Kelly Shabari: Blow Jobs for EVERYONE if Japan Wins World Cup


Congratulations to the Japanese  Women’s Soccer Team!

Looks like Kelly is a woman of her word! 

Kelly Shibari who IS Plus-Size Kink in the US  and breaks boundaries being one of the few Asian American BBW models, made a shocking announcement yesterday. She plans to give free blowjobs to anyone with a valid test pending the outcome of the Women’s World Cup.

The final matchup between the USA and Japan was decided on Wednesday, after Japan trumped Sweden in the semifinals. During the game, Shibari had Tweeted that she should offer her support for the Japanese team by offering free blowjobs if they win in the finals. Responses to her post on Twitter and Facebook convinced her to follow through with her idea.

“Japan’s been through so much this year,” said Shibari. “Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns…and the women’s soccer team has had to endure training in subpar conditions as a result. I can’t hope for a more appropriate outcome than to see them win!”

Making sure she covers all bases Shibari says, “If the US wins, I’m sure I’ll still have some sort of consolation prize to offer,” There’s no word yet as to what she’ll offer female fans or what the consolation prize might be.

Shibari, owner of the Feminist Porn Award-winning plus-size fetish site PaddedKINK, is currently in talks with several webcam companies as to who will host the event. The oral prizes will be administered to those in the Los Angeles area who can make their way to the studio with a verified STD test that conforms to adult industry standards.

I guess this might be a win-win situation for fans in the LA area. Both teams are filled with incredible athletes. I have to say I’m so American I cum sparklers and bacon but I’m riding with Japan on this one. A world cup win would do wonders for the moral of a country that was so heavily devastated.

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  • So how is Kelyl going to accomplish that monumental feet if her team wins?

    • I’m trying to find out now , I’m curious myself! 

  • Love that content warning honey,

  • Paul_A54

    That’s confirmed it for me. Go Japan! 🙂