Twitter Has Made It Impossible to Ignore the Reality of Sex Work

ea8843aa135b22194ec27410e02f565bLux Alptraum wrote this great piece on how Twitter has impacted the visibility of Sex Workers and how that affects us.  The article also Charlotte Shane and Anlina Sheng of the Winnipeg Working Group for Sex Workers’ Rights .   You can read the article



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Foursquare: More like WHORESQUARE!

Those of you who follow me on twitter might have noticed that I’m on foursquare and I check into things quite often.  I like to make people think that I have a life beyond watching movies with my cat.  My recent obsession was checking into the gym to make myself feel like less of a fat ass.

On a recent trip I was on my way into the gym and wanted to check in and what did I see.

Escorts… on my Foursquare? Apparently. Continue reading “Foursquare: More like WHORESQUARE!”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy: