Japanese Pornstar says “My bad we invaded China here- free pussy”

And she’s a silly, silly bitch for doing so.

Anri Suzuki
Apologizing for crimes against humanity.

So called “Brainy” J-idol Anri Suzuki  told the Korea Times

“We have to respect history and cannot obliterate it. I want to cure the wounds of Chinese with my body, and I am practicing this by having sex with Chinese students in Japan.”

“I think it is psychological compensation to them. Actually, Chinese students treat me more friendly and comfortably than Japanese.”

I’m sorry to come off harsh but, this is some backwards ass disrespectful shit.  Now if she was some slappa that didn’t know about the history of Japanese invasion of China I would just kinda say , “welp, she’s trying.”  But, this bitch has a DOCTORATE in history, with a specialization in Sino-Japanese history.   Which means she knows the entirety of the crimes against humanity  committed by Japan during the invasion.

That being said, she’s basically saying her ran through pussy can make up for the Rape of Nanking. ( If you aren’t familiar read up, warning link is graphic).  Having sex with Chinese students now really isn’t going to help the fact that hundreds of Chinese women and children were raped, mutilated and burned alive.  To break the will of the Chinese  after taking the capitol the Japanese invading army committed countless atrocities backed by the Japanese government at the time.   A blow job isn’t going to make that go away.

If she’s aiming to raise awareness I can think of a million ways to do so that don’t equate the suffering of a nation to a couple of minutes in her twat.  Also, why is she only offering sex to students? She should fly to China and go to the elderly homes and rock the world of people who survived or are the children of those who survived.  No young strapping college boys. If she was really dedicated and not an attention starved scallywag she would be trying to get more Japanese text books to speak truthfully about the invasion and not om nom noming on cocks.

While some are debating if a 24-year-old can achieve a doctorate , I would like to say if this chick is 24, then I’m the queen of England.

Milfy chick is milfy
totally 24....some looong hard years.

UPDATE : She’s not a silly ho read on

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  • Punknaught_73

    uhm, white guys do do that all over the world. It's called white boy fetishism. And ethnic broads eat that shit up.

  • Imagine if a White american guy went to Africa and was like, I'm so Sorry for the Transatlantic slave trade, so I'm going to bang african college girls FOR FREE!

    Could you imagine how fast they'd string ol boy up?

    or if a german announced he was going to bang Jewish women for free. NO MA'AM

    Ho shit or international relations…you only get to pick ONE

  • alices

    Um…where is the “bish please” button on this thing? This is like David Duke handing out condoms at Tuskeegee. No thank you.