Catching the Fever: Interview with Peter Le

Peter LeI had a chance to interview Peter Le  and found out that this man is the full package – brawn , beauty and brains.

Author of three books available now , and one soon to be available, Le is a fitness expert, former collegiate athlete and personal trainer.

He gave me the opportunity to learn more about him and what he has planned for his super hot site

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Justin Long Takes a Stand, by Sitting Out on I/R Porn

This is a response to Justin Long’s Op-Ed on Luke is Back.

Justin Long Takes a Stand

After reading Justin Long’s frank and open op-ed, I had many questions -Why didn’t this happen already? Will others follow? Will there be a backlash?  One thing I never questioned was the frustration and anger behind his choice or my support of it.

The designation of substandard “otherness” has always been imposed on black bodies; the same script has titillated the American public since Birth of a Nation.  Even as more racial and ethnic groups enter the gamut they are still weighed on the white vs. black scale. You see it everywhere, politics, entertainment and most openly the sex industry.

I would like to say that I’m 100% for everyone getting the opportunity to be depicted as  sensual and whole beings. I support everyone fucking.  Most of the erotica I write is categorized as interracial.  My support of Justin Long’s choice is not about my own issues with race mixing.  I will admit that I am not a porn actress; and actually don’t consume a great deal of heterosexual porn.  I am, however, an exotic dancer as well as a journalist who writes and reads a great deal about sex, gender and media. I’m also a mixed race Black woman. Continue reading “Justin Long Takes a Stand, by Sitting Out on I/R Porn”

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5 Things You See in Porn You Shouldn’t Do While Having Sex

Pornography is consumed by all types of people, and indulges our wildest fantasies but many forget that it’s just that – a fantasy. I know I’ve been with men that seem to not grasp that simple fact. Watching porn will not teach you how to be the world greatest lover no more than watching ER will make you a doctor. To spare the vaginas and moral of up and coming lovers I’ve made a list of the 5 Things You See in Porn That You Should Never Actually Do During Sex Continue reading “5 Things You See in Porn You Shouldn’t Do While Having Sex”

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Porn with a Different Spin : The King of Wheelchair Porn

Just when you think you’ve seen every approach to market people having sex with each other, you come across something that really makes you think about the reason people choose to perform and produce porn in the first place.

When I went to Exxxotica New York last year I happened to meet a gentleman by the name of Lee.  A New York based producer and star of pornographic film.  While there were many men like him at the convention, he stuck out to many because in short, Lee is paralyzed and performs under the moniker Mr. Dick On Wheels Continue reading “Porn with a Different Spin : The King of Wheelchair Porn”

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Announcing N’jaila Rhee’s First Hardcore Feature Movie!!


N’jaila Rhee to star in Vivid Entertainment’s First BBW Feature “She’s Big in Japan”

New York , New York  – April  1, 2010 – Vivid Entrainment is moving in a new direction with a line of high quality HD adult movies targeted to men who love BBWs. The films will also mark the debut of exotic dancer and blogger N’jaila Rhee as an adult actress.

23-year-old Rhee has been blogging about sex and porn for over a year and finally decided to get in on the action.

“I’m sick of just sitting on it,” says Rhee pointing to her crotch, ” I might as well use it.”

She’s Big in Japan, will be the first interracial gang bang film to center around Asian male and African American talent.  The film co-stars, Blackie Chan, Keni Styles, Mr. Marcus , Hung Lo and even Rick Lee, who previously retired.

“I came out of retirement to be a part of this film because I really believed in the project, but more so because they paid me.” Says Lee.

Vivid hopes that film will be a success and open the market for more high production quality BBW porn, the company plans to market the films under the new Vivid More to Love brand.

“The success of these film will be a major boon to the company. We paid that blasian chick in kimchee and Godiva truffles.” explained Vivid Co-CEO Steven Hirsch.  ” I tried to tell her we could pay her in money and she could use the money to buy food, but she wouldn’t hear it.”

The first promotional shots of Rhee and her costars can be found on Vivid Entertainment’s website here.  For those interested in pre-ordering the film directly can check here and here.

N’jaila Rhee still writes for her own website, but she is very seldom interesting.  She’s realized this so sometimes she flashes tit on Twitter.


Vivid Entertainment
3599 Cahuenga Blvd. W.
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Phone: 323-845-4557
Fax:  323-436-2006


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Meet Jayla Starr!

I mentioned the fun , flirty , nubile Jayla Starr in an earlier post, I got the chance to sit down with her and have a pretty great in-depth interview with her. That will be posted later this week.  For now get to know her in this short video interview.  It was great to find out we had so much in common We both

  • Are Blasian
  • Love video-games

A woman after my own heart!

Meet Jayla Starr from N’jaila Rhee on Vimeo.

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Porn Stars Have Christmas Wishes Too!

One of my Bad-Ass Blasian Twitches is in need.

This is Jayla Starr you might know her from Ass Parade and numerous other quality adult sites. She is trying to get herself an Xbox360 elite. Her’s was cruelly stolen.  She has spent years making sure your fantasies come true its time to give back! As a way to say thank you Jayla. Thank you for taking that “D” like the pro you are.

I implore you all to Click on the little red box below and do your part. Ask not what your favorite porn star can do for you …but what you can do for your favorite porn star.

After all isn’t this what the holidays are all about?

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The Stars of Exxxotica NY 09

The stars made their way to the East Coast for Exxxotica NY. I got to get up close and personal with some of them and made some nice contacts. As for Mr. Marcus , I got my hug and a kiss on the cheek, that man smells like kept promises , sexy and redemption rolled into one. Being the awesome not-girlfriend I am, I made sure to visit Film Noir’s booth to say “what’s good” to Pinky, my not-boyfriends favorite porn star. I taught her how to say ” Hello” in Korean!!

here are some flix, click the thumbnails for larger views.

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Exxxotica NY Day 1

Here is the super awesome house photographer, my brother coveted his camera. I thought he was soooo cool! He shot Fashion Week.

Mistress T and a random audience member.

One of the exxxotica staff, I have a crush on him*shhhhh don’t tell*

No trade show would be complete with out sexy girls and the Exxxotica Hotties were very much acting the part. They seemed to honestly have a lot of fun just being there.

Yes that is a Dick instead of a bull, and yes I rode it, but my actually cock riding skills did not translate, I fell in like 2 seconds.

I have more pics but my phone is acting up. I’ll be back tomorrow, tweeting and getting interviews.

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I’ll be tweeting LIVE from Exxxotica NY!

Just moesy on over to my twitter page here

I’ll be tweeting about all the stars, hotties and of course Mr. Marcus. You guys can send me messages as well to ask people I meet as I meet them!

Follow me on Twitter to get in on the fun.

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The Show Will go on! Exxxotica NY will be in full effect.

The trade show that was too hot for Secaucus NJ last year may be too hot for the Raritan center in Edison NJ. The township of Edison has made emergency amends to its “RRRD Raritan River Revitalization District” code that the townships hopes will put a stop to the show.

On Sep. 10 the council declared the situation an emergency so the ordinance can take effect immediately will prohibit “ the exhibition, demonstration, showing, distribution, solicitation or sale by any person of sexually oriented products of obscene materials in gatherings of 100 or more people.”

Mayor Jun Choi could not be reached for comment but, Jerry Barca , Edison spokesman stated “The mayor has stated that this type of event has no place in a family oriented town.”

The ordained also calls for the ban of exhibition of obscene materials 1000 feet from any place of public worship, school, and “any municipal or county playground or place of public resort and recreation, or any hospital, childcare center or within 1000 feet of any residential zone.”

“We have been assured by the NJ Expo Center that they are outside of the affected area, “ said J. Handy, Director of Victory Tradeshow Management, the company behind the expo in response to the ordinance. The show is scheduled to go on as planned.

The show debuted without incident last year in Edison after the Mayor of Secaucus blocked it due to a law that prohibitive illicit material to be exhibited where liquor is sold. Though the main focus of the convention is adult industry, many non-adult businesses set up booths during the convention. Last years event was home to artist, lawyers and even missionaries.

One such artist, Fangling Lee said last year she was disappointed with Mayor Choi, “ [he] should be glad; the people that come here will be telling people about the town of Edison, to not welcome us is closed minded.”

Many famous names will be there including Ron Jeremy, 2 Live Crew and Rutgers alum Joanna Angel.

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I’m going to EXXOTICA NY!!!

This is my first September that isn’t all about “Back to School” which is great because instead of buying hundred of dollars in textbooks I can spend it on what counts. Porn. Well more specifically an adult business expo. I went last year and had a blast.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of the talent that’s showing up as well as taking some of the seminars. Especially…

Oh la la

I hope you local guys come out and attend too. Tomorrow I’ll upload the pics I took last year. For more information on the show check out the expo here

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I’m sick of emailing it to people, so here is it the Keni Styles interview…. blah

I imagine if some vengeful Greek god were to crack my head open so my wildest fantasies could be unleashed on earth, the man that would spring from my gushing wound would be Keni Styles. A beautiful man, with a beautiful cock -Tanned, ripped and tattooed he’s like the best part of every woman’s day dreams. Luckily for us girls, his chiseled visage can be seen gracing the small screen regularly. He’s not the next medical drama lothario , or MTV slow jam crooner, Keni Styles is an international porn star.

Thailand born and England raised he’s found himself a hot commodity in the world of adult entertainment. Styles has won accolades for his work not only in England but in the US as well. He was nominated for the 2009 AVN for “Best Foreign Male” actor.

Like many women I’ve never been much for porn movies, it has nothing to do with prudish nature or morality; obviously I spend most of my free time writing and reading smut. I never liked watching porn due to the lack of men I’d actually want to fuck being featured in them.

Cheesy dialogue, horrid acting and depressing shortage hot guys made mainstream straight porn seem “for boys only.” Which is why I felt Styles was such a find. He’s an actor who wants to bring much needed passion and eroticism into adult movies. He brings Hugh Grant’s adorable boyish British charm, Colin Ferrel’s bad boy sexy and heaving helping of Will Demps’ “Gotdamn he’s fine” -to porn. Finally something for the ladies.

I recently had the opportunity to get school in the ins and outs of working in adult films. Not only did I get a crash Porn 101 course but also I found that Styles is more than a pretty face and a girthy phallus, he happens to be an actor’s actor. Keni Styles may be the first adult method actor. Stella Adler would be proud.

So what is it like to do adult films , like what’s a day in the life like?

It depends on the type.

There’s types?

There are two types of adult films Gonzo and Features

Gonzo is the main moneymaker, its realer, the sex, its less directed. You basically show up to set, meet the girl and do your thing. Gonzo in a way is easier to market.

Features, that’s what I love. I love acting and being a character , theses are my favorites. I really get into reading scripts and being what they need me to be. Personally I enjoy both. A lot of more senior performers pick one over the other. I think I can bridge the gap, deliver a great story and real sex.

What’s it like on set of a feature?

A feature day – you can have 14 hours on set and 20 mins of fucking. Generally it’s a very long day , lots of waiting around. Its not boring though, you can practice your lines, fuck, you know whatever.

You can fuck in-between?

Of course, going from blow job against a windowsill to fucking on the bed seems simple in the final products , but the crew needs to relight and dress the set for every change. It could be like a 40 min break. You can sit there or keep the sexual energy going. For me I keep my mind focused on the sex and the character that’s having sex. It helps me not to stop.

You seem really into the acting, do you think acting is as important as the sex in feature porn?

Porn is porn and film is film. I guess for me I like to bring the two together. Which might sound crazy but I think I can do it. See the features of the past would have these wooden characters and then just gonzo fucking. There was no emotional connection to the characters.

Not everyone is into gonzo fucking. If you make a story based film with high production value and quality acting it wouldn’t just be sleazy ass gaping porn. I think that’s why less women watch porn. We should make things appealing to them as well.

I defiantly feel if there are solid films that have intimate sex people will see it as more that just porn.

I read almost of all of your blog, you’ve done some pretty kinky stuff, is it difficult to film scene that involve stuff you are personally just not into?

I don’t see it as difficult, just a challenge as an actor. It’s no different than Brad Pitt getting into a role. You have to become the person you’re playing. You have to be so convincing that your dick is hard. You have to convince yourself. For example I’m not into pissing, but I can see how that taboo breaking can be a turn on.

There’s a vast range of things out there that a lot of guys won’t go out of their comfort zone and do. Being on set with a gorgeous woman , a whole set full of crew and your dick’s not hard and ready to fuck is the loneliest place in the world. I can see why some actors try to avoid that place.

I also read that you found your way into adult movies by being a male escort, maybe its just because I’m fresh out of college but I can’t imagine a woman having to pay for dick- how was that like? Am I wrong?

Well, it really came from the swinging scene. I was involved with cuckold couples.


Couples who enjoy watching the wife fuck another man. Sometimes the husband likes to be degraded by his wife. It varies from couple to couple. In the UK its not usually racially motivated as in the states. When swinging event organizers set up, they would sometimes want a few guys would be employed to fuck wives while the husband watched. The cuckold scene is quite vast. Most of my clients were couples. There were a few single women client here and there, but for the most part I was hired for swinging and cuckold scene. I honestly think it’s the best training ground for porn.

Really? How so?

Well, it teaches you to find something beautiful in every woman and to really learn how to get pleasure from giving pleasure.

Speaking of training for porn what is your advice for guys that want to get in the adult business?

I always say if you really wanted to do porn, you’d be doing it.

Really? I would imagine that there’s certain standards a man has to live up to, no?

It’s not that hard to get into porn. Just like a boxer is only as good as his last fight, you’re only as good as your last scene. It all comes down to your scenes.

How is doing a scene different from recreational sex?

The smaller the difference the better actually, there should be a real sexual connection on screen. The sex for me is always getting better at work or at home. I just want to keep things real and hot. I try to keep them one and the same.

So here’s the hard question, and the one I’m sure a lot of the guys that read my blog want to know, how is it being an Asian man in porn?

You know, I’ve never faced racism in porn. I think if you’re already a victim before you open your mouth or go on set people are going to victimize you. I’ve never not been cast because of my race.

Do you feel a lot of pressure on you because you are one of the few straight Asian male Adult stars?

One of the things that kind of pisses me off is that other people are placing the responsibility to represent them on me. I’m not Asian men I’m Keni. That’s why I don’t have my own site right now, I don’t want to be marketed that way.

Oh, is that why your “ my first Thai guy” site is down?

No, that was just something that didn’t work out.

What is it about racial marketing don’t you like?

I’m not in porn for that reason. I do it because I love acting and I love sex its also racism. I don’t give a shit if its “pro Asian man” or “anti Asian man” Its still capitalizing on racial stigmas.

Isn’t that just part of the game?

I’ve actually gotten hate mail because of this, I just ignore it.

There are others guys out there that are doing it out there. Hung Lo – have you heard of him?

Yeah, I’ve never seen his porn but I’ve been to his forums– scary, not a place for a blasian girl to hang out…or anyone with a vagina really.

Well he’s trying to capitalize on Asian men and white women. I don’t wish him bad in any way, I wish him well actually, but that does not impress me. Its not something I would watch simply because the race of the performers isn’t my main focus. I’ve performed with every type of girl and as long as the sex is hot that’s all that should matter.

At the end of the day it’s a business and [Hung Lo] is smart in his marketing, but I don’t want to go that route. So my choice is to represent me. I’m not against others who chose to do the opposite, but that’s not me.

Understandable, so what films do you have coming out soon?

You can look out for Pure distributed by Evil Angel it’s a modern day spin on a Japanese cult classic. I’m also in Miss Lucifer‘s Malice in LaLa Land with Sasha Grey. They should both be out by Sept. 30th .

You seem to love acting so much, would you ever want to do a non-adult role? Like your recent co-star Sasha Grey?

Well, I like to think of all my features as films with sex in them, I was actually offered a role but the timing wasn’t right. Hopefully in the future I would love to.

Well, If I get into film school, you’ll be the first person I call to star in my student films, something tells me you’d make the casting couch experience memorable to say the least.


For more Keni Styles check out his blog , vlog or follow him on Twitter.

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Porn 101 with Wanton Sex Lord KENI STYLES


Because of the overwhelming emails and instant messages I just put the damn thing back up.


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