N’jaila Joins The Unapologet!cs Podcast for Kinky Fun

What’s good? Miss me? I missed me, too!

I’ve got back to my content producing sexual self and dropped by the Unapologet!cs for their Kink Positive series.  I joined hosts Dani and Animaine and talked about my favorite kinks and gave advice to those starting to explore BDSM and other fetishes. I also shared my complete aversion to the most common fetish, feet.

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Is the Election Impacting Your Sex Life?

I was a guest host for Hotline, Fusion’s live sexual health call-in show hosted by Cleo Stiller.  I rarely talk about my personal relationships – even on After Dark, but I thought this was an important topic.  We talk about how many aspects of this election or politics, in general, impact our sex lives.

People buy into the idea that love or at least passion will conquer all, but I think it’s unrealistic to expect to keep up a healthy sexual relationship with someone who doesn’t share your core values.  Especially when those values include things like equal rights, or not wanting your extrajudicial killing justified by your skin color.  There’s nothing wrong with admitting that certain politics dry your walls or itch your balls.  I feel sick when I think about getting stroked and providing pleasure to a bigot that thinks basic human rights are up for debate.

Personally, I’d rather go orgasm free than contribute to the ejaculation of a person with a hateful heart.

Have you ever had to dip out on someone because of conflicting political beliefs? Tell me about it in the comments!

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Whoremones Comedy Show with a Special Q&A with MOI Sept 10

HOLD ONTO YOUR FUCKIN’ BUTTS, I’m coming your way Connecticut!


I was so happy to be invited to take part in the Whormornes Comedy Show. I’ll be doing a (hopefully raunchy) Q&A with the audience and all these funny ladies! Get TICKETS HERE

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N’jaila’s Mailbag: Is Porn Sexist?

Many moons ago I got an interesting Ask in my tumblr. While this submission wasn’t actually a question so much as a person trying to BLOW MY MIND with their amazing logic. I thought I should share it.

romantic-love-letter-ideas“The porn industry is male dominated (made up primarily of male pornographers/film directors/producers/editors/casting directors) and is geared towards a straight male audience. Just because some women and some queer individuals consume pornographic content (much of which is becoming increasingly violent and aggressive, especially towards women) does not make it ‘feminist,’ or ‘ethical.'”


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Beyoncé Cums Fancy, as Expected.

This isn't another Beyoncé think piece, this is a thinly veiled excuse to  think about expensive things sliding in and out of Beyoncé.
This isn’t another Beyoncé think piece, it’s a thinly veiled excuse to think about expensive things sliding in and out of Beyoncé.

Folks are clutching their pearls after married adult Beyoncé allegedly spent over $6,000 USD on Boxing Day at sex shop Babeland New York.  Let me tell you, its REALLY easy to drop term bill or two there. Personally I love Babeland, they’re the only brick and mortar sex shop I recommend in my area, I also know that while welcoming to beginners it’s a candy shop for those of us with genitals that require nothing but the best.

As I wrote before every industry has its luxury items, sex toys are no different. If you’re Beyoncé are you going to settle for Kia Sport of vibrators or an Ashton Martin?  Exactly. How far could six grand take you? Well the express lane, I’m talking maybe 10 items or less. Here’s 3 dream baskets for Mrs and Mr. Carter Knowles. Continue reading “Beyoncé Cums Fancy, as Expected.”

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Go Fuck Yourself 2013.

Go Away 2013, no one likes you.
Go Away 2013, no one likes you.

2013 was a bag dicks. If 2013 was a frail old man I would gently push him so he would fall down, while he was on the ground I would glare at him as a poked him with a blunt stick.  2013 for me was the human experience equivalent of Drake’s eyebrows.  You might have gathered from the whopping 10 posts I made all year that shit was somewhat real for me this year. 2013 taught me that yes, failure is an option.

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NSA Whistleblower’s Girlfriend NOT Stripping is News?



This is a serious article of journalism from Salon.com.  This is the world we live in.

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BlasianBytch.com 3rd Blogaversary



And I’m still not so good at this, but experience is always fulfilling and this blog is a wonderful way to chart my own growth. I went back and read every post. You can really see my attitude become more and more positive toward sex.  I went from going OMG sex toys are CRAZY to … I wonder how hot I would look with this jeweled butt plug in. So I’m still here , still growing, still changing and thank you for hanging with me along the ride.

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Congratulations To our 40 Pounds of Sex Winner!

The winner was emailed and in September I’ll be starting the next give-away. Thank you everyone who entered!

If you would like to know when the next give away will be, feel free to sign up for the BlasianBytch Newsletter!

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Letting a Whore Have Her Say

A close friend of mine  linked me to a character study that appeared on the NYTimes.com ,  profiling a 52 year old sex worker in Hunts Point New York.   The  short profile story and video (after the jump)  ,in my opinion, was a rare change of narrative that most are used to when it comes to sex work in America.

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It’s My 2nd Blogaversary!

BlasianBytch.com is 2 Today!!

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Exxxotica NJ 2011: A whole new (dirty) show!

Something about this Expo makes me feel so small...

Exxxotica NJ is setting itself away from the pack of Adult business themed conventions by remembering to romance and titillate the ladies as well as put on a frist class show.  The event repeated its “Ladies Night” for the frist day, this time presenting the horny gals with male exotic dancers and a number of seminars focused on female sexual wellness and couple satisfaction.

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Nerd Porn, Are We Pwning Ourselves?

This month adult stars Misti Stone and Alana Evans are launching their gamecentric cam site to coincide with the launch of the much anticipated Gears of War 3.   According the to the press release the site will “the website will eventually host every gaming party, as well as provide in-depth profiles of each Porn Star Gamer Girl, video game reviews done by Evans and Dawn and provide plus clips and photos from previous Gamer Girl sessions.”   Sounds great for every fan of both porn and games (a vien diagram would just be one circle fyi).  But what about female game enthusiast?

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Foursquare: More like WHORESQUARE!

Those of you who follow me on twitter might have noticed that I’m on foursquare and I check into things quite often.  I like to make people think that I have a life beyond watching movies with my cat.  My recent obsession was checking into the gym to make myself feel like less of a fat ass.

On a recent trip I was on my way into the gym and wanted to check in and what did I see.

Escorts… on my Foursquare? Apparently. Continue reading “Foursquare: More like WHORESQUARE!”

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I’m Not Dead.

pictured: What I USED to wear to work.

Many of you have wondered why I haven’t been updating.  Well I’ll tell you. I was sick and tired. Not in the angsty way. I was too poor to eat. So I was quit literally too sick and tired to do much. I have mentioned my job before and how it was somewhat terrible.  I was always working a “steady” gig while I picked up freelance work. The thing with freelance is that sometimes you hit a rough patch. The money stops coming and if your steady gig can’t cover the bills your screwed. That pretty much happend to me.

Last week I started a new job. A for realzies job. I have insurance and a 401K and no one walks around with an erection nor does anyone stuff money in my panties. In fact I actually wear panties everyday! Not just panties but a pants suit. So not only do I not have to fear closing this site due to costs but I can actually realize he vision I have for this site.

I feel like Pinocchio , I’m finally a real person in the eyes of society. I’m a functioning member and not financial or social drain. I think it might come as a shock but I really never fully believed this day would come. There’s a high functioning part of my brain that is disgusted at how much my job controls my feeling of self worth, but fuck that part of my brain. Continue reading “I’m Not Dead.”

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So He Wants to Put it in Your Butt…

Anal Sex: the Final Frontier

For many women my age this act has been a grey area phantom constantly lurking on your significant other’s mind and threatening the quaint dignity of your anus.  Unlike our mother’s generation where anal was a clear taboo we live in a world where thanks to porn anal has gone mainstream.  There’s been a dramatic increase of men expecting or desiring anal sex. Continue reading “So He Wants to Put it in Your Butt…”

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Does My Vagina Offend You?

Porn Star Misty Stone shows off her Fleshlight

I was perusing Good Health and found a interesting article on the origin of the Fleshlight. The male equivalent of the Rabbit.  Its the sex toy that isn’t creepy anymore.  The article talks about the quirky family affair that kicked off the invention of the toy by Steve Shubin.  It was pretty awesome, save for lure of the article, stated in the title “How to Market Plastic Vaginas: Don’t Call Them Vaginas“.   Let me get this straight, a disembodied sex organ is cool, as long as you don’t call it by its actual name?  Ya’ll know you’re supposed to cum in this thing, right? Continue reading “Does My Vagina Offend You?”

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Girls Watch Porn Too, and I’m not Joking!

This is from a humor site, but are people laughing because they don’t know this is true?

I don’t know why men think women do not watch porn, I don’t know why women ask other women if they watch porn ( like they’re the only ones that do). Let’s face it ladies, if you are peeking at Redtube there’s a hella good chance that all your ladies friends do as well.  Hell they’re even talking about watching porn on Oprah.com! Continue reading “Girls Watch Porn Too, and I’m not Joking!”

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A room of one’s own: Redux

My New Bedroom!

I wrote earlier about a new writing space and changes coming to this site, well I’m pretty happy to say that many of the changes that In envisioned have come to fruition. Hell, some of the changes that have happend I never even saw coming.

I’m happy to report that I’m no longer quasi-homeless, sadly I still had to leave my kitty behind.  Continue reading “A room of one’s own: Redux”

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