J.T Tran- The World Renowned Pick Up Artist pt 2

In the second part of our talk , J.T Tran really broke down and talked about what he teaches at the ABC’s of Attraction.   I was surprised to find out that its not all about tagging the most bitches or collecting the most numbers.

The Asian Playboy is about more than getting the most mileage out of his genitals he’s about so much more…

Okay, well there are also those that might accuse you of taking advantage of those Asian men that feel disillusioned and disadvantaged when dating in America?

Well again, proof is in the pudding. I’ve been teaching for 5 years and they say that 90% of businesses fail in their first or second year. I have a proven track record of 5 years and I’ve taught thousands of Asian men across the globe on every major continent and I have hundreds of reviews and video testimonials. So if you look at the proof and look at the results my students are getting. I’m teaching them how to be successful with women of all colors, particularly white but that’s just because there are more white women in this country, but they’re successful with all women. Hispanic, Indian all types in fact this past weekend in the San Francisco boot camp two guys there fully romantically connect with women during the program.

Recently two New York students just lost their virginity and they were like 23, one was in the boot camp one was in the process of learning about it. They are in their twenties, the average age an American male loses his virginity is like 16.  The average age for an Asian American male is more like 19 or 20.  So the proof is in the pudding.

We offer a three-day three-night program, which is incredibly intense, people may balk at the price but if you broke it down hourly we’re getting paid a decent wage.  It’s not exorbitant.  Its three full days of hard work and hard play and the proof is in the pudding and that’s what I have to say about that.  Of all the programs I’ve ran over half of out students will write positive reviews.

Well what kinds of things are you teaching these men exactly?

That’s a good question, the ABC’s of Attraction are a simply process that goes from “A” thru “F”.  I don’t know if you know anything about the VH1 Pick Up Artist but Mystery has this attraction formula, which is incredible, but it’s also very complicated.  Here we keep it very very simple.

Then we have a whole holistic part to it, which is like a mind /body synthesis, so in each phase we have what we call inner game. That’s your attitude, your thoughts and your internal confidence. Then there’s outer game that’s your physical confidence your body language and there’s the actual words, verbal attraction.  What you’d actually say to a girl.

So for the “A” phase, its like Sun Tzu says, “The battle is won or lost before its even fought.”  With “A” you have to remember Attitude, Attract, and then Approach.   So you enter a place, a bar or club or coffee shop you want to have the right mental attitude not only towards yourself but women.  What I like to call the “fun maker” not the “fun taker”.  Someone that gives value and provides enjoyment. You should walk in there and know that you’re the most interesting Asian man in her life.

One of the highest compliments a girl has told me was that I was one of the top ten most interesting people she’s met and the most interesting Asian she’d ever experienced.  You want to have the right attitude coming into that place , when you talk to women but also being sexual and confident.

You weren’t kind of insulted that some chick just basically said your interesting “for an Asian”.  Seems like a backwards compliment.

You’re looking at it incorrectly; I’m the most interesting Asian person she’s ever met. Of ALL the Asians she’s ever met I am the most interesting.   Cause you know Black, White , whatever , statistically speaking there’s not that many Asian men in the population. She’s not going to run across that many Asians, that’s just a fact of life.  Talking to her I was an interesting guy. You want to be a fun confident interesting guy and impress upon her for future generations that other Asians can be just as fun and interesting.

That’s important because attraction starts before you talk to her, before you even go up to her and open your mouth.  Your physical confidence, how you look, how you walk, that swagger.  You exude that confidence, that fun.   Its all body language, you can read about it online but it different from seeing it.

Then there’s the words that come out of your mouth, we do that last because the words are important, but its how you carry yourself.

So that’s just an example of the “A” phase and it goes all the way through “F” and each phase has a mental, body and verbal component.

Well I’ve had some experience with guys that called themselves Pick Up Artist and … well it didn’t end well for them to put it politely, and I’m not alone many women have a bad taste in their mouth when they hear “Pick Up Artist” Where do you think that stigma comes from?

Well yeah, there’s a stigma associated with it unfortunately, but there are different schools of thought.  There’s different “Dojos”.


Yeah, what we try to do for us, because I can’t speak for other schools, is emphasize self-improvement as well as actual technique. It’s not all about going out there and banging bitches and all that crap.   I’ll admit its part of it, guys do want to have fun but when people come to us its obvious they’re a little unhappy about their life.  They identified the problem being the lack of women in their lives, and we can always use more beautiful women in our lives, but at the core typically there’s something missing in their life.

They might be at a crappy job or still living with their parents or not living interesting lives, there are bigger issues at the core of that problem. Its like Buddhist philosophy, if you drop a pebble in a pound they’ll be all these ripple effects the lack of women is a ripple, a symptom of the issues.   While we may alleviate the symptom we try to do is identify their core issues, its usually a lot bigger than just women.

I remember going to Australia and giving a speech, the topic I was asked to cover was “manhood”.   What it means to be a man and all the rites of passage. So I go, since it Sydney ,Australia  there’s like 50 Asian guys and like 5 White guys.  At one point I asked who still lives at home? Who still lives with Mommy and Daddy?  I want you to guess how many White guys raised their hands and how many Asian guys raised their hands.

Just from my own experience I’m going say that most of the Asian guys raised their hands.

Zero White guys raised their hands and all 50 Asian guys raised their hands. I was like , ‘you know guys this is your biggest issue right there’.  Its not that you can’t get women it’s the fact that you’re living at HOME.  You can get all the technique and pick up lines , all the fancy stuff you want but the big issue is you’re living at home with your Mom and Dad.

I know in Asian , and Asian American culture that’s fine , it’s actually pretty acceptable and in many ways its encouraged, but if you’re trying to date… it makes life very difficult especially if you’re trying to date outside your race.

Yeah, I could tell you a lot of stories I have from dating guys that lived at home, I’ve hidden under beds, in closets…

(laughs)Yeah, if you live at home, you have to get some parental distractions –

Or get a hotel room , cheap bastards.

(laughs) I’ve done that as well.

The main premise is that beyond giving them the ability to talk to women is to enhance their lifestyle, that’s typically the biggest issue. That’s the main thing they can do to change in the long term that will give them more access to women.

Continued in Part Three

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