Sexy Holiday Gift Guide

Because you waited this long to go shopping and the parking lot at the mall can go fuck itself.

There’s only 7 days until Christmas and you still can’t think of the perfect gift, or you’re just a lazy sack of shit, either way you need presents  and you need them fast. FAST and SEXY- and there’s nothing more sexy than toys, lingerie and sex positive books.

How to buy Sex Positive Gifts For A Friend

Now you know what gets you off and you might have a pretty good idea of what gets your lover off but … your friends might be more of a challenge.  This goes double if your friend is a man.  Though women might be more open about toys and self pleasure most don’t go into specifics the easiest way to please is to purchase something versatile or a building block toy.

The Hitachi wand, for example, is sold with a basic toy with many attachments available.  So your friend can choose what kind of simulation experience they want and still use the toy you bought them.

You can also consider non-sexual ways to help their sex lives.  Does your friend like to play but needs discretion; a popular holiday item is a cute toy box/bag.  This way they can have safe private storage, free from the grubby fingers of their children.   There are some great products that help with hiding sex toys some are disguised as house hold objects like tissue boxes, pillows and make up cases.

Another great sex positive gift idea is the gift of sexual enlightenment. For many people in my age group, we learned about sex in the most terrifying way, hairy hippies getting funky in that book you found in your parents closet.  Luckily for us books on sexuality have become a lot more sophisticated and easier on the eyes.  There are many fun titles that cover everything from sexy with yourself, partners, to how to have the best sex life as a single mom.   Check out some Sexy Books About Sex.

A word of caution when buying toys for men- While a lot of straight men think fleshlights or Pussy in a Can is a gas , some might not be as open to prostate massagers or other anal toys.  According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine 40% of men have engaged in anal play but only 10% of them where on the receiving end.   If your buddy frequently uses the term “No Homo” it might be a good idea to pass on the prostate massager.

Buying for Your Lover

When buying toys or lingerie for our lovers its important to remember that this is not a gift for you! While you may fantasize about having a bend-over-boyfriend or turning your girlfriend into a Double-Penetration-Princess that desire might not be shared.  This is really not the time to get that anal sex starter kit if your partner has never expressed interest.This gift should be about your partner’s needs and fantasies, which is a lot easier to gauge than our friends.  Especially if you are lucky enough to enjoy mutual masturbation sessions with your honey, seeing how they pleasure themselves can clue you in to the type of toy to get them.

For women there’s toys for all types of stimulation, from vibrating nipple clamps to kegal exercisers to g-spot stimulators.  There’s also toys that are designed to stimulate certain areas for the specific type of orgasm your lady likes.

One thing to consider is how you want this toy to be used, will this be used for mutual stimulation or for solo enjoyment.  There are toys like the we-vibe or the Wonderful Wonderful Wabbit that are worn during intercourse, but can always be used for solo masturbation sessions.  There are books that are intended to be used as couple sex games as well.

Now I know for some men sex toys are a touchy subject, I wrote about that here and here.  If you have issues with another phallic like object in your girlfriend I think you should seek therapy but you aren’t going to, what you can do is invest in some toys that bear no resemblance to your penis!  Like :

When purchasing lingerie you have to take off the forgiving rose-colored glasses we see our lovers in.  That sheer lacy number might seem perfect for them in your head but a body conscious lover could refuse to put it on, or worst put it on then have lame “omg-don’t-look-at-me-sex.   Look at the cut of the clothes your lover wears and try to find lingerie that compliments their body type and is more forgiving of their “problem” areas.   If you’re wondering how to find great lingerie for your chubby honey check out stores here and here .  There’s even places that cater to plus size men!

So if ordering online, or going to your local sex shop good luck in wowing your honey with a last minute gift that will last for hours of pleasure! Don’t forget the ultimate last minute gift A GIFT CARD!

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