N’jaila’s Mailbag: Is Porn Sexist?

Many moons ago I got an interesting Ask in my tumblr. While this submission wasn’t actually a question so much as a person trying to BLOW MY MIND with their amazing logic. I thought I should share it.

romantic-love-letter-ideas“The porn industry is male dominated (made up primarily of male pornographers/film directors/producers/editors/casting directors) and is geared towards a straight male audience. Just because some women and some queer individuals consume pornographic content (much of which is becoming increasingly violent and aggressive, especially towards women) does not make it ‘feminist,’ or ‘ethical.'”


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Yellowface and Asian America’s Porn Problem

stars_costume01Yellow Face isn’t okay, not on stage, not on Halloween and not in film – and yes that includes porn.  So if you are going to have any hand in creating  a porn “parody” of smash hit show that has a fan favorite character who is Korean American, hiring a white actor taping his eyes back and smearing what looks like cheeto dust on his face is just not going to sit well with people.

People will be upset because it’s racist mockery of Asian features and if there’s one group that doesn’t have options when it comes to porn its Asian Americans. Continue reading “Yellowface and Asian America’s Porn Problem”

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Exxxotica is Coming! Exxxotica is Coming!

Better pull out before the bitch gets pregnant. 😀 But seriously, Exxxotica is the best fucking thing to come to Jersey and its almost like Chrismas for me because unlike real Christmas it’s not mind-numbingly depressing when my Mom doesn’t call me.

On Nov 9-11 Exxxotica will return to Edison NJ as a celebration of sex and the adult industry. In its 5th year the expo  will continue its sexual carnival feel and female friendly atmosphere.  There will be more seminars directed towards civilians explaining kink, sexual health and breaking into the adult industry. There will be a full stage show along with merchant booths for romantic aides and all types of sexy wares.

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Complex Mag post its 100 Hottest Porn Stars (right now) , Fans Cry Foul.

Complex.com, which prides itself on being “ premier online destination for the most influential 20-something male consumers” posted the list that included 25 LA Direct models and many lesser-known names.  While their way of compiling the list is still very much shrouded in mystery fans and perfromers took to the comment section to voice their concerns about the porn industry, namely racism. Continue reading “Complex Mag post its 100 Hottest Porn Stars (right now) , Fans Cry Foul.”

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Saying Good-Bye to My Sweet Pussy

My pussy in stockings (lol)

Hey there,

I know my posts have been slow lately, I’ve been trying to work as much as I can at my vanilla job because I’m moving.  I was supposed to move to a town closer to my job to reduce my two and half hour commute but, sadly that isn’t going to be happening. Actually as I write this I’m not very sure where I’m moving all I know by tomorrow I have to not be where I’m leaving now. Continue reading “Saying Good-Bye to My Sweet Pussy”

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Lil’ Lupe in BIG Trouble: Update

Lupe Fuentes and Mr.MarcusWhile there are no reports that confirm that Lupe Fuentes has been arrested or a change in the status of her warning.  Spanish language papers are reporting that her ex-husband , Pablo Lapiedra, who told police that Fuentes was in charge of recruiting the high school girls. Continue reading “Lil’ Lupe in BIG Trouble: Update”

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Columbian Reporter: Ex Husband of Lupe Fuentes arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Wicked Pictures contract star “little” Lupe Fuentes may be in big trouble according to the Columbian Reporter. The star’s ex-husband ,Pablo Lapiedra,  was arrested in Spain on Thursday on child pornography charges.  Continue reading “Columbian Reporter: Ex Husband of Lupe Fuentes arrested on Child Pornography Charges”

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Hall of Fame Porn Legend Brittany Andrews survives Japanese Quake, Prepares Documentary

Brittany Andrews was visiting family in Japan , where she featured danced for sometime, when the catastrophic 9.0 earthquake struck.  Andrews was staying on the 47th floor of her Tokyo hotel  She was  trapped in the stairwell for hours while there were fires in separate parts of the building.  She thankfully made it to safety.

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Exclusive Interview with AVN Award Nominee Tabitha Stevens

Tabitha Stevens and Orona Stevens Productions are nominated for 17 AVN Awards at tonights AVN Awards. 10 of those nominations are for the psychological porn thriller “Sanatorium”.

I had a chat with Tabitha Stevens about working on a project that so closely mirrored her life.

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2011 Penthouse Pet of the year Nikki Benz is a Sexy Sagittarius

cross posted on LukeisBack.com

Sexy Sagittarius and 2011 Penthouse Pet of the year Nikki Benz celebrated her birthday on Dec 11th with two parties in LA. She brought the party to the east coast to celebrate with fellow Pets and fans alike at the posh penthouse lounge Sky Room in Manhattan. Continue reading “2011 Penthouse Pet of the year Nikki Benz is a Sexy Sagittarius”

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Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day One

Its now a tradition of mine to go to Exxxotica every year, sadly this is the first year I couldn’t convince any of my vanilla friends to come which was a bummer.   My fabulously talented older brother did help me out again with the camera work.  It will take me a few days to put all this new content online so bear with me. In the meantime, I can at least tell you what a blast I had.

I also had the help of a very funny comedian Ryan O’Reagan who I met because I went to the first Exxxotica NJ.  He was such a fun guy and I figured I’d need some help getting used to being on the other side of the camera.  He did an awesome job. Continue reading “Exxxotica NJ Re-cap: The Girls , Cars and Stars! Day One”

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Halloween Porno Double Feature!

As far as I'm concerned every crotch that isn't mine.

In honor of my favorite time of year, and let’s face it every fatty’s favorite time of year,

I found two porns that fit the mood. Now I’m usually not all that big on porn with chicks in it; every vagina looks like the sloppy blind cousin of the brain bug from Starship Troopers to me.  Just to have full disclosure I fast forwarded through the majority of genitals.

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Tina Kim Gets the Last Laugh and other Updates

I reported before that funny lady Tina Kim was going to perform at the JRL Gay Film Awards…well that did not turn out as well as hoped.  The show was a disaster and Kim wasn’t allowed to perform and worst yet wasn’t paid!

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I Was On The Radio Ya’ll!

About a month or so ago I was a guest on the “All Night Long” Show.  They were nice enough to put the raw audio of the interview up on youtube so I can share with all of you.


Videos after the jump

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Film Erotica Worth Checking Out

So my trip to an actual movie premier last week has got me thinking about films.  I’ve taken a shit ton of classes on film, media theory and screen writing and all it really has amounted to was the worlds most impressive Netflix queue.   After talking with the wonderfully quirky Brittany Andrews about porn from a filmmaker’s perspective I started thinking about trying to review some porn/ erotica films that push the envelope and or deserve a little shine.

There’s a whole world of erotic film out there that so many people are ignoring. There is even an Independent Erotic Film Festival that is ONLY show casing films meant to titillate yet stimulate a little more than your erogenous zones.  There are good examples online as well as movies coming out that I’m interested it. Continue reading “Film Erotica Worth Checking Out”

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Adult Film Legend Brittany Andrews Talks New Film

I spent a few hours with Miss Brittany Andrews and discovered you really only need 5 minutes to fall in love with this woman.  My full interview with her will be posted soon, in the meantime enjoy her talk about her film These Showers Can Talk.

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Exxotica NY Getting Down and Dirty Again in Jersey!

The highly successful adult entertainment expo Exxxotica will be making it 3rd stop in Edison, NJ  Nov. 5-7.   J. Handy, Director of Victory Tradeshow Management announced yesterday that for the first time ever all ladies will be admitted free and have access to the VIP room at Exxxotica NY

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Justin Long Takes a Stand, by Sitting Out on I/R Porn

This is a response to Justin Long’s Op-Ed on Luke is Back.

Justin Long Takes a Stand

After reading Justin Long’s frank and open op-ed, I had many questions -Why didn’t this happen already? Will others follow? Will there be a backlash?  One thing I never questioned was the frustration and anger behind his choice or my support of it.

The designation of substandard “otherness” has always been imposed on black bodies; the same script has titillated the American public since Birth of a Nation.  Even as more racial and ethnic groups enter the gamut they are still weighed on the white vs. black scale. You see it everywhere, politics, entertainment and most openly the sex industry.

I would like to say that I’m 100% for everyone getting the opportunity to be depicted as  sensual and whole beings. I support everyone fucking.  Most of the erotica I write is categorized as interracial.  My support of Justin Long’s choice is not about my own issues with race mixing.  I will admit that I am not a porn actress; and actually don’t consume a great deal of heterosexual porn.  I am, however, an exotic dancer as well as a journalist who writes and reads a great deal about sex, gender and media. I’m also a mixed race Black woman. Continue reading “Justin Long Takes a Stand, by Sitting Out on I/R Porn”

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