Toy Review: Fleur De Lis silicone seduction – traditional vibrator

There’s a lot to be said for simplicity. While some vibrators try to win you over with bells and whistles I’ve found that when manufacturers but their all into executing a simple concept the results can be phenomenal. This is very much the case for the Fluer De Lis Silicone seduction.

The toy is in everyway a traditional vibrator; I wish this were my first vibrator!  My first sex toy purchased with my best friend on my 18th birthday was affordable but proved very much not enjoyable to a more a less sexually inexperienced teen.  I actually ended up forgetting it in its hiding place in the desk of my freshman dorm. My apologies for whoever found that.

What I liked the most about this toy is its soft silicone body and simple construction. The silicone is flexible and squeezable which makes for super comfortable insertion. It also helps if your partner isn’t used to toys and tries to stab your ‘gina to death with it.  The high grade material is easy to clean and reacts well to lubrication, of course with most high grad silicone users need to be wary about the lubrication they use.  The Fleur De Lis Silicone Seduction just feels damn good its not fighting against your body but navigating its curves. It gave me a very satisfying full feeling.  The vibe moves with you so you can get the perfect angle of insertion no matter what position you’re in. (And a chorus of Cam girls sing “AMEN”)


This toy uses two AAA batteries and in turn isn’t amazingly powerful but it doesn’t really have to be. It vibrates steadily on low, medium and high there’s no vibration patterns, extra dials, buttons attachments or anything. Just a straight well made quiet vibe with one button.

Another thing I really loved is the packaging.  It double as a case for the toy, which makes it travel friendly. There’s nothing worst than when silicone toys get luggage dust all over them. Its also a bit green because you aren’t throwing anything away but a little bit of security seal plastic for the lifetime of the toy, especially if like me you use re-chargeable batteries.

Pros: Water proof, simple and easy to clean this quiet vibe does one thing but it does it amazingly well.

Cons: It doesn’t grate cheese and uses batteries.

Bottom Line: The Fleur De Lis Silicone Seduction is moderately powered vibe, which does classic very well. Play in and out of the water and you’ll still be very wet!  If you’re looking for a great first toy THIS IS IT! This toy is an Honorable Mention.

I would like to thank EdenFantasys for supplying this toy!

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Author: N'jaila

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