Tina Kim Gets the Last Laugh and other Updates

I reported before that funny lady Tina Kim was going to perform at the JRL Gay Film Awards…well that did not turn out as well as hoped.  The show was a disaster and Kim wasn’t allowed to perform and worst yet wasn’t paid!

You can read the details here and here.

Tina told me via Facebook that JRL is in fact going to pay her after trying to smear her name to save face.  I think this video was the nail in JRL defense coffin.

That show was a train-wreck and I hope everyone was refunded their admission.

On A Happier Note…..

Well even happier because Tina is getting her money.  I’m am at 62%  for the Audiovisual fund. Exxxotica is going to be a blast! I hope to see you there.  If you can afford it spring for the VIP its well worth it.

Also for those that got the 404 screen on Sunday-Monday that was because I was trying to get fancy with the layout . WordPress promptly reminded me that I don’t know what I’m doing by dying. I took the site down momentarily to fix it. Ended up breaking it so bad I just had to roll it back to before I touched it.  Small crisis now done with and the interview that should have been up will be up either later today or tomorrow.



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  • Paul_A54

    That is so absolutely atrocious, it might even have been worth paying a few $/£ for the unintentional entertainment! Not good at all about how Tina was treated. :-/