Exxxotica NJ Day 3 and What I learned

Day three of Exxxotica had me completely exhausted and I was so lucky to have funny man Ryan O’Regan on hand to help me with interviews. This was really his day to shine he interviewed Lisa Ann, Sunny Lane, Lupe Fuentes and so many more people. It was like he was born to interview porn stars! Continue reading “Exxxotica NJ Day 3 and What I learned”

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Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day Two!

While I didn’t get to see my name “up in lights” I did get to see my name on the seminar schedule poster. My name was up there along with greats like Brittany Andrews, Sean Micheals, Nyomi Banks and many more. Continue reading “Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day Two!”

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Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day One

Its now a tradition of mine to go to Exxxotica every year, sadly this is the first year I couldn’t convince any of my vanilla friends to come which was a bummer.   My fabulously talented older brother did help me out again with the camera work.  It will take me a few days to put all this new content online so bear with me. In the meantime, I can at least tell you what a blast I had.

I also had the help of a very funny comedian Ryan O’Reagan who I met because I went to the first Exxxotica NJ.  He was such a fun guy and I figured I’d need some help getting used to being on the other side of the camera.  He did an awesome job. Continue reading “Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day One”

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Helping a Burning Angel Recover

Exxxotica NJ out did itself again this year.  Not only did it bring the stars, products and entertainment but they added an entire new car show into the mix.

Needless to say I had a blast I did tons of interviews took over 400 pictures.  I will be posting my frist hand account full of hot chicks in lingerie and zany interviews on Thurs.  I thought I’d talk about something a little more important frist.

Sadly not everything was fun and games at Exxxotica this year, Joanna Angel and Jessie Lee of Burning Angel were in a car crash. Joanna is all right but Jessie Lee is seriously injured.

Continue reading “Helping a Burning Angel Recover”

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Exxxotica NJ 10 Night of a Thousand STARS!

Okay, that’s kinda over selling it but Exxxotica will be a night of over 100 stars and interesting workshops and panel.  Its going to be the dildo shopping destination of the year.

So you already know I’ll be there tweeting live and doing interviews but I need to know who do my readers want me to interview the most and what do you want me to ask them? Continue reading “Exxxotica NJ 10 Night of a Thousand STARS!”

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Halloween Porno Double Feature!

As far as I'm concerned every crotch that isn't mine.

In honor of my favorite time of year, and let’s face it every fatty’s favorite time of year,

I found two porns that fit the mood. Now I’m usually not all that big on porn with chicks in it; every vagina looks like the sloppy blind cousin of the brain bug from Starship Troopers to me.  Just to have full disclosure I fast forwarded through the majority of genitals.

Continue reading “Halloween Porno Double Feature!”

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My First T-Girl Party with Wendy Williams, Natalia Coxx and Paris Pirelli

Oct 5. NYC- Originally posted on LukeisBack.com

Wendy Williams was the latest host of a monthly TS/Tgirl party at Fusion Lounge in midtown Manhattan.  The event quickly filled the posh lounge where men could mix and mingle with their favorite adult entertainers and beauty queens.

Many stars of the TS Adult film world were in attendance including Paris Pirelli and Ebony T girl of the year Natalia Coxx. Continue reading “My First T-Girl Party with Wendy Williams, Natalia Coxx and Paris Pirelli”

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Tina Kim Gets the Last Laugh and other Updates

I reported before that funny lady Tina Kim was going to perform at the JRL Gay Film Awards…well that did not turn out as well as hoped.  The show was a disaster and Kim wasn’t allowed to perform and worst yet wasn’t paid!

You can read the details here and here. Continue reading “Tina Kim Gets the Last Laugh and other Updates”

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JRL Gay Adult Film Award Host: Tina Kim

Well, first of all how did you get involved with JRL?

Oh, a friend of mine who’s gay and comes to my cycling classes, I guess he’s a fan of the gay porn, he was involved with it and when they told him they were looking for a comic he suggested me.

Cycling? Are you an instructor?

Yeah I do it for fun a couple of times a week. I teach indoor cycling.

Sounds pretty cool, great for the legs,  You were on a couple of shows like Last Comic Standing , The Bunker –

Oh my god, The Bunker Project, yeah that was 10 years ago.  I was also on Comic Unleashed.

Do you attend a lot of events in the gay community?

I would consider myself a faghag, since I was 16 years old. (laughs) I don’t go to as many gay events now, it makes it harder to find a straight guy. (laughs) Continue reading “JRL Gay Adult Film Award Host: Tina Kim”

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Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely in “Escalation”

If you can’t see the video click here

While M.Night is still on my shit list for butchering and whitewashing Avatar: The Last Airbender , it was kind of cool to see Ms. Keely getting some shine. I was able to attend one of her Porn Star Sex Seminars and I got to interview her before and after.   I’m all about sex positive females. Continue reading “Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely in “Escalation””

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Film Erotica Worth Checking Out

So my trip to an actual movie premier last week has got me thinking about films.  I’ve taken a shit ton of classes on film, media theory and screen writing and all it really has amounted to was the worlds most impressive Netflix queue.   After talking with the wonderfully quirky Brittany Andrews about porn from a filmmaker’s perspective I started thinking about trying to review some porn/ erotica films that push the envelope and or deserve a little shine.

There’s a whole world of erotic film out there that so many people are ignoring. There is even an Independent Erotic Film Festival that is ONLY show casing films meant to titillate yet stimulate a little more than your erogenous zones.  There are good examples online as well as movies coming out that I’m interested it. Continue reading “Film Erotica Worth Checking Out”

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Exxotica NY Getting Down and Dirty Again in Jersey!

The highly successful adult entertainment expo Exxxotica will be making it 3rd stop in Edison, NJ  Nov. 5-7.   J. Handy, Director of Victory Tradeshow Management announced yesterday that for the first time ever all ladies will be admitted free and have access to the VIP room at Exxxotica NY

Continue reading “Exxotica NY Getting Down and Dirty Again in Jersey!”

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Robert Hill Releasing and Mike Ramone Capitalize on Porn Valley Murder

I was flabbergasted when it was brought to my attention that a company was releasing a DVD capitalizing on the murder of Tom Dong and the death of clearly mentally ill Steve Driver.

For those that don’t know Tom Dong was a performer  who was slain trying to protect coworkers from being attacked by a recently fired Steve Driver.   Driver would end his life shortly after running from the law.

This just seems like the most soulless possible thing that could be done in this situation.

Continue reading “Robert Hill Releasing and Mike Ramone Capitalize on Porn Valley Murder”

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Not a Review of Crumble

This post is not a review of Adult super star Brittany Andrews’ Discipline FilmWorks short film Crumble, which has been nominated for Best Director and Best Short Film and stars Steven Bauer and Oksana Lada.   This post is not about attending its premiere at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival on July 24th.

This post is the harrowing tale of everything that went wrong preventing me from seeing the film.

Saturday July 24, 2010 was supposed to be a fun day filled with romance, productivity and a movie premiere.

Continue reading “Not a Review of Crumble”

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Parody: Vivid To Reluctantly Include One More Black Woman On Site

LOS ANGELES – Montana Fishburne, 19-year-old daughter of award winning actor Laurence Fishburne has made “Montana Fishburne,” her first-ever adult movie with Vivid Entertainment.

The DVD of the movie will be released nationwide and available online at Vivid on August 18.

Vivid said the movie is more than an hour long and follows the lesser Fishburne as she engages in a desperate cry for attention and help.

“I view making this movie as an important first step in ending my father’s career,” Fishburne said. “I’ve watched how successful he has become growing up and I was thinking…how can I somehow tarnish that, while failing to make myself a celebutuant.  I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities but, more importantly this seemed like the best way for me to back at my dad for naming me fucking ‘Montana’.” Continue reading “Parody: Vivid To Reluctantly Include One More Black Woman On Site”

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Sex Therapy :Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely Teaches Porn Star Sex Life Seminar

July 10, NY,NY – Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely gave a six-hour seminar in New York City for men and couples on how to achieve a porn star sex life.  The seminar was created after Keely partnered with Up with Up Your Attraction founder Josh Rosenberg Keely presented an evening of sex education that ranged from practical to naughty with the assistance of adult actresses Jade Vixen and Justine Joli. Continue reading “Sex Therapy :Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely Teaches Porn Star Sex Life Seminar”

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NYC got bodied Brazilian Style!

NYC July 11th- New York got a taste of Latin flavor on Sat July 10  as Touch night club was transformed into  the Brazilian Body Fest featuring Latina porn actress Laurie Vargas .  The event was organized by one of the most respected women in the NYC swing lifestyle community provided a night that was a feast for all the senses.

The party was packed with hot go go dancers, a muscle bound massage therapist, sex swings and live spankings just to name a few attractions.  Host Laurie Vargas entertained the crowd with sultry dance moves while  adorned in a jeweled bikini. Accompanied by her handsome boyfriend the pair tore up the dance floor as live musicians played Brazilian funk and other Latin American and Caribbean treats. Continue reading “NYC got bodied Brazilian Style!”

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Jayla Starr – Exclusive Interview with The Blasian Porn Princess

There are few girls in porn that have a following as loyal as does Jayla Starr and for good reason. Her perfect blend nuaghty and cutie make her a surprisingly  approachable sex pot. With a killer natural body and a warm, fun personality she’s won the admiration of thousands of fans.

Open about her love of video games, macbooks,  Family Guy  and milf pussy she can be found on twitter engaging her 25K + followers everday.  She’s appeared in over 60 scenes since her debut and already produced , directed in starred in two films The Bigger the Better and Vanilla Milf Shakes.

Jayla Starr also has  more perseverance and ambition than the average twenty-something  and her hard work  has earned her two nominations at the 2010 Urban X Awards as well as casted in her first music video.   This rising star will soon be on display with the relaunch of her website Www.JaylaStarr.com on July 9.

She spoke openly about her dream project, being a bisexual bi-racial Black porn actress and making love on film.

Continue reading “Jayla Starr – Exclusive Interview with The Blasian Porn Princess”

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So , the ICANN Board has decided to move along with the giving porn sites their own top tier domain.  While its created quite a stir in the adult community with concerns about censorship and price gouging the people that are really going to be screwed is everyone else.

You see the .xxx domain isn’t going to do much, its not going to magically clean up the internet and its not going to make porn harder for children to find.  If your kid has access to any search engine with an image search they can find all the porn they want.  So what will the .xxx domain do?  It’s going to make everyone with a commercial business , organization or well known site have to now purchase a .xxx domain. Continue reading “Blasianbytch.xxx?”

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Japanese Pornstar says “My bad we invaded China here- free pussy”

And she’s a silly, silly bitch for doing so.

Anri Suzuki
Apologizing for crimes against humanity.

Continue reading “Japanese Pornstar says “My bad we invaded China here- free pussy””

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