A Special TWIB After Dark

This week I had the pleaser of co-hosting TWiB After Dark with the actress and TWIB contributor Pia Glenn!  Let me tell ya’ll about Pia, she’s awesome she is proof that we are all made of stars. ( Of course me and you are made of that trash planet from Transformers the Movie, she is made from a planet that’s all diamonds like that episode of Dr. Who)  She is genetically superior being who is gracing us with the chance to be in her presence.

Not only can you be aurally pleasured by Pia’s voice on this week’s After Dark we got to speak to some of the ladies of Everyday Whorephobia @_peech and @MeliMachiavelli.  I’m so happy I was able to talk with them about the murders of  and spread the word about their memorial fund.

Listen to After Dark #41: The Red Wedding

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Black Women, Sex Work & Stigma #TjhishaAndAngelia

When I was interviewed for an article about Black sex workers last week,  it wasn’t the story of an actress and her white boyfriend that was on my mind. It was the murders of  and .

“the bodies of Angelia Mangum, 19, and Tjhisha Ball, 18 were spotted on the side of a road around 1 a.m. yesterday. The bodies were reportedly bound with zip ties, naked and on top of one another. Read more at EBONY

Donate to the families of#TjhishaAndAngelia HERE

It wasn’t just the ghastly way they were discovered or the brutal way they were murdered it the reaction of civvies and the news media at large. Several news sources published their mug shots, identified them only as strippers in that demeaning tone that stopped just short of ‘they asked for it’. Continue reading “Black Women, Sex Work & Stigma #TjhishaAndAngelia”

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I’m Speaking at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit!

badge-horizI should have posted about this a million years ago but yes, I’m speaking at the Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington, DC. Continue reading “I’m Speaking at Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit!”

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Attention Adult Bloggers On Blogger You Must Take Down Ads

Nope, you'll have to find another way to fab with the latest technology.
Nope, you’ll have to find another way to fap with the latest technology.

Earlier this afternoon I received a message from google like many adult bloggers that use and once used the platform. Good is updating it TOS and has decided that is will not host blogs with adult ads.  I can’t say that I’m too shocked I expected an announcement like this right after google put an axe on adult apps for the upcoming google Glass.

Continue reading “Attention Adult Bloggers On Blogger You Must Take Down Ads”

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Not So Naked Thoughts on Exxxotica NJ 2012

A personal message from moi:

There is a widget in the sidebar for donations, and you can still donate in all of the regular ways.  Anyone who donates over $50 dollars will get 15 min cam date with ME!

If you want to know what these donations will go towards, mostly it will be for transportation. I also plan on making 2-3 short videos that will be dealing with Body Acceptance and Sexuality, Asian American Masculinity and Women of Color and Sexual Self Identity.

I want to conduct better interviews with better equipment. I’ve always been using a 40 dollar mic, and a tiny point and shoot HD cam which has been working but I want to step it up! I want to be able to do interviews on and off site with better lighting and a nicer background. I also would love to be able to podcast interviews and news stories.  I’m a journalist at heart and there’s no denying it.  I want to bring high quality content that will have the ability to better discuss important topics.

If you want to see some of the products that I would like for BlasianBytch.com check out my Audiovisual Wishlist on Amazon.

I also want to give my readers a chance to ask their favorite adult star a question so If you have a question you would like answered submit it and the name of the performer you want me to ask it to on NjailaRhee.com. Questions that are out right disrespectful will be ignored and for the love of all that is holy don’t ask me to show anyone your penis.

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Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my birthday.  Its been quite the year for me a lot of change , adjustment , recovery , and growth.   I’m truly thankful to be here another year. What would make me happiest on my birthday is if instead of giving me something my readers would make a donation to the Tomorrow’s Children Fund.

When I was 15 a dear friend passed away from stomach cancer ,  every birthday since then I can’t help but be angry that she’s not here or celebrating her own.  Too many people take tomorrow for granted, for many young people tomorrow isn’t promised and seeing another birthday is a miracle. A donation to Tomorrow’s Children will help some kids get that miracle.

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What’s Up with BlasianBytch.com?

Where have you been? Are you coming back? Did you quit on us?


I know its been weeks since I did a proper week of blogging but there was good reason.  For one , I joined my new company during one of their very busy periods while my commute to work isn’t so bad, the traffic coming back hom can turn my 45 min commute into a 3 hour monster.  On top of that , I’ve lost my little room of my own. Which is sad, because I love living with my goddaughter, but it a bit of wonderful considering that I’ve gained an APARTMENT.   Continue reading “What’s Up with BlasianBytch.com?”

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Party Like a Porn Star in Miami-Help Kimora Klein

I’ve written about a great Blasian Deep Throat Princess Kimora Klein and her very serious car crash which she’s now recovering from.  Kimora has been recovering at home after spending several weeks in intensive car and rehabilitation. Some of her very sexy porn star friends are hosting a benefit event for her in  Miami.

Continue reading “Party Like a Porn Star in Miami-Help Kimora Klein”

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Heal Japan, Get an Awesome T-shirt!

I want you to Heal Japan!

Continue reading “Heal Japan, Get an Awesome T-shirt!”

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Hall of Fame Porn Legend Brittany Andrews survives Japanese Quake, Prepares Documentary

Brittany Andrews was visiting family in Japan , where she featured danced for sometime, when the catastrophic 9.0 earthquake struck.  Andrews was staying on the 47th floor of her Tokyo hotel  She was  trapped in the stairwell for hours while there were fires in separate parts of the building.  She thankfully made it to safety.

Continue reading “Hall of Fame Porn Legend Brittany Andrews survives Japanese Quake, Prepares Documentary”

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When the Dust Clears

Since coming back from LA my life has been crazy, not as crazy of course as all the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Admittedly so, I’ve spent the last few days glued to the internet and my cell phone looking for signs of life of my loved ones and friends who were in Japan.    Interestingly enough it was finally getting in contact with a man that the loathed that gave me a little bit of hope.

I had very few boyfriends in college, but the few I had made it a point to show me everything awful that can come from having a penis.   I’ll just call him Y.Y.  Well, Y.Y was the frist Japanese man I ever dated and I think I did so mostly because it cheesed my dad off.  I got my karmic retribution for that in the form of actually having to have a relationship with Y.Y.

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Kimora Klein When I saw on twitter that Kimora was in a car accident and wouldn’t be going to AVN I had no idea how serious her injuries were.  She was tweeting so that means she’s okay. I was tragically mistaken. Continue reading “PLEASE HELP KIMORA KLEIN”

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Helping a Burning Angel Recover

Exxxotica NJ out did itself again this year.  Not only did it bring the stars, products and entertainment but they added an entire new car show into the mix.

Needless to say I had a blast I did tons of interviews took over 400 pictures.  I will be posting my frist hand account full of hot chicks in lingerie and zany interviews on Thurs.  I thought I’d talk about something a little more important frist.

Sadly not everything was fun and games at Exxxotica this year, Joanna Angel and Jessie Lee of Burning Angel were in a car crash. Joanna is all right but Jessie Lee is seriously injured.

Continue reading “Helping a Burning Angel Recover”

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I would like to call your attention to the lovely blue box on your right, Oh yes you read that correctly. 104%.  As they say in Jersey “Yous guys fucking rule!”

Continue reading “WE DID IT!”

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Tina Kim Gets the Last Laugh and other Updates

I reported before that funny lady Tina Kim was going to perform at the JRL Gay Film Awards…well that did not turn out as well as hoped.  The show was a disaster and Kim wasn’t allowed to perform and worst yet wasn’t paid!

You can read the details here and here. Continue reading “Tina Kim Gets the Last Laugh and other Updates”

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My Vanilla Job is Killing me! But my Readers Keep me ALIVE!

No not in the soul crushing denying the artist within kind of way. In the very literal toxic dust in my lungs sort of way.   If you haven’t noticed post went on kind of a halt for the past week.  That is mostly due to the fact that I was struggling to breath.  Its very hard to blog when you’re slipping in and out of consciousness.

Don’t worry there’s a shit ton of stuff I’ve been working on that I cannot wait to post  I’ve done some amazing interviews and not to mention found some very wacky products that you guys have to see to believe.  Continue reading “My Vanilla Job is Killing me! But my Readers Keep me ALIVE!”

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Exxotica NY Getting Down and Dirty Again in Jersey!

The highly successful adult entertainment expo Exxxotica will be making it 3rd stop in Edison, NJ  Nov. 5-7.   J. Handy, Director of Victory Tradeshow Management announced yesterday that for the first time ever all ladies will be admitted free and have access to the VIP room at Exxxotica NY

Continue reading “Exxotica NY Getting Down and Dirty Again in Jersey!”

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Happy Birthday to ME!

Today marks the anniversary of me coming bursting out my mommy and into the world. Well actually I slept through my own birth. They had to wake me up haha. I wonder what that says about me.

So here is my birthday wish list, I as the pros on Twitter @JaylaStarr @kyannalee and @kimoraklein what sex toy should I review next and here is what they suggested.

From Kyannalee:

“@BlasianBytch I’m more of a clitoris type of girl, I love my pocket rocket!!!!!” “
Its a toy that focuses on the clitoris, a classic I’ve never tries for myself. It can be purchased here

From Kimora Klein

“@BlasianBytch Anything made by njoy!!”
I had never heard anything about this company or its products but after a little research this green sex toy company has an impressive line of toys. The above looking VERY promising. Purchase it here

From Jayla Starr

“@BlasianBytch hitachi…… we vibe”
I’m gonna be honest that thing looks scary lol but I’ll try it! It can be purchased here

Now all these toys cost well over what a newly graduated sex blogger can afford so this is my birthday wish list.

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A Room of One’s Own

I know I haven’t posted in a little bit, don’t worry I’m not abandoning ship. Why would I do this when this ship is almost turning one old!.

I’ve simply been thinking of the future. That future is my own domain, and more freedom. I want to be able to have longer chapter based stories , more illustrations, more interviews just MORE!

A lot of things are going to be changing for me, starting a career, my own business and being single for the first time since high school. My life is changing and this blog is changing too.

For the past few weeks I’ve been using the few spar hours I have to convert my brother’s breakfast nook into my small office space/ writing area. I love him so much for supporting me with this and losing his kitchen table in the process.

Its been a little hard because My birthday is coming up and I always feel some hardcore blues around that time. Its on Dec. 19th the same day as my slain uncle. It will be hard to enjoy this day because he won’t ever have another birthday.

Things will be picking up, new WIP will be posted in fact very soon I’ll be posting Another Day in the Office. Here’s a sneak peak.

Another Day At the Office

Jalia stood in front of the copier. The job he sent for her was large enough for two but he knew her pride barred her from asking for help. She would be collating and stapling for the next hour at least. Cursing his name the whole time yet obediently following his directions.

Her thick sable tresses hid the ear bud connected to her IPod Shuffle tucked discreetly in her bra. He only guessed she had them in by the way her head bobbed to the beat and her hips slightly swayed.

She was wearing a pair of shoes he bought for her for the first time, it was always exciting for him when she wore one if his gifts to the office. It reminded him that no matter home many times she winked at the Fed Ex guy or how funny she finds Partiv from Tech support she was his girl. He knew that his cock only satisfied her lust.

More to come soon!

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