Sex Therapy :Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely Teaches Porn Star Sex Life Seminar

July 10, NY,NY – Penthouse Pet Ryan Keely gave a six-hour seminar in New York City for men and couples on how to achieve a porn star sex life.  The seminar was created after Keely partnered with Up with Up Your Attraction founder Josh Rosenberg Keely presented an evening of sex education that ranged from practical to naughty with the assistance of adult actresses Jade Vixen and Justine Joli.

Rosenberg ,a one on one attraction coach, gave a lecture on how men should prepare to and where to find attractive women.  He emphasized the importance of “stacking the deck in your favor” , which were innovative ways men can be more successful to available women. While Rosenberg spoke most of Keely and her lovely assistants taught most the seminar.

“Working with people taught me that really easily accessible sex advice isn’t available,” said Keely.

“Sex isn’t about crazy positions its about pleasing your partner…” Ryan Keely

Keely who would like to be “the Tony Robbins of sex”, began teaching herself about sex and sexuality by the age of 13 when she found a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves, at her public library.  She’s coached people about maximizing their sexual potential first while working at the Hustler Store in San Diego, CA.

She was then inspired by the writings of Dan Savage whose motto “Good, Giving and Game” made her more comfortable with her sexuality.  One of the major points she conveyed was the importance of personal acceptance and security in one’s own skin.  She advised the participants to engage in “nakey time”, or one house a day naked.

One point Keely was eager to make that having a porn star sex life in now way meant one should try to recreate the positions or interaction in many pornographic films.

“The porn kiss is the worst, said assistant and model Justine Joli , “it’s visually appealing but really we kiss like that to not ruin our lipstick.”

The penthouse pet also demonstrated where a woman’s “forgotten” erogenous zones were located and how a man can properly stimulate them during intimacy.

Keely demonstrated how stretching and cardio workouts benefit one’s sex life with a series of yoga and Pilates inspired movements.  “ What stretching cad do for you sex life is amazing,” exclaimed the porn actress, “ What a lot of people forget is that in the beginning of his career Ron Jeremy could suck his own dick.”

While more advanced sexual techniques were shown like proper vaginal fisting and anal sex play a lot of time was spent singing the praises of the basic missionary sex.

“Sex isn’t about crazy positions its about pleasing your partner, and you should understand the basic physiology of how bodies fit together,” said Keely.   She suggested the best way to do so was to bring back and celebrate “the mish” her nickname for missionary sex.

“AJ”, a  VIP guest felt he learned a lot during the seminar. “It’s the frist time I’ve heard a woman talk like this, for me it was well worth the ticket.”   Those that purchased VIP tickets were given gift bags with sex toys and instructional and educational books.

Keely was optimistic when talking about the upcoming seminars, “ I had a great time today, of course I’m going to want to go back and change but  I think all in all I conveyed  everything I wanted to and shot an amazing educational DVD.”

The next Porn Star Sex Life event will be on Sept 18 also in NYC, then in January during the AVN Awards.  Vixen and Jolie will also be joining Keely for these events.

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