Lil’ Lupe in BIG Trouble: Update

Lupe Fuentes and Mr.MarcusWhile there are no reports that confirm that Lupe Fuentes has been arrested or a change in the status of her warning.  Spanish language papers are reporting that her ex-husband , Pablo Lapiedra, who told police that Fuentes was in charge of recruiting the high school girls.

There are rumored videos of Fuentes voice being heard in the background of some of the movies containing minors, but no news source has confirmed this.

The actress’s website is back online and operational.  Fuentes is still no longer on site nor are her products available for purchase there. They are still available on Amazon from Fleshlight.

Lupe Fuentes taken off

A representative of Wicked Pictures where Fuentes is a contract girl said the company was clear that they “won’t remove Lupe’s image, we believe in innocent until proven guilty. We have not had any contact with Lupe Fuentes, but wish her the best during this situation.”

Wicked is still selling Fuentes’ latest film “Lolita” on their site along with other titles. Wicked is also still selling a over $7,000 life size sex doll of the actress at

There has been no statement or public communication from Fuentes or manager/ husband since the warrant for her arrest was made public. The couple have not been active on any social media sites since Monday the 21st.

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  • Paul_A54

    Thanks for the update. I’m guessing that (if guilty), the adult industry will see this as an isolated incident, rather than address the issues it raises for the industry.