Jayla Starr – Exclusive Interview with The Blasian Porn Princess

There are few girls in porn that have a following as loyal as does Jayla Starr and for good reason. Her perfect blend nuaghty and cutie make her a surprisingly  approachable sex pot. With a killer natural body and a warm, fun personality she’s won the admiration of thousands of fans.

Open about her love of video games, macbooks,  Family Guy  and milf pussy she can be found on twitter engaging her 25K + followers everday.  She’s appeared in over 60 scenes since her debut and already produced , directed in starred in two films The Bigger the Better and Vanilla Milf Shakes.

Jayla Starr also has  more perseverance and ambition than the average twenty-something  and her hard work  has earned her two nominations at the 2010 Urban X Awards as well as casted in her first music video.   This rising star will soon be on display with the relaunch of her website Www.JaylaStarr.com on July 9.

She spoke openly about her dream project, being a bisexual bi-racial Black porn actress and making love on film.

How do you approach making your movies and clips?

When I’m shooting the scene for my website I honestly just try to think of a theme or story that’s happened in my real life, for example masturbation scene are all too easy because I masturbate all the time.

For stories, I think of my fantasies but I base them on truth. I have one where I fuck the teacher to pass the class and that’s not my true story but it is for many girls.  I have a story on my site called “Take out Stripper” where I’m dancing in a club and a guy offers me 500 bucks to go home with him and suck his dick – now that HAS happened to me before and that’s my truth. Most of the time I embellish on things that have happened to me before.

Of all the porn starlets on twitter I’ve noticed you have a great deal of female fans , Why do you think females react so positively to your films?

I Love my female fans. I want to say it’s because I’m non-threatening, I come off in more of a goofy funny way than in your face sex.  That’ just how I am and I know that.  So I’m pretty sure I come off that way, me being a girl when I see a girl that is just like ‘Oh My God, she so hot,’ or ‘she so great she’s perfect’.  That makes me not want to talk to her or approach her. It makes me kind of want to hate on her (laughs) Let’s keep it real.   So I feel like I don’t give that off, I don’t seem like the kind to judge I’m goofy and friendly.  Someone a girl can look at and go ‘oh she’s cool’.

Do you consider yourself a producer of feminist porn? A lot of your movies concentrate on the women enjoying sex and being sexually bold.

No, I’m just 100% bisexual. I love pussy and I love dick.  So I like doing girl/girl scenes, when I do them I like try to make love because, they don’t do that in porn. Period.  No matter what sex, so for me I like to be intimate when I’m fucking a girl.

Mostly because A, a really love fucking girls- and its an excuse for me to get close and B, I think that’s what guys want to see.  If you’re watching two women you don’t want to see a girl drilling another girl hardcore. You want to see some passion, at least in the beginning before it gets crazy.  So I don’t know if that makes it feminist porn, but I want to say for women, ‘Hey , this porn is for us too.  We can do this too.’

from Mr.Chew's Asian BeaverWhy do you think there is that lack of connection in mainstream porn?

Because when it comes down to it most men want to just see a girl get drilled.  When people are shooting, the directors are thinking this is what people want. They aren’t thinking ‘wouldn’t it be nice if they make out?’

They’re thinking more technical, they want to show the positions. A lot of people forget that maybe we should just make love and have fun just like off camera.  We don’t have to pretend we can do it for real. (laughs)

So for you next features that you direct will you be showcasing that philosophy?

Well I actually have a secret pet project that I’m working on, I’m trying to direct a movie for one of the companies that I’m friends with its going to be titled “Jayla’s Bootylicous Biracial Beauties”. It’s going to be just hot, beautiful mixed race women.

I wanted it to be more centered on the girl being beautiful than, ‘oh look at this ghetto bitch shaking her ass. Ho,let’s fuck’.   I want the girls to be dressed elegantly and seductively, long gloves, lingerie hair and make up done well – sensual.  At least to begin with, don’t get me wrong I love hardcore too.  So that’s my goal for my next movie. Hopefully.”

Speaking of biracial-ness you like me are Blasian, and porn is kind of the only place where it seems totally acceptable to be sexist and racist, do those things ever bother you as you work in the industry?

Well, being Blasian in porn is not as great as people think it would be. (Laughs) People think ‘oh she’s hot and different she’s mixed its great’ but not really. If I get cast in an “Asian” movie I’m told ‘Oh you look too black you’re hair is just too unruly’ then when I’m cast in a “Black” movie I’m asked “Could you look a little Blacker, is there anything you can do to make yourself more Black?’

Its never enough, then on top of that, if I say I’m Black and Korean I might not get the scene but if I tell them I’m Hispanic and Korean , oh its not problem.   That does really bother me.   Then again I guess that’s just life I guess.

Do you think with more independent women shooting their own content that eventually that will change?

No, because all the agents and big companies will still say ‘if you’re a White girl, don’t shoot anal for at least a year, don’t do black guys for as long as you can’.  And they’ll listen because the longer you hold off the more the company that you do fuck a Black guy for is going to pay.  You get paid lot more than if you fuck Black guys everyday.  They use money to get you to do it.  There’s no way around it. If they hold out and fuck later they’re going to get more.

So I guess you rebelled and went a different route and never discriminated against Black guys , I guess they call it urban porn?

No its called interracial, which is stupid because, if I fuck a Mexican guy is that not interracial?  Its like if your having sex with a Black person it’s the only time it’s interracial.  Which is totally retarded.

Might as well call it “Black People Fucking”

(Laughs) They don’t  because that would be too racist, too much- even though there are movies titled “Oh No, Mom’s Fucking a Negro”  or “Inseminated by a Black Man”  or a movie I did – “Blackzilla’s Bigga than a N*gga” – Those are the  “Okay” titles. (Sighs)

Did it bother you doing a movie with such a title?

That is the first and last movie I’ll ever do with a derogatory title.  But on the shoot it was funny because, they didn’t treat me in a derogatory racist way.  The guy was Jewish and he did have a REALLY big dick (laughs).

It was funny to me because they actually wanted me to say ‘Oh Blackzilla you really ARE bigga than a n*gga’ .  (Laughs)  When I watched the trailer recently and looked at the box cover they had all these funny little sayings like “Mama gonna knock you out” like funny retard-ly wacky statements. I didn’t take it seriously.

What goes through your head when you film something like that? Do you ever feel like you’re riding on exoticism?  Do you ever feel like you have to address some of the stereotypes people have for Black and Asian women?

Well I’m horny as shit, like even before I got into porn. I was one of those girlfriends that was like, ‘Okay, I’ll fuck you now, and later’.  I really want to fuck ALL the time.  I don’t think that Asian related, Porn related, Black related whatever; I’m just fucking horny. (Laughs)

With roles I do I’m an Asian slut or a Black slut it doesn’t matter because either way I’m a cock hungry slut.  No matter what.”

Duly noted, well what do we have to look forward to for Jayla Starr and JaylaStarr.com?

I’m improving and redesigning the tour pages and members area.  My site was “alright” but I want to make it the best.  I’m hoping to shoot more amateur/ Fuck-a-Fan content.  I want to shoot more girls, of course. I Always want to shoot more girls (laughs) I don’t want to sound conceded but I want to keep building until its perfect.

Now a question that a few of my readers asked me, because I do get a lot of guys , Asian guys reading- Are you interested in shooting scenes with Asian guys?

Totally! I have many Asian guys I would wanna fuck on camera. It’s not that I don’t want to at all.  I just haven’t had the opportunity yet.   I tried to fuck Keni Styles but didn’t work out.

Who hasn’t felt the urge to fuck Keni Styles …

(Luaghs) Well I think he’s the best I can do for you guys, I’m going to try to make that happen I’ll do my best. Other than that , come what may (laughs) I’ll try?   I really do want to fuck an Asian on camera. I think it would make my mom happy.  I’ve never fucked an Asian.


My mom knows what I do from stripping to everything.


Oh yeah, my first box cover, she has that shit framed.  It was soft-core (laughs) it wasn’t like there was a dick in my mouth; it was a pretty picture of me smiling. She sure did fucking frame that shit. I don’t think she has the nipple popping out part.  She has it up and to a fault,  tells everyone about her great pornography staring daughter.  Which I kind of hate but , ya know what , she’s proud of me and that’s what matters.

I gotta say I killed myself for four years in college and my mom still thinks I’m a failure for not going to law school, so I’m so jealous of you right now. I would trade with you in a second.

Well , not to draw out the mom story but I didn’t grow up in the greatest area .  When I go home the same n*ggas I used to sit on the corner and smoke weed with years later are on that same fucking corner the only thing that’s different is now they have two kids.  The same bitches that used to talk about me are in the same place with kids of their own. So my mom is like ‘well at least you’re gone and in your own house” (laughs) “ At least you have some kinda a job, you still smoking but at least you’re smoking the good shit now. (Laughs)  She’s happy that I moved out and up.

Do you speak Korean?

(laughs) 안녕하세요 (anhonghaseyo)  that’s all I know but when I go back to school I want to take Korean.

I learned most of my Korean in school! It really works; I wasn’t even really paying attention. I only signed up because I wanted to fuck this one dude in the class after I did that I really didn’t care and I still learned.

You horny little bitch you! All you’ve been talking about since we met you’ve been talking about fucking Asian dick. (laughs)

I can’t help it! I just really like dick…

You just keep on talking about fucking Asian dicks; I thought you were like this super shy demure girl. That was going to be shy and private, a little afraid to talk about sex. And you are a very sexual girl! Don’t let her fool you she loves the dick! And you better keep this in the interview!

Women should be  very open about their love of cock, I just can’t vouch for penis enough. Its done good things for me, taken me places.

(Laughs) Yeah, dick has done things for me as well. Taken me all kinds of places, vaginas too.

from Mr.Chew's Asian BeaverOh vaginas, they look angry. Have you ever seen starship troopers? The brain bug monster…that’s what vaginas look like to me.

Oh no…. no. Not at all, but you know I don’t even like getting my pussy eaten that much. Only because I feel like the person doing it doesn’t really want to.  Even if they do… I just feel like they don’t so I feel like I’m molesting them. I never force anyone to eat my pussy.

That’s why I love being with girls, as I discussed earlier. I was taught by the best to eat pussy Sara Jay, Alexis Golden, Sunny Day, June Summers. If you seen my website a lot of the girls I’ve fucked they’re always a Milfs. They taught me (laughs) I think the key to pussy eating is someone has to be over 40 , Grown ass people don’t care and they just go to town.  If you want your pussy eaten right- White women over the age of 40.

Hmm , I was taught how to enjoy having my pussy eaten by Asian guys over the age of 40.

I think that’s the key, you need to have your pussy eating by a grown ass motherfucker! (laughs)

Speaking of your site your re-launch is scheduled for July 9 until then where should people go for their Jayla Starr fix?

You can always check me out on twitter,  I was one of the first porn stars on twitter. Check out my blog and shop for clips at http://shopjaylastarr.com/


Jayla Starr is nominated for best personal site for the Urban X awards as well as Female Rising Star. More Jayla  Starr pictures and movies can be found on her personal site and blog.

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