Toy Review: Fairy Wand Massager

I present the Fairy Wand Massager. This toy is kicking it old school.  It’s a wand massager that plugs into the wall!  Back in my pre-toy acceptance days I based my rejection of sex toys on one awkward experience with a vibrating want.

You see my Dad is an engineer, and was general fixers of all things broken.  Growing up he always had a workstation full of power tools. Those High Power tools that every three-year-old couldn’t resist trying playing with.  One day in the summer of ’89 my father, uncle and grandfather were working on refinishing our basement.  They happened to leave a belt sander plugged in, as I was innocently investigating my older brother was happily flicking switches. You can guess what happened next.  While I thankfully didn’t lose my face that day, my very rational phobia of loud power tools was born.

The first time a lover pulled out a Hitachi and I heard its ferocious purr something inside me snapped. I wasn’t going to let any man sand off my clit for his pleasure.  That was more than three years ago, and I’ve since come to my senses on toys, all except one type. Wand Massagers.  It was time to conquer my fear.

When I got the Fairy Wand, I was intimidated. Its big heavy and LOUD.  It was so loud that my cat hid under the couch when I turned it on.  The same thing she does when I turn on the vacuum. Interestingly enough, I didn’t even use the wand as a sex toy at first.  I caught a cramp in my leg and thought ‘Why not?’ it works great as a massager.  Post workouts and pre bed and used it on all my tight muscles and lower back and I’ve never slept better.  A lot of vibrators call themselves massagers but this is the real deal- it even comes with a happy ending!

The massaging head of the Fairy Wand is very wide, so those looking for precise vibration will have to looks elsewhere.  The wide head also makes it harder for those like me that cover toys every time they play.  I did eventually get a condom over it after buffing my nails a bit.  The head has ridges that create a very pleasurable texture when gliding over the clit or labia.  I did feel a little silly doing this because to get a good grip I was using two hands and felt like I was churning butter.

Now this toy doesn’t have a lot of fancy choices to it. You cannot choose vibration patterns, it doesn’t move around and you kind of have to be carful not to yank it out of the wall when you orgasm, but it accomplishes a lot with its simplicity.  The vibe intensity is controlled with a dial with is also the on and off switch.  This thing is powerful. I have yet to use it on its highest setting and I felt is just a wee bit over powered.  Of course I know I’m on the sensitive side and everyone is different so if you have a hard time finding a vibe powerful enough for you give this one a try.  This thing gave me screaming-O-porn-star-toe-twitching orgasms. The kind of orgasms where your eyes dart around the room because for a second or so it erased your short-term memory and you’re confused as to what exactly is going on.


What’s really neat about this wand and most wands is that most manufactures make attachments available for them. This one is no different some attachments for the Hitachi wand fit on the Fairy wand and there are also attachments made solely for this vibe, they run from 10 bucks to almost $50. This can extend the appeal of the toy and create some variation.  For me the best attachment for this toy is an extension cord.  The nearest outlet to my bed was on the other side of the room, since I can’t imagine anyone rearranging their bedroom just to get off it might be a smart move to head to the 99cent store and pick one up.

One of the downsides of this toy is cleaning. While I always cover toys those that don’t will have a hard time keeping lady goo out of the vibe head ridged crevices. This is not a water safe toy so I wouldn’t advise cleaning it under running water.  The best way would be with toy cleaning wipes or an old toothbrush and a damn washcloth.

Pro: Will make you cum buckets and has a large array of attachments available. Also works well for actual massager.

Cons: Plugs into the wall with a short cord, hard to clean without a condom of toy cover.  Toy is LOUD and not water-proof.

Bottom Line: The Fairy Wand is strong loud vibe that will get you off but shortcomings might turn you off. The Fairy Wand is an Honorable Meh.

I would like to thank EdenFantasys for supplying this toy!



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Author: N'jaila

N'jaila Rhee grew up in north New Jersey and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communication media from Rutgers University in 2009. Rhee began exotic dancing while attended classes at Rutgers, and still dances at special events. Currently working professionally in media in the NYC metro area, she enjoys writing erotica, eating Nilla wafers and giggling at the word "balls".