Lainie Speiser Wrote the Book On Blow Jobs, Buy It!

Lainie Speiser has written frankly and openly about sex and the adult industry for quite some time. From Threesomes to sex games Speiser takes a direct and funny approach to finding pleasure. Her new offering explores a bedroom staple, the Blow Job.  If you’re not so adventurous in the bed room this book is a push in the right direction.

I attended the launch party and got to have a little talk about sucking dick with the master.

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JRL Gay Adult Film Award Host: Tina Kim

Well, first of all how did you get involved with JRL?

Oh, a friend of mine who’s gay and comes to my cycling classes, I guess he’s a fan of the gay porn, he was involved with it and when they told him they were looking for a comic he suggested me.

Cycling? Are you an instructor?

Yeah I do it for fun a couple of times a week. I teach indoor cycling.

Sounds pretty cool, great for the legs,  You were on a couple of shows like Last Comic Standing , The Bunker –

Oh my god, The Bunker Project, yeah that was 10 years ago.  I was also on Comic Unleashed.

Do you attend a lot of events in the gay community?

I would consider myself a faghag, since I was 16 years old. (laughs) I don’t go to as many gay events now, it makes it harder to find a straight guy. (laughs) Continue reading “JRL Gay Adult Film Award Host: Tina Kim”

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I Was On The Radio Ya’ll!

About a month or so ago I was a guest on the “All Night Long” Show.  They were nice enough to put the raw audio of the interview up on youtube so I can share with all of you.


Videos after the jump

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Adult Film Legend Brittany Andrews Talks New Film

I spent a few hours with Miss Brittany Andrews and discovered you really only need 5 minutes to fall in love with this woman.  My full interview with her will be posted soon, in the meantime enjoy her talk about her film These Showers Can Talk.

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Ex-Madam Kristin Davis Official Candidate for Governor of NY

Ex-Madam Kristin Davis , who supplied escorts for Eliot Spitzer, filled  22,000 voter signatures to the New York State Board Of Elections on Aug 17.  This secures her as a independent candidate in the gubernatorial race.  Davis will be candidate for her own Anti-Prohibition Party.

Below is an interview conducted in late July where Davis talks in depth about her stances on a wide range of issues from New York job growth to managing sex workers as a feminist.

Thanks you for talking with me, I did get a chance to go to your birthday party, where you came out as being against the “Ground Zero Mosque” being built, but before we get into that I really wanted a chance to talk to you about your campaign in general and do you feel like your past involvement in the adult and sex industry media not take you as seriously?

I think my past works sort of like a double-edged sword, as a minor party candidate you really can’t get any press. The other minor party candidates aren’t being covered and they can’t make a difference, even if they know they can’t win and are running to highlight issues they care about they can’t even be successful in doing that because in order to do that people need to know about you, read about you. Continue reading “Ex-Madam Kristin Davis Official Candidate for Governor of NY”

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Exclusive Interview: Ktown’s Peter Le Explains the “SituAsian”

The first time I saw Peter Le , I knew he had that “it” factor, its seems like the entire world has taken notice of “it”  and no one can get enough.   I was lucky enough to have another in depth interview with the Asian Adonis ,where he talks openly about the cast of Ktown, sexuality and the body that launched a million google image searches.
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NYC got bodied Brazilian Style!

NYC July 11th- New York got a taste of Latin flavor on Sat July 10  as Touch night club was transformed into  the Brazilian Body Fest featuring Latina porn actress Laurie Vargas .  The event was organized by one of the most respected women in the NYC swing lifestyle community provided a night that was a feast for all the senses.

The party was packed with hot go go dancers, a muscle bound massage therapist, sex swings and live spankings just to name a few attractions.  Host Laurie Vargas entertained the crowd with sultry dance moves while  adorned in a jeweled bikini. Accompanied by her handsome boyfriend the pair tore up the dance floor as live musicians played Brazilian funk and other Latin American and Caribbean treats. Continue reading “NYC got bodied Brazilian Style!”

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Jayla Starr – Exclusive Interview with The Blasian Porn Princess

There are few girls in porn that have a following as loyal as does Jayla Starr and for good reason. Her perfect blend nuaghty and cutie make her a surprisingly  approachable sex pot. With a killer natural body and a warm, fun personality she’s won the admiration of thousands of fans.

Open about her love of video games, macbooks,  Family Guy  and milf pussy she can be found on twitter engaging her 25K + followers everday.  She’s appeared in over 60 scenes since her debut and already produced , directed in starred in two films The Bigger the Better and Vanilla Milf Shakes.

Jayla Starr also has  more perseverance and ambition than the average twenty-something  and her hard work  has earned her two nominations at the 2010 Urban X Awards as well as casted in her first music video.   This rising star will soon be on display with the relaunch of her website on July 9.

She spoke openly about her dream project, being a bisexual bi-racial Black porn actress and making love on film.

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Catching the Fever: Interview with Peter Le

Peter LeI had a chance to interview Peter Le  and found out that this man is the full package – brawn , beauty and brains.

Author of three books available now , and one soon to be available, Le is a fitness expert, former collegiate athlete and personal trainer.

He gave me the opportunity to learn more about him and what he has planned for his super hot site

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Porn with a Different Spin : The King of Wheelchair Porn

Just when you think you’ve seen every approach to market people having sex with each other, you come across something that really makes you think about the reason people choose to perform and produce porn in the first place.

When I went to Exxxotica New York last year I happened to meet a gentleman by the name of Lee.  A New York based producer and star of pornographic film.  While there were many men like him at the convention, he stuck out to many because in short, Lee is paralyzed and performs under the moniker Mr. Dick On Wheels Continue reading “Porn with a Different Spin : The King of Wheelchair Porn”

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Meet Jayla Starr!

I mentioned the fun , flirty , nubile Jayla Starr in an earlier post, I got the chance to sit down with her and have a pretty great in-depth interview with her. That will be posted later this week.  For now get to know her in this short video interview.  It was great to find out we had so much in common We both

  • Are Blasian
  • Love video-games

A woman after my own heart!

Meet Jayla Starr from N’jaila Rhee on Vimeo.

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Porn 101 with Wanton Sex Lord KENI STYLES


Because of the overwhelming emails and instant messages I just put the damn thing back up.


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