What’s Up with BlasianBytch.com?

Where have you been? Are you coming back? Did you quit on us?


I know its been weeks since I did a proper week of blogging but there was good reason.  For one , I joined my new company during one of their very busy periods while my commute to work isn’t so bad, the traffic coming back hom can turn my 45 min commute into a 3 hour monster.  On top of that , I’ve lost my little room of my own. Which is sad, because I love living with my goddaughter, but it a bit of wonderful considering that I’ve gained an APARTMENT.   Continue reading “What’s Up with BlasianBytch.com?”

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Exxxotica NJ Comes Back for Fourth Year!

Edison, NJ, –  Third time’s a charm but it looks like Exxxotica NJ is going to make its senior effort even more extravagant and exciting than before, controversy not withstanding.   If there’s one thing that Exxxotica NJ is known for its kicking up controversy.

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These Might Tickle Your Fancy: