3rd Blogaversary



And I’m still not so good at this, but experience is always fulfilling and this blog is a wonderful way to chart my own growth. I went back and read every post. You can really see my attitude become more and more positive toward sex.  I went from going OMG sex toys are CRAZY to … I wonder how hot I would look with this jeweled butt plug in. So I’m still here , still growing, still changing and thank you for hanging with me along the ride.

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Gobble Gobble Ya’ll!

I have so much to be thankful for this year, of all the things I’m thankful for I’m happy to say that this blog has connected me to great people, that have become more than just readers, but friends.   Thank you all for helping me achieve things that I thought were just impossible, for calling me out when I over dramatically fall in the depths of despair when I get too overwhelmed and for snapping me back to reality when I tend to float away.

You guys inspire me with your talent and humble me with your kindness.



These Might Tickle Your Fancy: officially on Alltop (I Didn’t Even Have to Blow Guy Kawasaki, but still open to the idea)

I'd hit it like special needs child trying to get a wooden block in the wrong shaped hole.

I just got a nice surprise in the email today. I was informed that’s feed will be added to Alltop’s sex topic. Its a little funny to me because I only found out about Alltop  earlier this year because of twitter. One of my friends retweeted a tweet from Guy Kawasaki. Who , quite frankly looks like the kinda guy I’ve banged. Middle aged , Asian , salt and pepper hair , knowing brining him home would piss off my dad, those things are like Spanish Fly to me. Continue reading “ officially on Alltop (I Didn’t Even Have to Blow Guy Kawasaki, but still open to the idea)”

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A room of one’s own: Redux

My New Bedroom!

I wrote earlier about a new writing space and changes coming to this site, well I’m pretty happy to say that many of the changes that In envisioned have come to fruition. Hell, some of the changes that have happend I never even saw coming.

I’m happy to report that I’m no longer quasi-homeless, sadly I still had to leave my kitty behind.  Continue reading “A room of one’s own: Redux”

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My Vanilla Job is Killing me! But my Readers Keep me ALIVE!

No not in the soul crushing denying the artist within kind of way. In the very literal toxic dust in my lungs sort of way.   If you haven’t noticed post went on kind of a halt for the past week.  That is mostly due to the fact that I was struggling to breath.  Its very hard to blog when you’re slipping in and out of consciousness.

Don’t worry there’s a shit ton of stuff I’ve been working on that I cannot wait to post  I’ve done some amazing interviews and not to mention found some very wacky products that you guys have to see to believe.  Continue reading “My Vanilla Job is Killing me! But my Readers Keep me ALIVE!”

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Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely in “Escalation”

If you can’t see the video click here

While M.Night is still on my shit list for butchering and whitewashing Avatar: The Last Airbender , it was kind of cool to see Ms. Keely getting some shine. I was able to attend one of her Porn Star Sex Seminars and I got to interview her before and after.   I’m all about sex positive females. Continue reading “Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely in “Escalation””

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Do I have an impersonal Personal Blog??

So this weekend I went out with my girls and the topic of my site came up. They all support me, I know that but they don’t seem as keen to the idea of me covering the adult industry as they were a few months ago.   I think some suspect that I’ll be smooth talked into making a porn movie. 6X5VSJJFAAV7

I think only one word could describe the visage of me naked on film.


Rest assured I would never let such images be available for public viewing.

Continue reading “Do I have an impersonal Personal Blog??”

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College Sexcapade #4

Someone Set Us UP the Date!! :
For Great Justice Revome every article of clothing..

In Holloween AD 2006

Date for infantry man was beginning.

Lt.Chong send N’jaila IM, N’jaila heart saunters joyfully. N’jaila thought Lt.Chong got dead. N’jaila begin by running around in frantic says “What happen?” She good looking and has long legs, big boobs but not knowing whatever happen? joys are a golden poem sunny day for Lt. Chong,

“Somebody set up us the date.” He not know what to how to act, he being short is quviering like untouched ewe, but very thankfully Lt.Chong soon talks instead says “We go out.”

N’jaila is stupid so accepts. She never know what is best she say or do so expels, “OKAY!” N’jaila being of smartness saves day again and presents to him “Mini skirt , a turn on?”

The smelly, lustful, merrigold cab pulls up and Lt.Chong appears in coolness of his Express Men Suit. He not looking too unfriendly but N’jaila still upset she not know what to do before and say “It’s you!!” As if this proves something.

Lt Chong greets in kindly sadfull tone of horny adolescent, “How tall are you ??!!?” He pause for only a micrometer but does not let stupid good looking long leg N’jaila talk again and declares “All your breast are belong to me. You are on the way to expensive restaurant. What Your sign?” Lt Chong smirking as ever because he knowing he well see stupid N’jaila naked and waits for stupid remark of N’jaila.

N’jaila does not disappoint Ltd and only replies with “What you say!!”

Lt Chong very bored with clothes of N’jaila and decides to apartment return with her again. He merely depressed her with War stories with mouth as is fun to do and enunciate, “I have no chance to survive make remove your shirt.” N’jaila is randy. Lt. CHong is happy. “Ha ha ha ha?.”

Lt.Chong still in heat shout “Take off every thong!.” N’jaila who has not much sense , follows bizarre order of Lt Chong. N’jaila is discouraged because she know he good looking and might die and only say, when he misses her rosy secret she whisper, “You know what you doing?”

N’jaila and Lt.Chong still befuddled start whispering to selves about turning on or off the light. Lt. Chong now very tired and 3 years sans rosy secret shout ‘” Got there?”

N’jaila still caring that Lt. Chong is good looking and may die. Distraught as two gorrillas hovering into canapy of ruby red sunshine She spreads. Lt. Chong grunt and roll over. N’jaila repeat for her “It was for great justice…”

Suddenly Lt. Chong tell story of ripped up dead friends , and torn in two baby. N’jaila is so unhappy because the Lt.Chong can’t seem to move “zig” agian. Goes to sleep, away and she now has new not so great bed sharer

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Heart Breaker – Sexcapade #5

T. Watanabe was a 38 year old graphic designer from Brooklyn, only 5’7 but strikingly handsome and tragically hip. Like most hipsters he spent his Fridays reliving his days at NYU at St.Mark’s place. That’s where he met me. We hit it off instantly and I gave him my number.

When he called a week or so later to invite me to his loft I was ecstatic. Its not everyday that I met a man who isn’t afriad to date a girl who is three inches taller than him, who has a fetish for six inch heels. He was also just adorable.

I was 19 and the skinniest in my life, so my lingerie collection at that time was vast beyond comprehension. I picked out my favorite lucky comb or black lace accenting white satin and put on a slinky black dress. I was ready to turn heads and break some hearts.

It took me a little longer than anticipated to get to Brooklyn I was lost and unfamilliar, since I got there so late we decided to skip going out for dinner and a movie and just chill at his place. I was thrilled I felt so grown. This was the frist time I was at a man’s home without him being a memeber of my church or a family friend. I felt like a wild woman. I was determined to bed this man in the name of my own liberation.

Looking back he was nothing but a gen-X slacker that refused to grow up, his home looked more like a dorm than the living space of an acomplished adult, He didn’t even have a couch. He was hot so I didn’t care that his bed was pretty much just two matresses on the floor. It was comfy.

He cooked me pasta ( which was awful vegan crap) and played Wonderwall on his aucustic guitar, which is spanish fly for co-eds. After his serande I made my move, I shly put my lips to his and he gladly accepted.

He had very sexy full lips and they were heaven to taste.

“Can you sleep over?” he asked with a smirk.

“Oh yeah, I can, I don’t have school on friday.” I answered truthfully.


“yeah, school”

“How old are you?” he asked pulling away from me.

“I’m going to be 19 next week. Why?”

He grimanced. “You’re only 18? I thought you were at least 20.”

“Does 2 years make that much of a diffrence?” I smiled coyly and kissed him on the cheek.

“My little sister is 21, I ussually have a rule to not date girls youger than my little sister.”

“Well that rule sucks penis.” ( this is actually what I siad. I was 18 what do you want from me?)

“I would be taking advantage of you, you’re just a girl, I can’t.”

I pouted and pulled my dress back down, I turned away from him feeling quite defeated, but being the quick thinking girl I was I thought of an out.

“Its 1 am , I don’t want to walk home all by myself, can I just stay here for tonight.”

He looked unconvinced.

“We can just watch movies.” I smiled innocently.

“Oh, okay.”

We ended up watching the original Zatoitchi : the Blind Swordman after discovering we both had a soft spot for meloramatic samuri flicks. Halfway through the movie I made my move.

“I’m sleepy.” I siad through a fake yawn.

“I guess you can sleep next to me.”

“Okay” I siad giggling on the inside. I peeled off my little black dress and nochilantly drapped it on his wierd looking artist chair. I sat next to him on the bed and gracefully took off my thigh highs. Then a lay next to him and closed my eyes. It was about 20 minutes before he turned the movie off and took off his pants. I don’t know if he thought i was really sleeping or not but I took the oppertunity to “accidentally” brush my hand agianst his crotch. He had a thick cock and it was hard and ready.

He gently took my hand and placed it by my side, I thought the game was lost. Then his hand
slowly rested on my thigh and he ever so lighlty traced the line of my thigh hips and waist. He followed swirling lace of my chemise. My breasts where almost spilling out of the demi cups of the chemise and he stealthfully tugged until he could see just a hint of areaola. He turned away from me with a groan.

I scooted my body toward him and put my arm around him.

“You arn’t asleep ,are you?”


“Go to sleep N’jaila” he said gruffly.

“Give me a good night kiss first,” I cooed as I playfully tousled his hair, he was silent.

“What is one more little kiss going to do? I coaxed.

“You’re a stubborn girl.”

“No, just still a brat.”, I took his soft hand and placed it on my softer thigh.

“One- and then I’m going to sleep.”

He turned around and we melted into each other. His hands were warm and softer that any other man’s I ever felt. They were heavenly on my body. It wasn’t long before I was stroking his fat cock through his boxers.

With all the blood it took to erect him , there wasn’t enough for his moral mind and his lustful one. Any sense of hesitation was gone.

He rolled on top of me and playfully buried his face in my breasts.

“I’ve never seen tits this big. I want to taste them,” he said. ” I want to taste you.”

Before I could react he was trying to force his face between my legs. I had never been on the receiving end of oral sex. The thought of man staring into my quivering virtue unnerved me. I had never seen it and I didn’t know if it was weird looking or not.

I thrust my hands down and intercepted his waiting smile.

“Wait, I’ve never done this before.”

His face was brighter than Christmas. I could his body shudder in sheer delight. I assume that he thought I mean I had never had sex before. Nothing could be further than the truth. I just never had oral sex. He seemed to be excited that I didn’t say anything.

“You’ll like it, let me, please?” He begged.

I relaxed my legs and he gently moved the cloth of my lingerie to the side. His breath was like fire and relaxed my body and let it engulf me. His wet , delicate tongue prodded politely around my privates, I wondered ,When is this going to get good? Sadly it didn’t. Perhaps this was his first time as well.

When he figured I was ready he slid his boxers down and knelt before men, his face like a child walking through the gates of Disney World. His breathing was heavy and he muttered excitedly to himself about how I was “only 18”, it seemed to titillate him now. He slowly rubbed his member on my opening. His breaths even more heavy and short.

He was bigger than my ex and when he tried to enter me, nothing happened. I was like trying to fit a Red oak tree in a doggy door. It just plain didn’t fit. I was worried he would be angry, that i had gotten him so excited and he couldn’t consummate his desires. My worries were unfounded and he seemed even more aroused than when he was licking me.

His face was red , his heavy breaths became labored breaths. T. was having a mild heart attack. I didn’t figure this out at frist, it wasn’t until he kinda started wheezing that I clued in. I ran to his living room and called 911, I didn’t know his address so I had to find his mail to tell the operator where to find us. They came is what seemed like forever. They took him and I was half way to the hospital before I realized I really had no way home from there.

I ended up staying the night in a chair next to T’s bed.

What T didn’t tell me is that he had a weak heart since his was a teen. He actually JUST had surgery on it a month prior to this. He as told no sex for at least three months.

This was our frist and last date.

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When It Rains it Pours – Sexcapade #6

My Alma mater, is for the most part a commuter school and becuase of this the school wasn’t ready for the volume of students in my class that needed to dorm. In response my school let all non freshman under 21 to dorm at a local hotel. It was wonderful. Celebrity parties, wedding crashing and a lounge on the roof.

When the lounge wasn’t being used for private parties it was the unofficial make-out point for us students, that was until the hotel manager locked us out at night. The lock was electronic, so we had no way of picking it to continue the party.

My boyfriend at the time was a 27 year old who peaked in college, while he got his degree he never graduated from girls in their teens. S.K was a handsome guy, a little too pale for my personal taste but his chiseled features and sculpted physique made up for it. He was a jock, the kind of man that every high school girl wants, and every college chick gets becuase she wanted one in high school.

His nickname was Clark Kent, in his glasses he seemed a mild mannered guy, but when he took them off on the football field he was Superman. And a lot good that did post his high school football career.

Anyway, it was April, and there were so many storms. It seemed like every night it rained. On this particular night S.K and I were watching the movie Bad Santa when the lights went out. The entire hotel was out, even emergency lights were dim. Being the adventurous young people we were we decided this was the apt opportunity for a romp in a semi-public place – the now unlocked lounge.

Since the elevators were obviously not working we took the stairs, he then had the brilliant idea to go to the roof. Yes, the roof, despite the fact that were were on one of the tallest buildings in the area, and there was a giant storm,he wants to go on the roof.

I was only wearing his white work shirt , panties and flip flops, I was freezing walking up the stairs to the roof. Thanks to the loss of electricity the lock on the door was disabled, and all we had to do was push the door open. All the chairs were covered to protect them from the rain so we ran to the gazebo like structure. Soaking wet and shivering I tried my best to concentrate on his warm kisses.

His white shirt clung to my wet body almost as tightly I clung to him. The wooden bench in the gazebo seemed slimy to me so he lifted me up against its wall and I wrapped my legs around him. We then loudly and aggressively consummated our romance. Just as I was sure S.K was going to reach his peak the roof of the gazebo, having taken on too much water and strangely inverted.

Suddenly I wasn’t having sex , I half naked in my friend’s dark dorm room. My roommate sobbing “You killed her , you killed her” and my RA asking S.K why we were on the roof.

What started out as a sexy porn caliber romp ended with me going to the emergency room for a concussion and being written up by the RA.

Every time my speech unexpectedly slurs I’ll think of my S.K and my days as a crazy co-ed.

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Dear Asian men of All Dating Sites

Dear Asian Male Internet Daters,

Hey there guys, can we have a heart to heart, seriously this won’t take long. You sitting down? are you comfy? Would you like a fresca? Cool.

Its a new era and now people date much like they order pizza, clicking around a site looking for something yummy and pressing send. You guys are no different , and you shouldn’t be.

Anyway, I’m going to need you guys to stop talking about breaking the “myth” on your profiles. I don’t know why you thought this is a good idea, but let me tell you why its not. First off, if I’m a girl looking at your profile its most likely becuase I saw your picture and think you’re hot. I’ll check your profile to make sure you aren’t a fuckwit or psycho and then maybe I’ll send you a little wink.

When I see a guy that has to put “Don’t believe what you hear about Asian guys” or “I prove them wrong with ever erection” it tells me that either A ) you think I’m what every frat boy thinks a woman is, a racist size queen. B ) That have low self esteem and are looking to prove yourself ( no woman wants to be your ego booster) or C) You have a tiny dink and you want to blame it on your race.

You see most women are looking at your profile becuase they did a search that included Asian men, so they have already fucked an acre of yellow pig-staff or they are open to men of all races and dick sizes.

This might blow your mind guys…but most women don’t want a giant cock, hell we can’t even feel too far up there. If a woman is sending you winks and what not and decides to ask you your dick size , specifically becuase you are Asian, have some fucking pride and self respect and tell that ignorant bitch to kick rocks.

Do you guys really think all women think Asian men can’t fuck? NO ONE ON EARTH FUCKS AS MUCH AS ASIAN MEN! Every THIRD person on earth is Asian or mixed with Asian. Ya’ll fuck in EPIC proportions.

So please for the love of all that is holy please stop it with “myth”. Can you do that for me guys? Just talk about what makes you awesome and try to convince us to fuck you that way. After all YOU are getting fucked not just you the Asian. Sell yourself… not your race.

No one wants a bitter/Angry Asian, kay?

You’re biggest fan,

PS. Don’t bitch about people ignoring you for your race if you do it for other people. Its a real bitch move.

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