Columbian Reporter: Ex Husband of Lupe Fuentes arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Wicked Pictures contract star “little” Lupe Fuentes may be in big trouble according to the Columbian Reporter. The star’s ex-husband ,Pablo Lapiedra,  was arrested in Spain on Thursday on child pornography charges. 

From the Columbian Reporter-

Spanish police arrested Pablo Lapiedra, a Spanish native, on charges of prostituting and recording Colombian children in pornographic films he then sold for financial gain.

The girls used in the films were from poor backgrounds and were tricked by Lapiedra into thinking they were casting for a film. He also gave them false documentation to appear older and made them work long hours from 8:00AM to 7:00PM.

The investigation began in late 2008 after the Federal Bureau of Technical Investigation (BIT) of the Spanish police, in collaboration with Colombia’s National Police and Interpol, detected a teenage prostitute network operating in Latin American countries.

The tip-off came from the head of a Medellin institute who was informed by some students that a fellow student was starring in a pornography film. In the film, the 16 year old girl was molested by two men as well as the cameraman.

The film was placed on an internet site where it could be downloaded for up to $100. Early investigations showed the internet site was registered under Lapiedra’s wife’s name, a Colombian citizen who is also a pornographic actress.

Interpol then issued an international arrest warrant against Lapiedra and his wife. He was arrested last Thursday.

The Spanish National Court must now decide on the extradition request lodged by Colombian authorities.

Honestly I really can’t say I’m all that surprised that the man that discovered “Little Lupe” and marketed her as a legal alternative to child pornography might have dealings with endangering children.   Fuentes’ body even after 18 looked to many experts to be underaged.  Her image has changed dramatically since then and has found her much success in the US.  The shocking allegation is that Lupe Fuentes was actively recruiting underaged girls for work on the site.

Here is an interview with Lupe Fuentes at Exxxotica NJ inf Nov.


Update – LukeisBack is reporting that is down , Fuentes has been pulled from the fleshlight site.

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    Her twitter @lupefuentesxxx has also gone silent since March 21st.