Sex Toy Review: Screaming O Fing O Nubby

This is a great toy for beginners and pros a like!  It’s a very versatile toy, like most bullet vibrators it’s great for pleasing the erogenous zones of both men and women.

Post brought to you by Sex Toys

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Women Don’t Need Sex

“Women don’t need sex”

This is a sentence that someone has actually uttered to me in the last 24 hours.  When I questioned this man, who is 32 years old and married, about if he really believed what he said he defensively amended his statement to – “women don’t need sex as much as men.”

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Call Me the Dildo Fairy! Purveyor of Festive Dongs

If you haven’t noticed by now, on the side bar and on the menu bar there is a link to the Vibrant Vibes sex toy store.  I really wanted to make it easier for my readers to find good quality personal love items that won’t break the bank.

Purveyor of Festive DongsThe Dildo Fairy

Yes they have expensive ass Lelo toys (which I love) but they also have pretty awesome vibrating bullets for around 3 or 4 dollars. You just can’t beat that.  Orgasms for the price of a value meal? I’m lovin’ it.

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So It Turns Out I WILL Be Watching the Asian Jersey Shore

Channel APA are reporting the cast of Tyrese’s Asian American reality show has been revealed!  and it seems my favorite naked muscle Asian is in the cast!!

Peter Le, the reason you have carpel tunnel.

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Catching the Fever: Interview with Peter Le

Peter LeI had a chance to interview Peter Le  and found out that this man is the full package – brawn , beauty and brains.

Author of three books available now , and one soon to be available, Le is a fitness expert, former collegiate athlete and personal trainer.

He gave me the opportunity to learn more about him and what he has planned for his super hot site

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Boys Vs Toys II

Stop thinking you are at war with an intimate object for your girl’s pussy, because I hate to break it to you but you already lost. Its her pussy, always has been and always will be. How she chooses to orgasm is up to her. There’s really no sense in fighting it. Vibrators are here to stay and they were your own invention.

The Battle that Rages Only in the Mind of Heterosexual Men

Part Two

Who’s Pussy Is This?

Masturbation happens its been happening since the evolution of complex sexual creatures. Humans do it, dolphins, chimps and a plethora of other animals.  Despite it being a completely natural and healthy occurrence thanks to those wacky repressed Victorians and a few bible verses most of the western world has shunned touching themselves. Continue reading “Boys Vs Toys II”

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Meet Jayla Starr!

I mentioned the fun , flirty , nubile Jayla Starr in an earlier post, I got the chance to sit down with her and have a pretty great in-depth interview with her. That will be posted later this week.  For now get to know her in this short video interview.  It was great to find out we had so much in common We both

  • Are Blasian
  • Love video-games

A woman after my own heart!

Meet Jayla Starr from N’jaila Rhee on Vimeo.

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Sexy Dudes for a Healthy Future.

When you purchase a copy of the 2010 APM Calendar, 100% of the profits go to the Asian Pacific Health Care Venture APHCV – “a community health center that provides low cost medicine to the working poor and uninsured in over ten languages!”

This center provides much needed sexual health and Family planing services to the Asian American community. In 1995 and 2001 Asian American women had a higher percentage of STI infections than their white counterparts, ( and much higher than Asian American Men) yet there’s hardly any federally or state funded resources that focus on Asian American sexual health. The APHCV has low cost or free STD screenings (including HIV). This is a worthy cause AND you get a year of sexy dudes. What more could you want?

Check out the Calander’s Facebook for more info.

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