Adult Film Legend Brittany Andrews Talks New Film

I spent a few hours with Miss Brittany Andrews and discovered you really only need 5 minutes to fall in love with this woman.  My full interview with her will be posted soon, in the meantime enjoy her talk about her film These Showers Can Talk.

These Showers Can Talk was not a traditional sort of sex comedy , like in the vein of Porky’s or Sex Is Zero (색즉시공) its a comedy that plays on the tropes of sexuality.  The film centers around Samantha a seemingly commitment phobic woman and her hilariously akward and psychotic girlfriend Gloria.

Samantha journeys around New York and finds herself in her friends bathrooms trying to get advice about her relationships issues.  Every person can relate to what happens next, you go to your friends to whine about your problems only to be forced to theirs or worst, sit through their self involved ramblings.

Samantha’s friends a sports butch, a prissy lipstick lesbian, a polysexual nympho and the perfect “straight girl”  in their bathrooms are really in their own little worlds.  Their insanity get most of the laughs but never come off insulting.

The humor of the film works so well because Lindau has a sharp sense of timing. The dialogue , while improvised never lingers in one place for two long and each vignette seems to play up to each actresses performance and accentuate it perfectly.  Every scene’s tone is set and constant

What I loved best about his movie was that the characters , even as “Lesbian Stereotypes” were people. I saw my friends on the screen and even a bit of myself.   A lot of the good natured humor of the film resonated with me because at the end of the 25 mins I didn’t feel like I just saw a “gay film” but a film about friends helping friends make mistakes in the way that many of us do.

This film is a very sharp contrast to what is seen in the mainstream as gay comedy.  There is no straight character to add a “normative voice” because Samantha and her friends in their dysfunction ARE normal.   Their sexuality isn’t a pitfall but a matter of life.

The one thing i wished this film had was ,well, more of it. Each woman is set up with such in such and interesting journey  that I wished they could have all been explored.  Of course this movie is confined to just the showers and vanities making that a little impossible.  I did find the fact that I came away with so much from each friend even though the viewer gets less that ten minutes with each them showed just how gifted the cast and director are.

At 25 mins These Showers Can Talk is a quirky tight little comedy that can surprise any woman gay or straight with a few good laughs.

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