Toy Review: Lia Teaser 1

The Lia Teaser 1 is part of a trio of vibrators each one has its one specialized function.  The 1 and 2 are g-spot stimulators and the Lia Twin Teaser is a sleek sculpted take on the rabbit.  The Lia Teaser 1 is about 8 inches long with about 6 or so inches of actual insertable body.  The ribbed body is made out of silicone and thanks to an o-ring inside the battery compartment this toy is waterproof.

This toy has an interesting body that makes it somewhat versatile, most if not all of the vibration happens on the bulbous probe tip.  So the Lia Teaser 1 can be used to tickle erogenous zones inside and out of the body.  The three ridges on the body offer some clitoral stimulation but I found that to achieve the most out of it , it was better when a partner used the toy on you than with solo play.

There are 10 vibration function- steady low, medium, high and then various ebbing vibrations and patterns.  Despite what the box says this is far from an extremely powerful toy. There’s only so much power 2 AA batteries can get , I have bullet vibes that on low were more powerful than the Lia Teaser 1 on high.  I’m not one for super over powered vibes that feel like they are going to belt-sand off your clit, but I think for a g-spot vibe you might need a little more umpf.  Of course when my lover used the toy in tandem with cunnilingus it was PERFECT.   The motor is always relatively quiet compare to similar toys.

This toy is part hard plastic covered by silicone and then all silicone at the tip for a more flexible fit, which comes in handy when trying to find your G-spot or where the vibration is most effective.  The controls are found on the bottom with to buttons on the front and back of the toy. The top button turns the toy on and off and the back button controls vibration.  I really wish that these buttons were switched because sometimes the toy gets switched off during play when a finger slips.

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Pro: Waterproof, flexible and has varied vibration patters and targeted vibration.

Cons: Vibration is not that intense, buttons placement causes accidental shut offs .

Bottom Line: The Lia Teaser 1 is great for discrete partner play and g spot stimulation not for those looking for a ultra intense vibration.  This toy is an Honorable Mention

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Author: N'jaila

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