Mojowijo Wants to Play Dirty on the Wii

Wii FuckMy inbox has been flooded with people telling me about the Mojowijo.  To be blunt it turns your wiimote into a motion capturing fuckwand.  Now contrary to what you might be expecting I’m not going to openly mock this product, it actually is a pretty good idea just with HORRIBLE execution. Continue reading “Mojowijo Wants to Play Dirty on the Wii”

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Call Me the Dildo Fairy! Purveyor of Festive Dongs

If you haven’t noticed by now, on the side bar and on the menu bar there is a link to the Vibrant Vibes sex toy store.  I really wanted to make it easier for my readers to find good quality personal love items that won’t break the bank.

Purveyor of Festive DongsThe Dildo Fairy

Yes they have expensive ass Lelo toys (which I love) but they also have pretty awesome vibrating bullets for around 3 or 4 dollars. You just can’t beat that.  Orgasms for the price of a value meal? I’m lovin’ it.

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Got a Party in Your Pants?

Well now you can finally enjoy appropriate lighting…


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My New Toyfriend: Liv by Lelo Pleasure Objects

You might be shocked to know that I had a great Valentine’s weekend. What got me to stop singing the blues?  Well, I had the chance to really get to know the latest addition to my toy box, the Liv from Lelo Pleasure Objects and seriously it turned my frown upside down.

Though it arrived well before Valentine’s Day, I didn’t really get to see its full potential until V-day weekend.  With the Liv everyday is Valentine’s Day. Continue reading “My New Toyfriend: Liv by Lelo Pleasure Objects”

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One of the products I was really excited about from Exxxotica NY was the Blow Guard, its a handy little gadget that is designed to pleasure men and women. My brother just called me to tell me mine finally arrived in the mail. 😀

Hopefully me and Boobear can get together soon and test it out. If all goes well I’m going to have to pick up a few more vibrating bullets next time I’m at Romantic Depot. :3

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone that has been sending me emails. Right now I don’t have any pictures to send you but I’m working on getting some. Don’t miss the chance to see me in NYC for Hell-O-Ween Havoc.

I’ll be posting more of my Works In Progress (WIP) once I type them up, I have a hour and a half commute and I write on the train, sometimes I get a little lazy with typing. If you are angry about the lack of new stories feel free to get on my ass about it!

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Trojan Vibrating Cock Ring – product review.

I grew up in a generation knowing that safe sex is the best sex, but there are many of my male counter parts that still need some convincing. Trojan condoms seemed to have made a solid effort to make condoms a little more fun, they packaged a condom with a vibrating cock ring.

I was excited to see that legitimate kink can now be bought at Target, but I couldn’t help but notice this product has its faults. The ring itself doesn’t actually do the job of a cock ring being super stretchy. I actually wore the thing as a bracelet for a few minutes.

I’m guessing this is supposed to be the fisher-price version of a cock-ring a “My First Cock Ring” which would explain its lax hold and weak vibration. I understand that the product is under 6 dollars and only is supposed to last 30 mins, but it barely vibrated at all. You’ll find yourself making an extra effort just trying to feel the thing.

What little vibration there is only really a thrill for the lady, the vibration translates poorly around the actual ring. My partner felt that it was more of a distraction than anything else. What was even more annoying was how the cock ring reacted to lube, it became a slippery mess.

I commend Trojan for trying to make safe sex fun, but this product fails as a vibrator and as a cock ring; considering the fact that this is a vibrating cock ring, that’s a pretty bad.

TL;DR : Tried the cock ring, not impressed.

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