Fleshlight – The MOVIE!

Remember when I wrote about that disembodied vagina , its headlining its own movie. Seriously. Check it out.

Yeah, so that’s a thing now. I can’t say the name of the movie without singing a altered version of Grease Lightening. I’m a little sad that this isn’t a musical.

Fleshlightning kinda like the movie the 80’s didn’t have the balls to make. It seems to have all the trappings of an 80’s film, there’s teenagers who look like they’re 30, jocks picking on nerd (or hipsters?) and James Hong playing an ethnic stereotype as only he can.

I’m not going to lie after seeing the trailer there’s a fairly good chance I’m going end up seeing this movie. I mean the premise is a guy buys an unsealed sex toy from the dude selling eyeballs in Bladerunner and knocks up Jenna Haze.  If I can get over that whole unsealed sex toy thing, EWW, I think this might be sorta funny.

Of course I would love to have a movie where porn stars are shown as the pretty normal human beings they are but this obviously isn’t a movie that’s trying to be socially conscious in anyway. Its about a virgin that spooges into a magical fleshlight.  If people take the depictions of people as fact in this movie the world has A LOT more to worry about than the depiction of sex workers in magical sex toy genre films.

If you want to updates and a music video check out the movies Official Site 

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Author: N'jaila

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  • HeartracerX

    I thought this was an ad for the ‘hardware’ the I saw James Hong in the preview which confirmed this is a real movie.  Not a big fan of Jenna Haze but it might be worth the watch.