Exxxotica NJ 2012: A Special Show for a Special State!


exxxotica gives backThis Exxxotica was rough, and not just because I had out-of-date malfunctioning equipment, a lung infection and serious case of stage fright – the entire state was fresh out of a state of emergency Post- Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy sleep arrangement
It might have been cozy if i wasn’t for the horrific winds howling and swaying my building.


Since it debut in New Jersey there has always been a little bit of drama when it comes to Exxxotica, sometimes its a cranky mayor, a venue change, tragic car crashes or what have you – this year upped the ante with a totally devastating act of God. Hurricane Sandy kicked NJ and NY’s ass. I spent the storm cowering in my bathtub clutching desperately to my cat praying that the world wasn’t going to implode.  Because I’m me, I was lying in that tub wondering if this storm meant the cancelation of Exxxotica.

Of course not! I think if anything Exxxotica NJ has always proven that the show will go on and what a show!  There was slightly lighter attendance because the state was JUST ravaged by a super storm which saddened me because I think this iteration of Exxxotica was by far the best.  While I’ve quietly lamented the loss of the expo as a purely B2B its rebirth as a festival of sex positivity is something that was desperately needed.

While the NYC/NJ area has some of the best lifestyle events in the country it always – at least to this ethnic fatty seemed like something that only the cool kids get to try.  Exxxotica brings positive workshops, entertainment and even academic discussions to the masses in a playful sexually charged environment. I wish EVERY city could get an sexpo like this.

For me this year was special because I got to meet, interview and at least take a picture of some performers and sex professionals that I honestly admired.   I got to conduct some great interviews – more on those laters.  This year I was a tad more than just quiet observer. I conducted my frist sex/body positive seminar Fat Fuck, Skinny Fuck, Who Cares! Everybody Fucks and I also was a volunteer hottie for charity.

Exxxotica not only raised thousands of dollars for the victims of hurricane sandy but over a ton of supplies to directly help those in need.

That’s right, yours truly came out of retirement and did a little pole twerking for Victims of Super Storm Sandy.  Oh yes, yours truly jiggled up $224 for the cause  I have to admit that a large chunk of that came from the lovely Lexi Belle. I’ve always liked her because she has a very unique energy about her.  Last year show I did an amazing interview with her that was cruelly lost due to the fact that technology hates me.  Exxxotica raised money by not only having vollunter hotties like moi getting donations from attendees, but attendees donated canned goods, blankets and other goods. There was also a raffle of donated items I donated a copy of Penthouse signed by Nikki Benz.

my hair is f'd up from dancing.
my hair is f’d up from dancing.

I love seeing how this show expands from year to year and how it embraces more and more people. Not only was this year the first year with MALE Hotties, there was an entire section dedicated to BDSM as well as a large booth featuring fetish star Rubber Doll.  For its debut in NJ there were 2 small tables dedicated to BDSM.  I’m happy that this aspect of the life was well represented with Doms and subs of all genders , races and body types.  Its very important that an event that serves as an introduction to the lifestyle doesn’t show a bland “grey” shaded view.

All in all Exxxotica has become more than a “porn” convention. Its become a great focal point for sex positive education , judgement free information point for couples and singles to explore different themes of sexuality and still a great place for vendors to connect with consumers that are looking for the next best thing in toys and kink .

The main attraction will always be the adult stars interacting with their fans and there’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact I think that having a melting pot of sexually curious open minded people and adult stars will help destroy the notion that performers are forgotten souls.  I’ve always been bothered by men telling me that they can’t enjoy porn while thinking of the people on screen as human beings.

I look forward to seeing how the show will grow next year as Exxxotica takes on Atlantic City.  Now what you clicked on this link for – Sexy people being sexy.

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