JRL Gay Adult Film Award Host: Tina Kim

Well, first of all how did you get involved with JRL?

Oh, a friend of mine who’s gay and comes to my cycling classes, I guess he’s a fan of the gay porn, he was involved with it and when they told him they were looking for a comic he suggested me.

Cycling? Are you an instructor?

Yeah I do it for fun a couple of times a week. I teach indoor cycling.

Sounds pretty cool, great for the legs,  You were on a couple of shows like Last Comic Standing , The Bunker –

Oh my god, The Bunker Project, yeah that was 10 years ago.  I was also on Comic Unleashed.

Do you attend a lot of events in the gay community?

I would consider myself a faghag, since I was 16 years old. (laughs) I don’t go to as many gay events now, it makes it harder to find a straight guy. (laughs)

I went to the website and I was shocked the moment I clicked all the dicks started popping up on my screen.

-Tina Kim on gay porn

I’ve seen a lot of your comedy and its not very gay centric; do you have a strong gay fan base anyway?

Yea, my stand up isn’t geared towards gays, I donno, (laughs) I think Gays just love me and I love Gays! It’s the weirdest thing. Maybe they see that I’m a female a minority and I’m still outspoken.  So maybe there are qualities they see in me that they like and admire.

What category of the award show are you most excited about seeing?

Oh I don’t know (laughs)  All of them I guess! I just think its going to be some much fun. I can’t choose one.

Are you working on new material just for the show?

Yeah, I’m obviously going to have to watch some gay porn. (laughs) I’ve never really watched gay porn before , so now I have an excuse.  I will do gay friendly jokes but I don’t think everything will be.  My stand up is always catered to where I’m performing.

Having never seen any gay porn are you a little intimidated?

Oh no! I’m looking forward to it. I went to the website and I was shocked the moment I clicked all the dicks started popping up on my screen. (laughs)

Yeah, Gay men… know for liking a lot of dicks.

(Luaghs) I know. I just think its so fun and its going to open up a whole new group of people that will be able to laugh and see me.

So there are a lot of categories for the JRL Gay Porn awards, but I noticed there is no Best Asian category, have you talked to the JRL people about this?

I’ll ask, but you know us Asian never get represented.  In everything even the gay porn!

Which is ironic because we make the best gay porn! Japanese Straight porn – terrible but gay porn the best.

Really? That’s wild I may have to talk to them about that, in fact you just gave me a great idea , I might have to do some stand up about that!

What are some of your plans for after the show?

I have a tv show project that in the works right now , I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that. It will be my own show that I’ll be hosting.

Where can people check out your comedy right now?

They can go to my website TinaKim.com or my youtube.  I don’t put too much of my stand up out there , people steal it.

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    Sounds like a great show! I take it that it’s on prime time on all the major networks?