Toy Review: Rock Chick

IMAG0379I’ve tried a lot of different pleasure objects and I always wanted  to try hands-free vibrators.  There’s a certain appeal to being able to orgasm without all that carpal tunnel fears f’n up your steeze. So the Rock Chick by Rocks-off seems to be a breath of fresh air. 

The Rock Chick is actually a high-powered bullet with an interestingly designed sleeve the curves to meet your g-spot when inserted while the bullet rests on your clit.  The sleeve also sports some ridges for added stimulation while you rock.


The whole shebang is powered by a N size battery which might be a bit awkward looking for a replacement, you might not find it at CVS but they are readily available onlineIMAG0399

The bullet that’s included is the RO-80mm Power Bullet, it’s not the world’s most powerful bullet but there are other variations of it that pick up the tempo. There’s a 7 speed version that is also 80mm that would fit nicely into this toy.  RO makes other strengths of bullets but they will stretch out the sleeve.

IMAG0402The sleeve is super bendy and it helps because when your rocking with this toy you will get a sensation of VERY deep penetration.  I actually didn’t know what to make of this toy the first time I gave it a go. I laid down and inserted and didn’t feel much, the vibration doesn’t travel all from the top to tip. The vibration pretty much stays at the clit.  I thought maybe they’re literal with the rocking and sat on my desk and pretended I was wearing a tight pair of jeans and wiggled and rocked to glory.  This is the only toy that I have that counts as a full body work out as well as sexual aid.  I found it was easier to get that perfect g-spot stimulation if I threw on a wear of heels.  This is a great toy for showing off. I would recommend it for any camgirl that’s looking for a great visual treat for her shows.

This toy might not be for everyone, if you are hoping that the vibration alone the bullet honestly doesn’t have that much power compared to a full-sized toy. The real fun here is the motion and physical exhaustion it takes to get off.  If you want an easy orgasm grab your Hitachi but if you want to sweat and grind it out the Rock-Chick is for you.

Pro: easy to clean ,flexibility makes this a comfortable ride, DEEP PENETRATION

Cons: Not the most powerful vibration , silicone material attracts dust

Bottom Line:  The little guy is a Honorable Mention.

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Author: N'jaila

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