Exxxotica NJ 2011: A whole new (dirty) show!

Something about this Expo makes me feel so small...

Exxxotica NJ is setting itself away from the pack of Adult business themed conventions by remembering to romance and titillate the ladies as well as put on a frist class show.  The event repeated its “Ladies Night” for the frist day, this time presenting the horny gals with male exotic dancers and a number of seminars focused on female sexual wellness and couple satisfaction.

Belladonna proves that she has more talents that don't include baseball bats.

It was rebranded this year as a sensual carnival  complete with adult super-star Belladonna performing aerial acts and a period themed burlesque and side show troupe to entertain.  The men were not forgotten either of course with a car show that included famous cars like the Mystery Machine from the Scooby Doo movies and the DeLorean from Back to the Future complete with Michael J Fox look-a -like.  The latter of which was used to ferry Giana Michaels to the official after-party at the Edison Sheraton after the Friday Show.

Of course the main draw of this show is the adult stars. Many fan favorites returned to sign and pose for pictures like Sara Jay, Sunny Leone , Pinky, Mr. Marcus, Brittany Andrews and Tay Stevens to name few, there was a very diverse sampling of performers. From mainstream contract girls, to fetish artists, Transexual entertainers and SBBWs stars.  The three day sex fan gathering also held a Ms.Exxxotica beauty pageant where the winner received $1000 dollars.

Asians in a cage... I call them Cagsans

Victory trade shows the company responsible for Exxxotica report having a record number of attendees a staggering 28,000 people joined in this year.  As someone that has been to all the Exxxotica NJ expos I must say that this was the biggest and most densely populated, but there was also something different.  The frist expos were very much B2B focused, toy makers and independent business were there to talk to each other and grow. The last two years have very much been about retailers selling on the floor and less focused on adult business but on fans of the adult industry which is still great as they devote one night to women.  It creates a great sex positive experience for the attendees. I noticed that men were less rowdy and more well behaved when in the presence of women, that I can always get behind.

I hope for next years show it grows even more and breaks out of the hetero-normative lane and include Gay content and stars a place to shine as well. This was the frist year that there were more than 4 BBW star and about 5 TS stars but there were no gay male stars appearing.

I went there on a mission to ask harder questions and really challenge the establishment… that didn’t go as planned but that is a post for another evening. All my interviews and further thoughts will be posted soon!  In the mean time BOOBIES!

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