Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day Two!

While I didn’t get to see my name “up in lights” I did get to see my name on the seminar schedule poster. My name was up there along with greats like Brittany Andrews, Sean Micheals, Nyomi Banks and many more.

Day 2-

I think this was the most nerveracking day. If you follow me on twitter or facebook you might have heard that did my first seminar. It was also pretty relaxing on Friday because of the Ladies free promotion so there were many couples and women to talk to and I felt like I wasn’t the only non-Porn superfan around.   Saturday was a lot more men and my brother got really sick so it was just me and my buddy.
not pictured , my bleeding feet.

Now it was hectic with me and two other people handling the camera and getting photos, when its just down to two and only one of us knows how to work the hd cam it was even more confusing. I was also a little off my game because the glorious shoes I bought for Exxxotica turn out to be medieval torture devices.

It was awesome to see my name up with all the other people giving seminars.  I actually almost didn’t make it. There was a detour on the highway while driving at we ended up in STATEN ISLAND! By the grace of God we made it to the expo by noon, about a half hour before I was supposed to start.  So I take out my macbook and get ready all to find out that old macbook cannot connect to TV!  So my fancypants multimedia presentation was NOT going to happen.

We tried to run to Office Depot to see if they had a cable that would work and I was told I would have to drive to Menlopark Mall to get it.  If you’ve never been to a mall on Saturday let me tell you that there was NO way I was going to get in and out of there in a half hour.  I ended up paying for copies of my powerpoint presentation and making a mad dash back.

The presentation went surprisingly well for my first time, the audience wasn’t all that large but a pretty great turn out seeing as my day was switched and no one knew I was going to be there on Sat.  I was told I was very informative. The best part was the seminar after me, conducted by Amber of Onspeeddating.com , asked me to stick around and help her with her seminar.  I had even more fun with that one.  I candidly answered questions that guys have for women and taught the crowd how to make their lady squirt!

I did a great interview with Amber, which will be up soon.

We did interviews with more stars, sex toy makers and even a clothing line designer. Unfortunately, I was so focused on the interviews I didn’t tell my camera man how to use my hd camera. So all the Sat videos will be fuzzy.  That’s kinda a downer but …one of the greatest things about Sat, Going to hooters afterwards! Daytona wings!

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