Helping a Burning Angel Recover

Exxxotica NJ out did itself again this year.  Not only did it bring the stars, products and entertainment but they added an entire new car show into the mix.

Needless to say I had a blast I did tons of interviews took over 400 pictures.  I will be posting my frist hand account full of hot chicks in lingerie and zany interviews on Thurs.  I thought I’d talk about something a little more important frist.

Sadly not everything was fun and games at Exxxotica this year, Joanna Angel and Jessie Lee of Burning Angel were in a car crash. Joanna is all right but Jessie Lee is seriously injured.

Burning Angel has made a website for those that wish to send well wishes, hopes or anything to Jessie Lee, and more importantly donations. Like me and many other exotic dancers/sex workers/ self employed sexy people Jessie is without health insurance, because of the severity of her injuries her medical bills will be substantial.

So if you can find it in your heart to make a donation to her pay pal, or maybe donate an item that will aide in her recovery please do.  If you MUST get something for donating you can donate by purchasing any of Jessie Lee’s movies over at

I know I have the most awesome and fucking rad readers of any blog in the world so I hope you guys will help. <3

For more news and developments on her and her hopefully quick recovery follow Joanna Angel on twitter or check out .

Get Well Soon Jessie Lee!



PS.   People spreading rumors that Joanna Angel didn’t care about anything other than going to Exxxotica please fuck off.  As someone that talked to her and saw her it was clear that her heart and mind were with Jessie.  I applaud her professionalism.  Even fighting back tears, she showed up to meet her fans who she promised to see.  Not only that but she smiled and laughed along with them despite being so distraught.  To make ignorant comments behind a computer is beyond callous and lame. If you had half a shred of the human decency that you are accusing someone else of lacking you’d see just how dickish your actions are.

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