Toy Review – Lia Pleaser 2

This is the Lia Pleaser 2  it looks like a octopus leg.  There’s really no getting around it. If you are going to fuck yourself with the Lia Pleaser 2 you have to make peace with the fact  you and maybe a partner will be giving your vaggoo the once around with sea creature appendage.  Tentacles aren’t for unsuspecting Japanese teenagers anymore!  Continue reading “Toy Review – Lia Pleaser 2”

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Foursquare: More like WHORESQUARE!

Those of you who follow me on twitter might have noticed that I’m on foursquare and I check into things quite often.  I like to make people think that I have a life beyond watching movies with my cat.  My recent obsession was checking into the gym to make myself feel like less of a fat ass.

On a recent trip I was on my way into the gym and wanted to check in and what did I see.

Escorts… on my Foursquare? Apparently. Continue reading “Foursquare: More like WHORESQUARE!”

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Fleshlight – The MOVIE!

Remember when I wrote about that disembodied vagina , its headlining its own movie. Seriously. Check it out.

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Complex Mag post its 100 Hottest Porn Stars (right now) , Fans Cry Foul., which prides itself on being “ premier online destination for the most influential 20-something male consumers” posted the list that included 25 LA Direct models and many lesser-known names.  While their way of compiling the list is still very much shrouded in mystery fans and perfromers took to the comment section to voice their concerns about the porn industry, namely racism. Continue reading “Complex Mag post its 100 Hottest Porn Stars (right now) , Fans Cry Foul.”

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5 WTF Sex Toy Companies

I’ve tried a lot of products, from many companies but these are sites offer toys so bizarre and so disturbing that I’m shocked that any of the products that they offer are massed produced.  So sit back and share the horror with me.  If you’re a little squeamish you might as well check out now. Continue reading “5 WTF Sex Toy Companies”

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Lil’ Lupe in BIG Trouble: Update

Lupe Fuentes and Mr.MarcusWhile there are no reports that confirm that Lupe Fuentes has been arrested or a change in the status of her warning.  Spanish language papers are reporting that her ex-husband , Pablo Lapiedra, who told police that Fuentes was in charge of recruiting the high school girls. Continue reading “Lil’ Lupe in BIG Trouble: Update”

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Columbian Reporter: Ex Husband of Lupe Fuentes arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Wicked Pictures contract star “little” Lupe Fuentes may be in big trouble according to the Columbian Reporter. The star’s ex-husband ,Pablo Lapiedra,  was arrested in Spain on Thursday on child pornography charges.  Continue reading “Columbian Reporter: Ex Husband of Lupe Fuentes arrested on Child Pornography Charges”

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When the Dust Clears

Since coming back from LA my life has been crazy, not as crazy of course as all the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Admittedly so, I’ve spent the last few days glued to the internet and my cell phone looking for signs of life of my loved ones and friends who were in Japan.    Interestingly enough it was finally getting in contact with a man that the loathed that gave me a little bit of hope.

I had very few boyfriends in college, but the few I had made it a point to show me everything awful that can come from having a penis.   I’ll just call him Y.Y.  Well, Y.Y was the frist Japanese man I ever dated and I think I did so mostly because it cheesed my dad off.  I got my karmic retribution for that in the form of actually having to have a relationship with Y.Y.

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Robert Hill Releasing and Mike Ramone Capitalize on Porn Valley Murder

I was flabbergasted when it was brought to my attention that a company was releasing a DVD capitalizing on the murder of Tom Dong and the death of clearly mentally ill Steve Driver.

For those that don’t know Tom Dong was a performer  who was slain trying to protect coworkers from being attacked by a recently fired Steve Driver.   Driver would end his life shortly after running from the law.

This just seems like the most soulless possible thing that could be done in this situation.

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Not a Review of Crumble

This post is not a review of Adult super star Brittany Andrews’ Discipline FilmWorks short film Crumble, which has been nominated for Best Director and Best Short Film and stars Steven Bauer and Oksana Lada.   This post is not about attending its premiere at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival on July 24th.

This post is the harrowing tale of everything that went wrong preventing me from seeing the film.

Saturday July 24, 2010 was supposed to be a fun day filled with romance, productivity and a movie premiere.

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The Most Awesome Pussy Toy Ever!

The Human Centipede cat toy

But for actual pussies, like the type that go “meow”  and take naps on your black dress while you  shower before a date.   This is the Human Centipede cat toy , and for $100 it can be yours.  If you think that’s a little steep you have to realize that only 7 of these are in existence.

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Got a Party in Your Pants?

Well now you can finally enjoy appropriate lighting…


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You’re Going LOVE Eating This ASS!

Because it’s made of chocolate!

This little bite of WTF was emailed to me by a reader. The Incredible Edible Anus is made by the chocolatiers of Bisous and it handcrafted out of fine Belgian chocolate. If you order from thier site ( you just can’t make this shit up) you will receive anuses made of dark, milk and white chocolate. The smallest amount anus you can order is 5 boxes each containing 3 anuses. It will set you back about 60 USD.


I’m somewhat flabbergasted that there was a large enough demand for candy anus that a company would specialize in them – but in a world of Lolicocks and gummy boobs a chocolate anus doesn’t seem that weird does it? Ok ,yes it does. Its plenty freaky lol. I wonder if some British bloke is misting himself with a little Vulva while rimming one of these coco assholes.

For a limited time they are offering a solid silver anus for the low low price of 250 pounds! I guess some people need a paper weight they can finger?

I was a little put off by this blurb from the site.
I guess if your serious about your genital shaped confections you can’t possibly settle for something made by some filthy Chinaman. I’m going to pass on ordering these I’ve got a perfectly edible smack-able chocolate ass of my own.

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Want to smell vagina but don’t want the hassel of a woman?? NOW YOU CAN

With VULVA original, the hilariously titled product can be purchased for about 1990 euros here. ( get it?) . It seems like this is a not a cologne or a perfume, but a sexual aid. A gentleman or gentle lesbian can dab a drop on themselves to aid in “erotic fantasies”

I’m happy to hear this isn’t a new body scent trend, the last thing I want is to be walking around smelling pussy all day. I hope they don’t expand into dick scents. Can you imagine FORESKIN or maybe BALLS . That’s a world I don’t want to live in.

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