Toy Review: Rock Chick

IMAG0379I’ve tried a lot of different pleasure objects and I always wanted  to try hands-free vibrators.  There’s a certain appeal to being able to orgasm without all that carpal tunnel fears f’n up your steeze. So the Rock Chick by Rocks-off seems to be a breath of fresh air.  Continue reading “Toy Review: Rock Chick”

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Toy Review: Fonzie

Today’s review is of feelztoys G spot vibrator Fonzie,  it’s a dual action vibrator Fonzie.  It seems the only spot more controversial than the G-spot is Dokdo Islands.  Who does it belong to, is it even there’s been an argument about it sine the day Dr. Ernst Grafenberg published his first papers on how the urethra might play a role in female orgasm and ejaculation.  I have to admit I’ve been somewhat on the fence on the subject myself.

My hope was that the Fonzie was going to be a revelation.  I used to be one of those people that thought that the G-spot was an antifeminist conspiracy to promote vaginal orgasms through penetration.  Of course I thought this before I’ve had any type of orgasm. I started to rethink my stance once I finally got fingered right.  Sometimes fingers can do more than sex toys can.  Continue reading “Toy Review: Fonzie”

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Boys Vs Toys II

Stop thinking you are at war with an intimate object for your girl’s pussy, because I hate to break it to you but you already lost. Its her pussy, always has been and always will be. How she chooses to orgasm is up to her. There’s really no sense in fighting it. Vibrators are here to stay and they were your own invention.

The Battle that Rages Only in the Mind of Heterosexual Men

Part Two

Who’s Pussy Is This?

Masturbation happens its been happening since the evolution of complex sexual creatures. Humans do it, dolphins, chimps and a plethora of other animals.  Despite it being a completely natural and healthy occurrence thanks to those wacky repressed Victorians and a few bible verses most of the western world has shunned touching themselves. Continue reading “Boys Vs Toys II”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy: