I’m still here

As some of you noticed posts were slow the last two months. I do apologize, I fell ill and then got a little more, and a more still.  Things were looking a bit bleak, luckily for me I’m no longer a freelancer with no health insurance – even though I sometimes still think like one. A few trips to the ER and some doctors offices and I can breath again, dance again and enjoy life.  Actually I’ve been going on a living spree as of late, but I haven’t forgotten about my writing and this blog. I’m still very committed to it.  New posts are coming, though they may be a bit dated and I’m always writing new things.

Thank you for your patience with me as I recovered and celebrated,



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I’m Not Dead.

pictured: What I USED to wear to work.

Many of you have wondered why I haven’t been updating.  Well I’ll tell you. I was sick and tired. Not in the angsty way. I was too poor to eat. So I was quit literally too sick and tired to do much. I have mentioned my job before and how it was somewhat terrible.  I was always working a “steady” gig while I picked up freelance work. The thing with freelance is that sometimes you hit a rough patch. The money stops coming and if your steady gig can’t cover the bills your screwed. That pretty much happend to me.

Last week I started a new job. A for realzies job. I have insurance and a 401K and no one walks around with an erection nor does anyone stuff money in my panties. In fact I actually wear panties everyday! Not just panties but a pants suit. So not only do I not have to fear closing this site due to costs but I can actually realize he vision I have for this site.

I feel like Pinocchio , I’m finally a real person in the eyes of society. I’m a functioning member and not financial or social drain. I think it might come as a shock but I really never fully believed this day would come. There’s a high functioning part of my brain that is disgusted at how much my job controls my feeling of self worth, but fuck that part of my brain. Continue reading “I’m Not Dead.”

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A room of one’s own: Redux

My New Bedroom!

I wrote earlier about a new writing space and changes coming to this site, well I’m pretty happy to say that many of the changes that In envisioned have come to fruition. Hell, some of the changes that have happend I never even saw coming.

I’m happy to report that I’m no longer quasi-homeless, sadly I still had to leave my kitty behind.  Continue reading “A room of one’s own: Redux”

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Aaaaand We’re back!

When I said on twitter I was sick, I may have downplayed how sick somewhat. I’ve been pretty ill lately.  Just like any sickness you have good days and you have bad days. Sadly for me I had a lot more of the latter. Continue reading “Aaaaand We’re back!”

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Breaking Up with Mr. Mid-Life Crisis

My pussy is going on strike. I’ve decided for the remainder of the year to be celibate and continue to be celibate for as long as I can until I find a worthy partner.  The first step for me was trying to tie up all the loose ends of booty calls and sorta boyfriends of the past that kept popping up trying to get some poon.  It was taking too long to individually address them all so I wrote this so I could just send them the link when they come calling.

Continue reading “Breaking Up with Mr. Mid-Life Crisis”

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Do I have an impersonal Personal Blog??

So this weekend I went out with my girls and the topic of my site came up. They all support me, I know that but they don’t seem as keen to the idea of me covering the adult industry as they were a few months ago.   I think some suspect that I’ll be smooth talked into making a porn movie. 6X5VSJJFAAV7

I think only one word could describe the visage of me naked on film.


Rest assured I would never let such images be available for public viewing.

Continue reading “Do I have an impersonal Personal Blog??”

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Anri Suzuki is not a Silly Bitch and the Japan Probe Can Eat Dicks

Anri Suzuki not a stupid bitch
Not a silly bitch

So as it turns out the Korea Times did a bit of lazy journalism and in turned painted one Anri Suzuki in a poor light.   So BlasianBytch.com says “Sorry” for calling you a silly scally wag. Continue reading “Anri Suzuki is not a Silly Bitch and the Japan Probe Can Eat Dicks”

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So not everyone was happy being an April Fool

So, I got a lot of people REALLY good with my April Fool’s day joke. My cell was ringing off the hook and people were leaving tearful messages and all. I think I meat spin’d at least 140 people.  While I think I deserve some sort of medal for that alone, I feel a ting of troll remorse.  I love a good joke but, I gave my best friend a heart attack and now Mr.Chien is disappointed that there’s no porn.

Since I can’t personally make it up to all my readers like I can for my besties and Mr.Chien, I figure I can at least throw you guys a deal or two.    So  below are two coupons you can use to purchase toy from Adam and Eve! Continue reading “So not everyone was happy being an April Fool”

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Another Apology post!

Its a Red Panda, I’m rather fond of them.

I’m gravely sorry I’ve been delayed in updating, life has become pretty hectic for me and it took me a bit to learn to go with the new flow. I’m trying to job hunt, apartment hunt and man hunt all at the same time.  Of course the man hunt…not exactly my top priority.

My biggest goal is writing new stories and getting my body right for Exxxotica NY. I know its a ways away in November but , I haven’t been dancing for 7 months and I haven’t poled danced in over a year. I’ve reverted to blah.

You might have also noticed sometimes last week i installed a retweet button that allows you to instal tweet my blog posts, Please feel free to use it!   I’ve also open registration for accounts on BlasianBytch.com.  This will be expanded in the future to offer member only content later. Continue reading “Another Apology post!”

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