When the Dust Clears

Since coming back from LA my life has been crazy, not as crazy of course as all the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Admittedly so, I’ve spent the last few days glued to the internet and my cell phone looking for signs of life of my loved ones and friends who were in Japan.    Interestingly enough it was finally getting in contact with a man that the loathed that gave me a little bit of hope.

I had very few boyfriends in college, but the few I had made it a point to show me everything awful that can come from having a penis.   I’ll just call him Y.Y.  Well, Y.Y was the frist Japanese man I ever dated and I think I did so mostly because it cheesed my dad off.  I got my karmic retribution for that in the form of actually having to have a relationship with Y.Y.

I don’t know what was more hurtful his constant shitting on my academic aspirations or the fact that he was sexually excited by the thought of having sex with a girl while she was crying.  After 9 months of dealing with the fuckery that was his twisted psyche he up and cheated on me with what I can only assume was some kinda shaved bear being passed off as a woman.  Since then he has contacted me every year or so trying to get some easy pussy despite getting married to the previously mentioned beast.

The last time he tried to hit me up he told me that he was separating from the beast and was moving back to Japan.  That was three months ago. It was unsettling to me that despite all the wonderful people that I knew that were in Japan I was in my gut hoping that he of all people was okay.  I slowly got word that people that I cared about were either okay or on their way home but not a peep from Y.Y, even after a few calls to his cell.

A few days ago at 3 a.m my phone rang. I answered barely awake and my heart skipped a beat when his signature baratone was on the other line spitting my name out in his usual disapproving fashion.

“Why did you call my cell phone?” he spat out.

“Uh, to see if you were okay?”

“Look,” I could imagine condescension oozing out of his mouth with the words a hateful crimson , “I’m halfway around the world , when I’m visiting NY I’ll call you if I feel like getting together.”

I was a more than a little miffed that he was taking my concern so negatively.

“Excuse me, Y.Y but did you think I was calling you for dick?”

“What else would you want?”

“Okay just want to make sure you and your family are safe?”


I hung up. I was so angry that I couldn’t even go back to sleep, but it was somewhat comforting. You see even when the world seems completely unstably and tragedy is around every corner. You can count on people to show their true nature. For Y.Y it was being a tool, so when conflagration is over and the dust settles he’s going to be still be a tool. For many of you your true nature is to help those in need.

While I’m glad that my friends and family are so far well, there are thousands of people for whom the dust has not cleared and still need our help. So please don’t be a tool and give a little to the people of Japan. It can be dry goods, medical suplies, or money.  Just give a little to help a lot.


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Author: N'jaila

N'jaila Rhee grew up in north New Jersey and graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communication media from Rutgers University in 2009. Rhee began exotic dancing while attended classes at Rutgers, and still dances at special events. Currently working professionally in media in the NYC metro area, she enjoys writing erotica, eating Nilla wafers and giggling at the word "balls".

  • Paul_A54

    You’re being very (and unusually) polite with your description of him as a tool.

    It is going to be a *very* long recovery for Japan, so dig deep people.

    • well I spilled the beans on the whole, cry while I fuck you thing. I don’t think name calling was needed after that.