Adult Star wins BIG at the New York Film Festival

Way to Go Brittany Andrews!

Brittany Andrews is ravishing in red.NY,NY- Hall of Fame Adult Star and Mainstream film producer wins three awards at New York International Independent Film Festival.  The bubbly blonde took home an award for Best Supporting Actress in “These Showers Can Talk“, Best Reality Short for “My Life in Porn” and took home the Audience Award for “BLINDFOLD“.

This is not the frist time Andrews has taken home prizes for mainstream films, she now has 12 awards under her belt.  Which is quite extraordinary for a headlining porn actress. Many adult stars have tried to get mainstream shine like Mary Carey, Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey- usually playing themselves, sexed up roles or appear on reality television.   Andrews work is a lot more varied. Her winning shorts include a 9-11 family drama, a lesbian themed comedy, and a documentary styled short. Andrews premiered her own reality tv pilot, which she produced and hosted,  True Cougar Life at New York International Independent Film Festival and was warmly received.

Britney Andrews making's acceptance speech very eventful.“I’m very excited!” states Andrews “The continued success and recognition of my recent film and television work feels validating. Being a female producer in a very male-dominated industry I am hoping these awards will help encourage other women to be inspired to reach for their goals. If I can do it – they can too!”

Of the three awards she won Andrews is most surprised by her win for “These Showers Can Talk“. “That film was very exciting for me to be a part of not only to nurture the creative process from inception to filming, but it also was the first mainstream project where I appeared in front of the cameras as an actress.”

Brittany Andrews at the premier of “These Showers Can Talk” 

She continued,“I consider myself a producer/director first and foremost, so winning the Best Supporting Actress award was surprising to me since I did the role just for fun. I previously had been nominated and have won Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards in adult films so I’m to get acknowledged as an actress doing a non-sexual role in a mainstream film is a little tongue in cheek for me but I am still delighted!.”

The New York International Independent Film Festival will hold a red carpet award ceremony in Los Angeles on July 21st which will kick off the festival. The festival runs July 21st to July 28th.

For more Brittany Andrews you can check her out on Twitter or go to her site.

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