got to hang out for two hours but it felt so good and picked up my spirits.

Everyone please pray for me.

oh and Pho is happier together :3

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Feeling so much better…

Well, first the inspiration for my story , A Day at the Office sent me a donation in the form of new shoes for dancing! The pair was on my Amazon Wish list. They are SO hot! Nothing picks a girl up from a funk than shoes.

My brother who I adore more than life itself, took me out for one of my favorite meals, Pho! Nothing makes me happier than making happy Pho!

New story coming, I know I always say it but after the 14th I won’t have as much academics to worry about.
Here is the roster of stories comming up:

  1. Red Ring of Death- a request from the Sex with Asian Men group.
  2. Another Day at the Office
  3. The End is the Beginning is the End

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Actually I say BAH HUMBUG to the whole V-day thing. I guess its becuase my V-day last year was magical. My boobear rented a room out in the forest so it was just us. I cooked a three course meal, and made lots of dessert red velvet cake ( his favorite) and dark chocolate strawberries ( my favorite). It was like the first time we were going to make love and it very sweet and romantic. This year he has to work 🙁 and I know his valentine is always really going to be his mom. He’s such a sweet son.


Anyway I’m not getting crap this year to BOO to the whole thing. BOO I SAY! my big brother also agrees so we went out to our favorite Korean bbq in pal park So Moon Nan Jip. We had a Love Lockdown feast. We complained about the lame people we’ve dated, the ones that got a way and the ones we tried to get away from and we both drank too much soju.

You might wonder why I’m so excited about food, well I’m a broke college girl lol , so this is what my dinner ussually looks like:

I’m still getting ready for the photo shoot I started working out again, which feels great. I’m trying to wake up at 5 am to to body sculpting…but that just ain’t happening. I’m going to still try though. My classes are kicking my ass especially Algebra. Honestly when the heck I’m i ever going to use that crap.

The next story I’ll be posting will be my first group sex story, it was a request from the Sex With Asian Men group I have on AFF. This will be the story that I will have an illustration or two from an artist!

Sorry the stories come slow, I know people ask me to update every week…but that’s pretty hard considering I’m a full time student with internship and a independent study. My routine is becoming a lot less hectic so I’ll have more time.

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