Anal Sex 101 with TS Star Wendy Williams

So I talked about really terrible anal sex in part one ,  now I want to talk about how to have amazing mutually pleasurable anal sex in a way that is fun, clean and of course SAFE. 

When I frist started talking about writing a how to on Anal I knew I should ask someone that is more of an authority and who is more of an authority on Anal that a TS performer?  An if I was going to go with a TS performer I had to go with a AVN and XBIZ TS performer of the year Wendy Williams, who actually worked with Doc Johnson to create an anal sex training kit. So if there was ever a person who knew how to take it in the pooper Wendy was my girl. 

First off I would suggest getting a Fleet Enema empty and rinse and fill up with luke warm water and flush yourself out good.  If you know you are going to have anal sex then try and not to eat for several hours before.

Make sure you have some good lube . I love the Vivid Silicone based lube from Doc Johnson and also really enjoy str8cam lube.  The biggest thing to do is warm up.  In porn “warming up” is a term used when someone uses toys or fingers to help stretch the anus before penetration.

I know this is a shameless plug but JUST because of this topic I worked with Doc Johnson to come up with Wendy Williams Anal Training Kit. It’s three different sizes of butt plugs in one kit.  Each plug is made of non-phthalate, latex free, antibacterial PVC.  I found warming up in the shower works best for me.

I get nice and relaxed with some warm water running on me, freshly flushed from my fleet enema or buy a shower-shot.  I then use my finger to put lots of lube around my anus and use lots of lube on the butt plug and start using it to get use to having something in your ass.  My kit has three different sizes so I start with the small one and work myself up.  For a beginner you use the small one for a few weeks or however long you need and then increase sizes, move to the next size when you feel comfortable with the current size.

In the bedroom I suggest foreplay.  Have your partner use his/her finger, lubbed , and finger your ass while you kiss or get oral pleasure.  Maybe have him/her use a medium size toy to help get ready for the actual penetration.  Remember to use lots of lube and PATIENCE.  Remember that to find a position that works best for you.  I dont like doggie style in the beginning because the person giving has deeper penetration in this position so I prefer to ride him until Im really turned on and feeling good.

Again PATIENCE is the key, if at first it hurt’s then practice with toys until you truly are ready to go.

Wendy can be found on her site and being witty on twitter

Our discussion of anal sex will continue with Anal Sex: Risks , Facts and Pleasures

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