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11076236_10202626860872659_7303463830415808914_nSo its been awhile. I’ve come down with a very bad case of “Everything I Write is Poops” but working on that to bring you guy more delicious content.  If you have missed me I wanted to give you a chance to listen or read to some of my latest interviews.

I had the honor of being interviewed by the Asian American Writers Workshop’s  Ester Wang, talking about everything from race to sex work and my love of New York City.

If you missed my February appearance on the awesome Sex Love Joy podcast hosted by Anaín Bjorkquist  now is the time to get some more N’jaila in your ear.

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

TWiB After Dark Returns!

Its the first After Dark of the year and Aaron and I have a whole heap of fuckery to wade through.  Not only did we talk about the various sex tech debuting at CES 2015 but we talked about what apps and doodads will help your future relationship.

A screengrab from Bangbro’s “Protestor Exercises Her Right to Take Cock!” because they have never been shit and they never will be.

Yeah, that’s a thing that several people agreed to do. Yes, that’s a woman holding a sign with Eric Garner’s last words misspelled on them.  You can hear me flip out below


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Sex, Sex Work and the Web #TtW14

I had the distinct honor of being a panelist at this year’s Theorizing the Web conference which too place in Brooklyn NY April 25& 26th. My panel “Sex Work and the Web, was moderated by the amazing Melissa Gira Grant, author of Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work  . My fellow panelists included Emma Caterine of Red Umbrella Project , adult film actress and writer Stoya,  and CEO and owner of Hookonline Hawk Kinkaid. You can watch the panel here :

Our panel dealt with sex workers and clients adapting to new digital technology and the hardships or progress gained by moving into a digital space.  We took questions both from the live audience and from twitter.  
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These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Letting a Whore Have Her Say

A close friend of mine  linked me to a character study that appeared on the ,  profiling a 52 year old sex worker in Hunts Point New York.   The  short profile story and video (after the jump)  ,in my opinion, was a rare change of narrative that most are used to when it comes to sex work in America.

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These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Adult Star wins BIG at the New York Film Festival

Way to Go Brittany Andrews!

Brittany Andrews is ravishing in red.NY,NY- Hall of Fame Adult Star and Mainstream film producer wins three awards at New York International Independent Film Festival.  The bubbly blonde took home an award for Best Supporting Actress in “These Showers Can Talk“, Best Reality Short for “My Life in Porn” and took home the Audience Award for “BLINDFOLD“.

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Toy Friend: LELO’s Insignia Line: Isla

LELO finally has a new line of toys and accessories and I’ve come into the fortune of getting my hands on their new Insignia Isla toy!  You may remember from my review of the Liv that I’m fairly impressed overall with the level of craftsmanship that goes into the quality of sex toys over at LELO. Continue reading “Toy Friend: LELO’s Insignia Line: Isla”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Lainie Speiser Wrote the Book On Blow Jobs, Buy It!

Lainie Speiser has written frankly and openly about sex and the adult industry for quite some time. From Threesomes to sex games Speiser takes a direct and funny approach to finding pleasure. Her new offering explores a bedroom staple, the Blow Job.  If you’re not so adventurous in the bed room this book is a push in the right direction.

I attended the launch party and got to have a little talk about sucking dick with the master.

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Boys before Breakfast

“That was like fucking a ghost”

He was laying on his back and staring at the ceiling.  He had finally caught his breath after a bought of arrhythmic and sadly unsatisfying lovemaking.   His hand crept over the roundness of my hip I think he was looking for my hand.  My back was to his; it was customary for me to turn away from a man after we’d fucked.  It was my subtle way of saying ‘don’t worry, I don’t expect to cuddle.”It was a not so subtle hint that I hate each one for not volunteering his affection.  I lay there looking at the folksy decorations of his dorm room.

He nudged me, “ Did you hear me, are you awake?”

“Yeah,” pillow talk, awkward.

The vast majority of men that fucked me much like one might play a sport. Can you imagine a basketball player playing a scrimmage and asking the court ‘how was it for you?’.  They mostly did their business and moved on. I never asked them to stay because it seemed more and more I didn’t want them to.

“You fuck like a ghost,” he said. Continue reading “Boys before Breakfast”

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Film Erotica Worth Checking Out

So my trip to an actual movie premier last week has got me thinking about films.  I’ve taken a shit ton of classes on film, media theory and screen writing and all it really has amounted to was the worlds most impressive Netflix queue.   After talking with the wonderfully quirky Brittany Andrews about porn from a filmmaker’s perspective I started thinking about trying to review some porn/ erotica films that push the envelope and or deserve a little shine.

There’s a whole world of erotic film out there that so many people are ignoring. There is even an Independent Erotic Film Festival that is ONLY show casing films meant to titillate yet stimulate a little more than your erogenous zones.  There are good examples online as well as movies coming out that I’m interested it. Continue reading “Film Erotica Worth Checking Out”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Women Don’t Need Sex

“Women don’t need sex”

This is a sentence that someone has actually uttered to me in the last 24 hours.  When I questioned this man, who is 32 years old and married, about if he really believed what he said he defensively amended his statement to – “women don’t need sex as much as men.”

My response- “ Tell that to my throbbing pussy because she’s telling me that not only do I need some sex I should be getting it rather soon.” Continue reading “Women Don’t Need Sex”

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Call Me the Dildo Fairy! Purveyor of Festive Dongs

If you haven’t noticed by now, on the side bar and on the menu bar there is a link to the Vibrant Vibes sex toy store.  I really wanted to make it easier for my readers to find good quality personal love items that won’t break the bank.

Purveyor of Festive DongsThe Dildo Fairy

Yes they have expensive ass Lelo toys (which I love) but they also have pretty awesome vibrating bullets for around 3 or 4 dollars. You just can’t beat that.  Orgasms for the price of a value meal? I’m lovin’ it.

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These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Do I have an impersonal Personal Blog??

So this weekend I went out with my girls and the topic of my site came up. They all support me, I know that but they don’t seem as keen to the idea of me covering the adult industry as they were a few months ago.   I think some suspect that I’ll be smooth talked into making a porn movie. 6X5VSJJFAAV7

I think only one word could describe the visage of me naked on film.


Rest assured I would never let such images be available for public viewing.

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Parody: Vivid To Reluctantly Include One More Black Woman On Site

LOS ANGELES – Montana Fishburne, 19-year-old daughter of award winning actor Laurence Fishburne has made “Montana Fishburne,” her first-ever adult movie with Vivid Entertainment.

The DVD of the movie will be released nationwide and available online at Vivid on August 18.

Vivid said the movie is more than an hour long and follows the lesser Fishburne as she engages in a desperate cry for attention and help.

“I view making this movie as an important first step in ending my father’s career,” Fishburne said. “I’ve watched how successful he has become growing up and I was thinking…how can I somehow tarnish that, while failing to make myself a celebutuant.  I’m impatient about getting well-known and having more opportunities but, more importantly this seemed like the best way for me to back at my dad for naming me fucking ‘Montana’.” Continue reading “Parody: Vivid To Reluctantly Include One More Black Woman On Site”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

My Blogging Story

I was talking to a good friend of mine who complained that I don’t talk about myself enough on my own blog. Honestly I don’t think I’m the world’s most interesting person – but to appease a buddy I wrote and submitted a blogging story to the Black Weblogs Awards and I’d thought I’d share it with all of you.

Everyone Wins at Strip Guitar Hero
I started in my senior year of college. I was a broke overworked fulltime student with 3 jobs one of which was exotic dancing.

It started out as a AdultFriend Finder blog, I was a little shocked that the ramblings of a chubby co-ed stripper would be so popular with so many different types of people.   I expanded to a platform that facilitated better communication and then my own domain.

I had a very interesting time talking about the humorous side of sex and sexuality for an entire year before I moved to my own domain.   Writing was my way of reclaiming myself and giving myself a voice.  As a professional journalist and an exotic dancer you are trained to have a certain level of detachment with your subject matter.  Blogging is completely different and made me feel like I reclaimed that little piece of humanity lost to become a journalist/booty shaker. Continue reading “My Blogging Story”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Sex Therapy :Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely Teaches Porn Star Sex Life Seminar

July 10, NY,NY – Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely gave a six-hour seminar in New York City for men and couples on how to achieve a porn star sex life.  The seminar was created after Keely partnered with Up with Up Your Attraction founder Josh Rosenberg Keely presented an evening of sex education that ranged from practical to naughty with the assistance of adult actresses Jade Vixen and Justine Joli. Continue reading “Sex Therapy :Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely Teaches Porn Star Sex Life Seminar”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Jayla Starr – Exclusive Interview with The Blasian Porn Princess

There are few girls in porn that have a following as loyal as does Jayla Starr and for good reason. Her perfect blend nuaghty and cutie make her a surprisingly  approachable sex pot. With a killer natural body and a warm, fun personality she’s won the admiration of thousands of fans.

Open about her love of video games, macbooks,  Family Guy  and milf pussy she can be found on twitter engaging her 25K + followers everday.  She’s appeared in over 60 scenes since her debut and already produced , directed in starred in two films The Bigger the Better and Vanilla Milf Shakes.

Jayla Starr also has  more perseverance and ambition than the average twenty-something  and her hard work  has earned her two nominations at the 2010 Urban X Awards as well as casted in her first music video.   This rising star will soon be on display with the relaunch of her website on July 9.

She spoke openly about her dream project, being a bisexual bi-racial Black porn actress and making love on film.

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These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Erotic Short: Becoming His

My eyes were heavy and almost drunk with exhaustion, but sleep simply did not come. My mind was fully aware and ignoring my body’s fatigue. I wondered, is this what my mothers wedding night was like?

I took a deep breath and ran my tired eyes around the small hotel room. I wanted my brain to marinate in it. This is as close as a girl like me will ever get, I thought to myself. On any other night that thought would kill my soul just a little bit more, but tonight in this cramped Manhattan hotel room, I couldn’t be happier or more excited. Continue reading “Erotic Short: Becoming His”

These Might Tickle Your Fancy:

Toys Vs Boys?

The Battle that Rages Only in the Mind of Heterosexual Men

Part one

Where do Vibrators come from ?

This may shock you but not to long ago I was one of the many women who did not masturbate, especially not with any kind of device or apparatus to assist me.  Sometimes it’s little hard for me to be so open about self-pleasure.   One of those moments came up recently when I was showing a dear friend my blog for the first time.

This young man is very sharp, liberal minded and open in most regards to sexuality. One of the few fellows that treated me just as well after he found out I was a dancer as he did before he knew.  I was showing him some of my writing on his Black Berry and the topic of sex toys came up.  He said very seriously “No girl of mine is going to be using a vibrator” Continue reading “Toys Vs Boys?”

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