Hall of Fame Porn Legend Brittany Andrews survives Japanese Quake, Prepares Documentary

Brittany Andrews was visiting family in Japan , where she featured danced for sometime, when the catastrophic 9.0 earthquake struck.  Andrews was staying on the 47th floor of her Tokyo hotel  She was  trapped in the stairwell for hours while there were fires in separate parts of the building.  She thankfully made it to safety.

While stranded and unable to contact stateside family and friends through the phone Andrews began to communicate using the internet on her smart phone as reported by LukeisBack.  Not only did she let her family and fans know she was okay she documented the 7 hour taxi ride from Tokyo to Narita airport in one of the more devastated areas in Japan.   While at the airport Andrews took the initiative to conduct interviews with others who were desperately trying to go home with the fear of nuclear winter, aftershocks and terror looming in the air.

“My heart goes out to Japan and everyone still there – including my family. So many lives were lost and it is going to take years to rebuild. If my story and the footage I was able to capture can do something to build awareness and help then it’s the least I can do.” said Andrews. Now safely back in the US after a nightmarish ordeal Andrews, who is a film maker and mainstream producer , is creating a documentary about the tragedy and the people of Japan.

She continued, “I lived in Los Angeles for many years and I don’t think that the city would be able to handle such a devastating quake so if this can encourage people to start preparing themselves then hopefully this could also save lives.”

I’ll be following the development of the documentary and will keep everyone updated. Please donate to the people of Japan.

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Author: N'jaila

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  • Paul_A54

    Now here’s someone who is definitely not a tool. Glad she’s safe, and looking forward to the documentary.