Manhatten Madam Kristin Davis Opposes Mosque Near Ground Zero

Manhatten Madam Kristin Davis from N’jaila Rhee on Vimeo.

Kristin Davis speaking at 49 Grove for her birthday party/ Petition Drive on July 17th.Davis was challenged on her opposition of a mosque being built near Ground Zero.

July 17- Manhattan Madam and New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis celebrated her first birthday since her release from prison at Manhattan lounge 49 Grove.  Davis also used the event as a launch of her petition drive to get on the ballot.Davis needs 15,000 signatures to run.

Partygoers were greeted with semi nude models decorated with Davis’ name as well as marijuana leaves.  Campaign workers made rounds asking everyone registered to vote in New York State to sign a petition.

Davis said in the Daily Caller, “Either way I am confident that I can collect more than enough signatures from cadres of escorts, ex-escorts, strippers, dancers, dommes, gays, lesbians, Libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, U.S. Marines, rappers who revere the pimp or other lovers of freedom …”

Freedom , is at the  focal point of the Davis campaign. During a short speech campaign worker Frank Morano outlined  her platform- the belief in the legalization of Gay marriage, prostitution, and marijuana as well as her anti lobbyist stance.

“We’re just focused on the freedom that we’re advocating right now,” Davis said after Morano introduced her.

“I think it’s important to mention that there is a proposal to build a mosque near the site of 9/11 and I want to go on the record to say I oppose that.”  The crowd cheered after the madam condemned the proposal until a man in the audience, later identified as Scott Pellegrino, challenged her.

Pellegrino, who came in support Davis asked, “ Are you saying the people who are trying to start the mosque blew up the buildings?”  He was met with jeers from the crowd , one woman yelled it was his “right as an American” to say his peace.

Davis responded that building the mosque would “send a message to the terrorists who decimated the city that its ‘okay’ and I don’t want it there.”   After she quickly gave the microphone back to Morano who introduced civil rights activist and comedian Randy Credico who is running for Senate.

Credico stated that he was not opposed to the mosque being built.

Pellegrino was ejected from the party despite Morano’s objections.

“I agree with her on the issues on gay marriage and prostitution to an extent and legalizing marijuana,” said Pellegrino. “I was extremely upset to hear her crazy, right-wing, racist view on the mosque.  She seemed to collectively blame all Muslims, I tried to clarify.”

He continued ,“ I couldn’t really hear her response over all the people shouting me down – including Roger Stone, the filthy racist Nixon dirty trickster who is running her campaign.  This is one of his campaigns to help the Republicans; I don’t think Kristen Davis understands that.”

Pellegrino also said  that Stone threatened to “punch his face in”  after he spoke out.

Calls from Davis, Stone and Credico were not returned at the time of this posting.

Daily Caller

Kristin Davis for Governor

Randy Credico

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  • Jackfuller86

    Who cares what this dumb whore thinks?

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  • 123

    In the same way all Whites can't be blamed for slavery, all Muslims can't be blamed for 9/11. Although I see the possibility of a mosque purely as a means to stoke controversy–I'd feel the same if it were any other religious institution, Davis' reasoning doesn't make any sense. The U.S. was attacked by extremists because of our foreign policies, not to convert Americans to Islam or to shove interpretation of their religion down our throats. Additionally, as much damage was done on 9/11, the New York City wasn't exactly “decimated”. So how would building a mosque signal to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden that the events that happened on 9/11 were “okay”?

  • 123

    Pelligrino's behavior doesn't invalidate his point, though…..

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  • Lady Liberty

    Pellegrino was not trying to clarify. He was trying to put strong, false words in Kristin's mouth. He rudely interrupted Kristin's speech and was very quick to raise his middle finger and yell “F-ck all of you” for booing him.
    Free speech is a very important right, but interrupting someone else's speech to do so (especially when it's her birthday party) is rude and uncalled for.

  • I posted the video depicted the entire situation, did I not?

    The actions of both parties are shown unedited. Viewers can draw their own conclusions.

    I also attempted to reach Stone but unfortunately have not heard back from him yet.

  • truthteller

    Funny – how could you not report that Pelligrino was shouting obscenties and flipping the crowd the bird during Davis's speech ?

    Pelligrino is entitled to his views and to express them.He is not entitled to disrupt someone else's event with boorish and rude behavior.

    So now let me express my first amendment rights- Pelligrino is an ASSHOLE and I wish Stone had decked him.I