You’re Going LOVE Eating This ASS!

Because it’s made of chocolate!

This little bite of WTF was emailed to me by a reader. The Incredible Edible Anus is made by the chocolatiers of Bisous and it handcrafted out of fine Belgian chocolate. If you order from thier site ( you just can’t make this shit up) you will receive anuses made of dark, milk and white chocolate. The smallest amount anus you can order is 5 boxes each containing 3 anuses. It will set you back about 60 USD.


I’m somewhat flabbergasted that there was a large enough demand for candy anus that a company would specialize in them – but in a world of Lolicocks and gummy boobs a chocolate anus doesn’t seem that weird does it? Ok ,yes it does. Its plenty freaky lol. I wonder if some British bloke is misting himself with a little Vulva while rimming one of these coco assholes.

For a limited time they are offering a solid silver anus for the low low price of 250 pounds! I guess some people need a paper weight they can finger?

I was a little put off by this blurb from the site.
I guess if your serious about your genital shaped confections you can’t possibly settle for something made by some filthy Chinaman. I’m going to pass on ordering these I’ve got a perfectly edible smack-able chocolate ass of my own.

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The Blasian Blues

I had a great time at the Hell-o-Ween BBW Bash on Sunday. For all of you that didn’t go ( which is EVERYONE that told me they were going to go) you missed a really fun time.

I have to admit I was in a piss-y mood for the first 20 mins or so. The promoter introduced me to the bouncer, who was inquiring about my name. The promoter said, She’s Black and Korean, the bouncer started laughing at me. He guffawed and said ,You ain’t half nothing you a regular ass black chick.

I don’t know why people constantly want to remind me that I’m black. I’ve never claimed not to be, shit in this instance I never even brought it up, someone else did. I’m well aware that I look black. Of course I do. I AM BLACK. I came from the loins of a black woman. Why does it surprise people that I don’t look like a choco-dipped geisha girl. My mother is a very beautiful dark skinned woman. I did not get her skin tone, I got my a mix of her and my father. I do not have stereotypical “Asian” eyes. Newsflash neither does my father. His eyes have a fold.

Why do people think I’m denying my blackness or trying to diminish it by acknowledging who the fuck I am.

So for anyone that ever meets me, please refrain from all forms of this. This means the whole, “you don’t look Asian?” thing too. I never said I looked Asian motherfuckers. My dad is. My mother isn’t. Should it really be shocking that I look like my Mom?

Do I have to bring a punnet square around with me every bloody place I go so I can explain genes and trait heredity to people?

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Should I be a cam girl??

Update on My life…

First I would like to give props to Fellow Blasian Hines Ward, who is one of the sexiest dudes to win the Superbowl :3

Back to me-> I had to quit my weekly paying campus job for an amazing internship in NYC, it’s a dream come true… but now I’m so broke I can barely afford a metro card. I’ve been looking around and seems cool I have a cam on my desktop and on laptop. What do you guys think?

My next story is going to be a group sex story. It was a request from a member of the Adultfriendfinder group that I’m in Sex With Asian Men. I have to admit that I’m not too turned on by that idea. I think intmacy is the main ingredient to great sex. I will be up soon. I’m not going to make any promises becuase I have two science test to study for this week. I will kick my own ass and try to get it out before the end of the week.

Hope you guys like it ^_~


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