Kimora Klein When I saw on twitter that Kimora was in a car accident and wouldn’t be going to AVN I had no idea how serious her injuries were.  She was tweeting so that means she’s okay. I was tragically mistaken. A website has been started to help fans and loved ones send donations for towards her medical care as well gifts to lift her spirits.   To donate visit:

I can honestly say that Kimora is one of the warmest , thoughtful and intelligent women I’ve meet in the adult industry – shit ANY industry I’ve worked in.   Any one that has met this amazing JamAsian knows what a humbled old soul she is. I’m literally tearing up writing this , just thinking about her in so much pain.

As in the case of Jessie Lee, she obviously won’t be able to work anytime soon so she really needs our help.

According to the HelpKimora site her injuries are extensive-

Kimora has spent a considerable amount of the time since the accident on respiratory support, as the impact broke several ribs, puncturing and collapsing a lung. The best news that we have received thus far was on January 15th, when she was reported to be breathing without the assistance of a ventilator, and that her breathing tubes would be removed.

Her jaw, which suffered multiple fractures, was set surgically on the night of the accident, and is now wired shut.

We’ve been told that rehabilitation for her extensive pelvic injuries will begin almost immediately, so that she may walk again.

I know I have the best readers in the world, so if before you think about donating for me to go to Banana 2 give to Kimora she really needs it most right now.

Whatever God/Gods/Supreme being/flying pasta monster you pray to, Please ask him/her/it/they to watch over Kimora and help her get better as fast as possible. She also has an Wishlist– it would be awesome if she had some presents waiting for her when she comes home!

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