Anri Suzuki is not a Silly Bitch and the Japan Probe Can Eat Dicks

Anri Suzuki not a stupid bitch
Not a silly bitch

So as it turns out the Korea Times did a bit of lazy journalism and in turned painted one Anri Suzuki in a poor light.   So says “Sorry” for calling you a silly scally wag.The Korea times actually quoted a fake interview that landed in a Taiwanese paper, the reporter lifted the “story” from a porn message board and was forced to retract it.  As it turns out that Suzuki never went to college, doesn’t have any degree , never been to Taiwan and doesn’t even know any of the Chinese Students the story claims treat her better than the Japanese.

She wrote on her personal blog decrying the spread of the false story which ended up in The Korea Times, Sun and numerous other English language papers. So I’ll do one better than posting a retraction I’ll apologize to Ms. Suzuki

私は残念である, Anri Suzuki

The coverage of the retraction  was ran by  Japan Probe , who happen to be dicks.  ” but I suppose that’s what one should expect in a news article from a country that consistently ignores the level of historical scholarship that exists in Japan.”  That’s an actual quote!



When Japanese scholarship in Japan stops trying to sweep under the rug the atrocities committed by Japan maybe Korea will take them seriously. Until then you can go fuck right off.

Here’s another gem of a story from Japan Probe “The Perverseness of Anti Japanese Imagery in South Korea” What’s more perverse Japan Probe a history book depicting what Japan did or Japan actually doing that shit?

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  • Woody Wang

    Japan probe is run by a bunch of Japanophilic male virgins

  • ^_^ I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong.

    and Japan Probe can suffocate on scrotums.

  • That has got to be the the funnest retraction I ever read.